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    Flying in the woods

    by kraid on 07-02-2010 at 02:18 PM
    2/10 2010
    Awarness and logical thinking: high/medium

    I had a long weird dream before I woke up (or had a false awakening). After that my eyes were still closed and I hadn't moved so I figured I'd try DEILD. I kept lying still. Had to swallow once but it didnt interrupt my DEILD and I started vibrating more and more. I think I saw a blurry cube but other than that it was all black. After a while when I felt the transition was complete I decided to open my eyes, it was blurry and I fell down the bed. But by doing so and not feeling any pain when falling down I took the conclusion that my DEILD was successful.

    It was night and I was alone in my old room like in many of my lucid dreams. There wasnt a single light on in my house, all that could be seen were the street lights outside, I didnt like that and the light switches didn't work as usual so I walked outside. Leaped a few times and then started flying. I looked at my hands and it was all so real. To gain speed I did some swimming strokes and later on I just flew like superman over a large forest. The sky was now brighter, more like a cloudy day. Some houses started appearing and I flew over a what looked like a cool car from above that gave me the idea to drive. I landed right after the cool car and looked back at it and it was shit ugly.

    Still wanting to drive something I walked around in the area with houses looking for a nice car, preferably something from the late sixties/early seventies. But none to be found, then I decided a motorcycle would be even more awesome to drive in a dream but all I found were junk. I saw something interresting just at the border of the forrest but it when I walked over there I heard growling from the bushes. I took a step back but then decided to confront it and two wolves appeared. I killed both with my hands, got a little shooked up from the experience and decided to leave the place to go flying again. I took a few leaps as normal and took off.

    I saw some cars moving on the road. One of them was a boat with wheels, just like in the movie Waking life. I saw this as a sign and I flew down to land in the boat. There were two guys inside it, they both looked strange and had big heads. I sat down in the seats behind them and started talking. Dont remember much about the conversation, my awareness were decreasing at this point.
    We got to an old town and now I had completely lost my lucidity and the stuff after was a blur.

    Short but high awareness

    by kraid on 07-02-2010 at 02:00 PM
    1/7 2010
    Awarness and logical thinking: super high
    I was going fast as hell on sliding in the snow on some mattress and crashed right into a building without hurting myself. I then realized it was a dream and was now inside some building that had marine inspired interior. I had full awareness, it felt just like in real life. I touched the wall with my hand and was amazed how real it was. I walked around for a very short while before waking up

    Updated 07-02-2010 at 02:08 PM by kraid


    Moon party

    by kraid on 06-09-2010 at 05:42 PM
    2/6 2010
    Awarness and logical thinking: medium

    I took a nap after some spontanous reading in Exploring the world of lucid dreaming and dreamt about a DEILD, Im sure not I actully had one or if I was already dreaming.. but the lucidity was real!

    For some reason I became aware that I was lying down and already in the early stages of SP, I could feel my body but couldnt hear any external sounds or recognize in any way that I was in a couch. Vibrations began and some humming sound could be heard while my body slowly started floating and I began seeing HI. I started reluctantly think bad thoughts and that something scary would appear but I tried to resist it and a picture of myself as a kid showed up which made me peaceful again and I entered the dream.

    My sisters were sitting next to me as I had fully entered the dream in some kind of luxury hotel. I said hi and quickly moved on. I figured I'll go to the moon since I had been reading about shared dreaming on the moon recently. There were a few doors nearby so I just thought of the moon and made a kramer like entrance. I was very happy when I saw the desolate gray ground and starry sky, but it wasn't desolate at all as I looked a bit to the left. There was quite a few people standing by a lit up swimming pool, there was some kind of party on the moon. My friend showed up with a skateboard near the building that I just walked out of, I said hi to him and went on into another luxury building nearby. I thought of who I'd try to contact, I decided with Axel since we have the same time zone. (Here I failed to realize I was taking a nap thus making the timezones irrelevant).

    There was alot of young people in the building, all dressed in ballroom clothes. My lucidity lowered a bit here when I saw all these beatiful girls but I snapped out of it and promised myself I wouldn't waste this LD on sex. So I just quickly grabbed someones breast and moved on. To ensure I wouldn't lose lucidity or the dream I kept rubbing my hands together a bit now and then. While I was walking I saw a guitar on the wall and figured since I cant play in waking life I should try in a dream. I had to do somekind of flip jump to reach it, it fell down and I started playing. First it sounded pretty good but not too long after I became as bad as I am in waking life. Still wanting to find someone in this crowded moon prom party I thought of using a cellphone to contact and right then my cellphone started ringing, I reached for it in my pocket but woke up. I was in the beginning of SP again, slow vibrations began but they stopped quickly and I woke up for real.