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    1. Merry Xmas and a happy New Year Buddy. Heres wishing you and Eli a Magical 2016. =^^=
    2. My inbox is full...I wondered whjat was giving me that headache thanks A Millyon you is a pal ... i feel I got somewhere as I had a nightmare
    3. Your inbox is full There's no such thing as desappointement in lucid dreaming, we're all in the same boat, trying to understand how this shite work
    4. I don't mine being flooded with PM, don't be shy about it
    5. Since we opened for business...my arch-nemesis seems to have skedaddled out of town, i'm sure we have not seen the last of him tho Dr Elkinstein...hmmm I should have posted you about my dreams but with only 3 pms an hour...grrr I will get round too it
    6. K I having problems...deciding which power ranger you and I are...laughs way to hard...um I was actually seriously pondering on this
      i'm a little bit too excited...oh dear
    7. Best. Agency name. EVER!
    8. Milly & Meoh's Dream Detective Agency is officially open for business...Go team! Go Team!
    9. yeah I'm tryig to be more friendly I noticed you're starting to use that tags system, that's neat!
    10. Synch...Synch...Synch 48000 (from DJ) so close to 50000 we are the synch sisters... the world will know our name...one day...maybe....perhaps...well ok not...but still good name...
      [Yay friended patience...I was thinking you two should, yesterday....oops synched again...k paranoid now]
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