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    Dream - My Grandpa Is Going To Get Me

    by , 02-20-2022 at 03:05 PM (301 Views)
    Date of Dream: FRI 25 DEC - 2020

    Dream No. 796 - My Grandpa Is Going To Get Me

    When the dream started off, I seemed to be at a distorted version of Waverley Gardens shopping centre, it looked very different to real life. As I was still shuddering at the sight of the elevator, I called Riku for an extra practice. Riku just came but the scene changed before we could get in.

    The dream was now playing in my driveway. My whole family was there including my deceased grandfather. Some of my family members acted normal, otherís didnít, and then there was my grandfather. He was comprehensively and consciously intent on murdering me. This time I knew I had to call Riku and did so fast. However, Riku wasnít coming quick enough and my grandpa was slowly, frighteningly, following me down the driveway. When Riku did come, I quickly but quietly urged us to get away. Once we were far enough away from my grandpa, I also noticed that Sora came.

    Riku (KH3) was wearing some plain white business shirt with his normal short hair. He had tossed me up onto his back and this time there were no gravity problems, only some minor slipping but not too much to make it feel uncomfortable. Riku was wearing a shirt, but when he carried me, it was made to look like his KH1 clothes. As I was down on the ground next time, we had to arrange another carry as my grandfather was coming after me a second time, and this time a little bit faster.

    A little bit down the court, Riku put Sora on his back, and then I got on Soraís back. However, the weight distribution wasnít good as Sora is smaller than me, so I would have fallen off. So I suggested that Iíd be on Rikuís back, and Iíd let Sora be on my back. I also said this because I felt like relaxing more on Riku. The arrangement was quickly changed and we went off before my grandfather could have any other chances to get at me. This time around, there were no carrying issues, and Riku felt the most comfortable ever. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

    Dream No. 796
    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No

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