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      That's awesome! Pardon me asking, but are you native Japanese?
      I visited Japanese as an extended overseas excursion with my school. I visited Hiroshima, Tokyo, Kyoto and Sendai ^_^
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      ;D cause I love that place. I visited Japan last year, the best place i've ever been to.
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      Sounds like fun ^_^ Are you from Japan ?
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      Hi there!
      I noticed on of your hobbies are pole dancing... .__.
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    I'm recently divorced and rediscovering myself!

    Finally getting back into Lucid Dreaming.
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    WILD Fail

    by Kezune on 07-16-2011 at 03:41 PM
    DATE: July 15, 2011
    Non-Dream Dream Lucid

    Well, I successfully counted and stayed conscious all the way into my sleep. I kept counting into the dream, all the way up to "100, I'm dreaming" and when my waking body got shaken, my dream body thought that I was still awake and gave up trying to WILD anymore. I kicked the sheets off, put on my PJs and walked to the kitchen. I stepped over the puppy barrier and found some blunts just sitting on the kitchen counter.

    D followed me out and said "Oh, M left those. I think that might have spice in it and not weed, though," and then went back to bed. Curious, I took one to bed with me and smelled it. It smelled like freshly dried tobacco (which I enjoy the smell of) and, while I was bored, I split it open and took out three dried, burnt leaves. It looked like they were padded in with fiber-fill. D woke up and asked what I was doing and I said "I can't sleep." I laid down and tried to just fall asleep, having given up on WILDing and going Lucid.

    Another dream was starting now and I was sitting at a bar. The bartender apologized for pissing in a glass and setting it on the counter. I asked for some water, sniffed it to make sure it was just water and took a sip. It was fine.
    I looked over at a nearby table and saw the split open blunt from the previous dream.

    My waking eyes shot open as I realized that I missed a very long WILD opportunity. I was furious. It didn't help that Drew was behind me, breathing loudly and now I couldn't get back to sleep.

    Afterwards, I popped in and out of sleep for a little while and gave up when Drew rolled over and started breathing on my ear.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Air Violin

    by Kezune on 07-16-2011 at 03:39 PM
    DATE: July 6, 2011
    Non-Dream Dream Lucid

    This dream starts with a storm. D, my dad and I were living in a beach house, each with our own bed. I was laying in mine, thinking we were safe when I remembered another nightmare. Just then, the storm worsened and the house started rumbling. The windows were splashed with the ocean's raging waves and the house was being dragged into the ocean. I was terrified at first but I realized that I didn't really live on the beach. I did the nose-pinch and the house stopped shuddering. Drew and my dad disappeared and the ceiling opened up. I took off flying, getting as much distance between me and the house as I could.

    I flew over a city this time and it was night time. The sky was clear now. The whole scene changed on its own. Anyway, I landed from there and I started practicing my double jump. I tried 2 times but I only got 1 good jump in. Afterwards, I took off flying again and decided to try this month's easy task. I wanted to attempt the basic task at Dream Views. I heard violin music and played along, using an invisible air-violin. I tried to keep up with it and, eventually, it was actually producing its own sounds. I've never played a violin IRL. I was flying the entire time.

    Then, I lost my lucidity.

    At one point, though, Drew and I were talking with another person about how much it must suck to be a CoCo's delivery boy since they took canoes to deliver their curry.

    Plus a fragment:

    This was probably a different dream altogether. I was on a ship, below-deck and there were a lot of birds. Their feet were very brittle, sort of like hardened, stiffened paper and their toes and feet broke like chips. I got to handle one and its talons sank into my fingers. I remember the pain from this scene very clearly.

    Later, in this same fragment, someone mishandled a bird (there was a peacock in a cage btw) and it sank its talons into my lower belly, leaving them behind. I pulled out a foot then many, many claws.

    Updated 07-16-2011 at 03:42 PM by Kezune

    lucid , memorable , task of the month

    Chatting with P

    by Kezune on 07-16-2011 at 03:36 PM
    DATE: June 27, 2011
    Non-Dream Dream Lucid

    I was trying to get a hold of P (who was in Spain?) with my cell. After that, I must've gotten lost on my way home, though. I remember driving a shopping cart around a track and telling a teacher that I would put the cart back after I got back. I knew I wouldn't, though and actually decided not to go back. I did find P at C's house (I don't actually know where she lives) and after we got to my house (the computer room and bedroom were fused together) I realized I was dreaming.

    At first, I thought I'd woken up but it was a false awakening and I did a reality check, like I do every morning. This was before I'd even 'opened my eyes' and after I pinched my nose I was still dreaming. The dream tried to trick me into thinking I wasn't breathing. Truth is, I've had some congestion in the waking world. I did have trouble breathing in the game, yes, but the point is that I was still breathing. I had to reassure myself of this. The above was literally my thought process. Well, I forced myself up, reassuring myself that I could get up even though the dream tried to keep me down and, eventually, I was able to get up.

    I opened my eyes and saw that P and I were still in the bedroom. So we had sex. I figured there were no consequences to this. Afterwards, we cuddled with him on top and I figured I wanted to cuddle with S instead since I didn't get to in my other dream. So, I glanced away, looked back and there he was, S instead of P. We only cuddled for a moment, though.

    I got out of bed and thought "This is my dream. There are other things I could do right now." So I walked through my window, outside to the yard and said "I'm going to double jump." And I did. Twice! I also jumped pretty high. I didn't float down but I wasn't expecting to. Then I remembered the other task.

    My friend L recommended I try summoning my Spirit Guide or Dream Guardian and I met them both this time. First, I summoned my guide. I stood by the side of my house, looked toward the driveway and said, when I look back, my Spirit Guide is going to be there." I looked towards the wall and back to the driveway. There was nothing there but through the bushes, I could see a white, long-haired figure walking up the hill with a train of ram's legs covered with brown leather sheet behind it. It shrank down to a bi-pedal ram with huge, bulking shoulders and, though it wasn't very defined, it seemed very wise.

    So... it was a shape-shifting ram or goat. At first, I was disappointed. It could sense my disappointment and told me to meet my guardian. I walked down the hill, telling myself that I was going to meet it and there it was, a large black dragon with golden accents and yellow eyes, greeting me from its lot, surrounded by trees. It greeted me and this time, I was with my husband and two friends. We all bowed to the dragon, dropping our heads to the ground.

    The dragon shrank to the size of a gecko and turned into a snail. I lost my lucidity. I don't remember much after this but I woke up soon after anyway. All I do remember is talking to someone, though I can't remember what about. The snail in my hand eventually turned into a pebble and I tossed it into the grass.

    I didn't realize the significance of the animals in my dream until about an hour after I woke up. The ram (or goat, really) is representative of my Western astrological sign (I'm a Capricorn) and the dragon matches my Chinese sign, as I was born in the year of the dragon.

    Updated 07-16-2011 at 03:42 PM by Kezune

    lucid , memorable

    Buying/Renting a Farm

    by Kezune on 06-28-2011 at 06:46 PM
    Buying a Farm (Non-lucid)


    This dream was very short but it generally left me feeling a little uneasy. Drew and I were visiting a Farm that we wanted to rent out. Our only expenses were going to be gas, rent and one other thing. I can't remember what that was. We were both very pleased with the farm even though the colors outside were very muted, almost like we were in an old black and white movie. I 'remembered' that the farm was in a worse state than the 'last time' we were here in that now it had electricity and internet and that the paint inside was fresh and bright.

    The farmer wasn't even happy about having his farm rented out, though. I don't remember many animals (I had a dream about this very place once in the past, I think) but I remember that they were there. I only remember one fuzzy white animal and I think it was either an alpaca (or llama, whatever) or a goat.

    After the farmer made it clear that he didn't want us there by avoiding us and looking very displeased, I went outside. The details here are a little fuzzy. But I came back inside and the house was full of squatters. I only remember not being happy that they were here.

    There's a gap in my dream but from here, I was in an overhead view, looking down at 'my character' like I was playing a videogame. I was looking for something in the desert (which was outside the farmhouse now) and I passed an oasis. I didn't feel the heat or the thirst. Then, it felt more like I was playing a videogame when I was viewing the 'map' from above and my 'character' turned into an icon. Next thing I knew, I really was playing a videogame. I -think- there was a celebration? I know I was trying to make my way back to the farm, though and I travelled around a mountain.
    The rest is a blank.

    I was Bowser

    by Kezune on 06-26-2011 at 05:27 PM
    I was Bowser. (Non-lucid)


    This time, I remember that Cha was in the dream and that he was a real creep. His car is supposed to be one of a kind IRL (sticker) but in the dream, there were three of them. I also remember eating a lot of ramen and driving around with Cha for a while. The other thing I remember was being bowser in this dream. Probably because my tattoo is coming up today.
    non-lucid , dream fragment