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    1. I think we should focus on getting our recall and our lucidity up to the maximum before we attempt to meet up again. I think that would be best because it wont work if we arnt on the top of our game and we wont get to the top of our game if we are spending all of our lucid time looking for each other. We should follow each others dream journals now so we can start synching up again like last time.
    2. when do you wanna give it a shot to share dream again ?
    3. wooh finally!
    4. Woohooo i'm back!
    5. Thats great! Don't worry you will have plenty of time to talk to her. Just enjoy it.
    6. I saw Angel last night ! I was lucid, but... we got distracted and didn't talk much
    7. Shared Dreaming attempt soon ?
    8. bad ass avatar
    9. I will definitly be posting my dreams on the forum here but I think I might also make my own site for my dreams or use wikia to organize stuff because I like the take note of more things than just the dream like characters and things that might be important late on for shared dreaming.
    10. yooo they closed the SD Class folder, so let's just post out dreams in the dream journal option !
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