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      Hi Kilham!
      Please look into Dreamer's "Lucid Dares" thread - I've posted a mission for you there!
      It's under Lucid Experiences/Lucid Challenges - or go per her signature - can't seem to link from here.
      Good luck!
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    OBE/WILD? Planetary Nebulae

    by kilham on 04-12-2014 at 09:28 PM
    This is the kind of experience that I don’t know exactly where to put it: WILD/OBE?...
    I woke up at 5:30 extremely happy, I thought for an hour about how happy I was with life, just because…

    I know that when I’m this happy, I have a strange feeling in my belly, like something warm and moving inside. I fell asleep again with this overwhelming feeling of happiness and next thing I felt were the vibrations and the funny feelings of an OBE, which I think are some kind of different from WILD, I also felt like a BIG hand pulling me from my bed, I thought “not OBE please, I just want a lucid dream”, I instantly felt like something was “decreasing” and then some images began appearing as if there was a screen in front of me, and that usually happens when I try WILD, the screen appears and I jump into the scene.

    I feel “something” is “calling” me, I don’t know how to describe this feeling, but the next thing I feel is that I’m flying over a ship, the sea is brave and there is someone in the sea asking for help, it’s not that I hear her, I just know this person is probably dying, also I don’t know why I do it but I just sent love to that person dying.

    Next scene: I’m in the middle of nothing, floating around in space, there’s almost complete darkness, I see some stars but very far away, and very few. I try to look at my hands but I don’t have a physical body, I don’t see anything but I feel I am something. I touch my belly (the place where I feel there’s something) with my “hands” and I feel something extremely weird, I don’t know if “pain” would be the appropriate word, but it felt as an electric shock.

    I began swimming around in this nothingness, not knowing exactly where to go, since everything is very far, and there’s almost nothing. I see something like a big hand appearing and pointing me to follow it (well, I didn’t quite see it, it was a combination of seeing and feeling… nevermind, it’s hard to describe what it was like) I follow it but since I’m moving too slow by swimming I increase speed with thought until something “opens” and I’m traveling very fast, I’m approaching to something big and red, I think I’m going to land inside a planet, but as I come closer I see it’s not a planet, it’s just something red with gold, a planetary nebulae (now I know the name), like this one but less dense

    when I pass by it I hear a loud whoosh!! I gasp because I was impressed, I’ve never seen something like that before… but I think that the sound of gasping was real because I heard it coming also from my real body, and that’s what woke me up… well, not exactly full waking, it was false awakening over false wakening several times… and on the last one happened something really weird that had happened to me only a couple of times before during OBE, it’s a very brief moment where I realize why I am here, it includes so much more…. It feels like traveling very fast through “layers” until I’m here, but the difference between those layers it’s just some energy I would call fear.

    Updated 04-12-2014 at 09:38 PM by kilham

    lucid , false awakening , task of the month

    Lucid by fear- Chinese war

    by kilham on 04-11-2014 at 06:48 PM
    I'm in China buying some things in a store but I'm in a group. They start leaving because it's late but I'm waiting for something, then I began running because the boat will leave us if we don't arrive soon.

    By the time I get there with my heavy bags the boat had already left and I was the last one standing there. I panic because I don't know the language and I'm on my own. To make things worse, the scenario changes and people start throwing something like small bombs, gunshots begin also, everybody carries some kind of fire, torches or something, they are saying things like "destroy the anarchy!", it seems a war is starting and I'm in total panic because they are throwing bombs at me, at everybody. Also I have an urge to pee and there's nowhere to, it's my life or my bladder...

    At this moment I'm paralyzed by fear and this kind of blinding fear is one of my dream signs, so I think "wait a moment... wtf am I doing in China?, it's not July yet...this is a dream!!".

    Even when I became lucid I was still very scared. Obviously I'm not making any task in the middle of this riot, I neeed to get out of here to calm down.
    I look at the sky, drop my bags and began flying to the space. There are some people in the air following me with their fire. This can't be possible... I control this dream... I think in the tornado task, but I don't want to kill them, just to stop killing each other, so, while I'm flying I summon heavy rain to extinguish their fire.
    I don't feel the rain, but take a glimpse to the ground and it's kind of blurry, but I think it worked.

    I continue going up to the space. There's a moment where I reach a place where I am surrounded by complete darkness, I wait for some planets of galaxies to appear but there's nothing, and I'm floating without control of my body because of the zero-gravity, but I'm calmer.
    For a moment I don't know what I am, I don't even feel I have a body, I'm just floating there in the darkness, I opened my eyes and woke up.

    Note to self: work with the attachment to material things. When I dropped the bags I felt kind of sadness for leaving my recently buyed things.
    Obviously this dream is a projection of my fear of going to China next July, I fear not knowing the language and the possibility of facing situations on my own there.

    Basic ToTM April

    by kilham on 04-08-2014 at 05:48 PM
    After 30 min of breathing concetration, I hear a mini-snore coming from me... whoa! I thought I was still fully conscious, well I am, but my body is sleeping. Minutes later I feel I float from my body, yaaay! time to start going around, I fall into a combination of FA, SP, and finally WILD... all my life I thought that waking up in my room was some kind of AP instead of WILD, but here I am, finding that I can shift from one to another. Anyway, I'll let that for my mental notes.

    I pass through the window and float over my garden. I see a pair of children already looking for easter eggs. I notice two of them between the bushes, one is brilliant purple and the other is red, but they are like quail egg-size. I take the purple one and it gets bigger and kind of heavy, I shake it and think "it feels like there is a real chicken inside", when I open it, there's a chicken-shaped chocolate (in my country there are this cute and tasty chicken-shaped chocolates named "pollitos")

    I admit I'm kind of disappointed with my result after anotherdreamer's fairies!! I continue with the task I really want to do, the new plant thing, I try to make it appear in my hands, I look away while I expect it to appear and in my car's window reflection I see there are sparkles and something in my hand, but when I look to see there's nothing in them!! this is my third failed attempt with that task!! maybe it's because I want so badly to do it! or I really don't know how to summon or make things appear. I look sideways and think what other thing I should do, tornado or space??, I have done the space thing many times and it's cool, but I want to do something before.

    I walk to the front house and see some DC's, I want to ask them something personal of my daily life, but not the children, they usually don't answer or are too shy. I see a woman in a wheelchair and ask her: why did you (plural) send me to look for R after so many years?
    she looks angry at first and mumbles something about foolishness, but then she answers very kindly: I can't tell you.
    Me: why?
    woman: I can't give you that information yet. You'are still taking decisions outside consciousness. We're more concerned in trying to heal your physical part first.

    She continues talking but everything became blurry and I woke up.
    lucid , task of the month

    I can't believe I'm dreaming...

    by kilham on 04-01-2014 at 10:32 PM
    I usually make my RC's by remembering what I've been doing all day, how I got where I am, I know it's long but it keeps me on the present moment. But this time it was the first time it failed because I had a long dream, a complete normal-day dream. Fortunately, the hurry of the dream forced me to make the nose-pinching RC for the first time:

    I'm late for work and my patients are waiting, I'm never late, but this time everything is against me. The dress I'm wearing it's too big, then I change it and you can see through it, I'm getting angry and curse because the clock is going very fast and I'm still not able to get out of my house. I change again into something to avoid the transparency of the dress, but the thing I'm trying to wear it's too small!! I'm so angry that I notice I haven't been this angry for months because I practice awareness of my feelings and thoughts, at this moment I recognize this particular events as a dream sign.
    While I continue struggling with the clothes, I think: I must be dreaming!!... no... but I usually recognize when I'm dreaming, and I remember what I've done all day, and I don't have time for reality checks because I'm so late!! I'm so sure this is not a dream!!... ok, I'll try something very fast.

    I pinched my nose, took a deep breath, then continued struggling with the sleeve... wait... did I just breathed normally???. More calmly I pinched my nose again and took a deep breath...... holy sh*!! I'm dreaming!!

    I'm used to having LD very frequently, but this was the first time it was so...weird for me, that I decided to wake up instead of doing all the things I'm always looking to do. Even with the RC I still couldn't believe I was dreaming, I woke up because I wanted to really confirm it. I know, it was a terrible waste of lucid time but I was in shock. I could remember what I did all day in my dream!...