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    Recent Entries

    Noctemocity 26

    by Methos on 08-26-2018 at 06:42 PM
    81/ At a swimming resort and got involved with a game show that featured celebrities (who I canít recall now). The game involved water so I went to change into a swim outfit. Got distracted by a guy who looked like Tom Hanks son. He auctioned things off. Remembered there was a game to take part in, changed into swimming attire, went back with five minutes to spare. I got into my game seat, which was partially submerged in water. The games made no sense. I just made random guesses and kept winning.

    Not even a fragment. Woke up with the feeling Iíd been in a nightmare. Canít remember it.

    82/ I ran shoeless through an old forest. On the ground, the old trees had no bark on them and the wood was worn smooth and shiny. The logs were twisty and spirally so Iíd run and jump on a log and slide along it on my feet, leap to the next log and slide along until there were none left. Reminded me of Disney Tarzan sliding through the trees, except I slid along old toppled tree trunks and branches.

    Fragment: Running through a hilly wooded area.
    Hypnagogia: A mountain range in the distance unraveled bit by bit from the top down.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Noctemocity 25

    by Methos on 08-25-2018 at 03:43 PM
    79/19th Lucid Jogged through wooded paths. Rounded a bend and was almost cloths-lined by a skinny tree bent across the path. I limbo jogged under it at such an impossible angle. I stood up and laughed, "I'm dreaming. I'm finally asleep." I woke.

    80/ In a city with a friend, we were at an outdoor gathering. I pushed an empty baby stroller. Left, went to a store to buy a small bag of potato chips and a bottle of water but the store only had obscenely large bags of potato chips and large cans of energy drinks. I was going to buy them but had no money in my pocket. I left, put the empty baby buggy, now just the buggy frame, in the middle of the street. I left it there. Ran into my cousin. She asked where her buggy was. We had to go all the way back to retrieve it in the middle of rush hour.

    Fragment: killer with a chainsaw outside my window, tried to figure out how to defend myself.
    Woke up and the neighbors were cutting their grass with a horribly loud lawn mower.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Noctemocity 23 & 24

    by Methos on 08-25-2018 at 06:08 AM
    Still having problems getting and staying asleep. Very little sleep means few dreams and me being to lazy to log them right when I wake up. Lost a lot of details to these both.

    Aug 23

    77/ Needed to get somewhere and there was a gatekeeper (same sex as me) that I had to sexually pleasure to pass. So I did. Didn't enjoy it and got through the gate.

    Aug 24th

    78/ A clown, strong feeling it was Pennywise, caused global problems. I went to where I thought was the end of the earth and asked a mountain how to defeat the clown. The Mountain unfurled into a humanish being and spoke at length with me, all the while the clown tried to interfere. A massive being of light with a sword descended from the sky and stabbed the sword straight down through the living mountain and stood watch over it. This scared me because the being was taller than the blue of the sky. I left to kill the clown. I chased it for a while. It kept trying to scare me but nothing scared me more than that sword wielding giant being of light. Wish I could remember specifics about this dream.

    Noctemocity 22

    by Methos on 08-23-2018 at 03:36 AM
    76/ I drove a powder blue VW Beetle in search of something. I saw a massive yardsale and was distracted. Parked and browsed around the sales. Tried to order food but they said the food was for delivery only. I'd have to get it delivered elsewhere. Continued browsing. Police cars and ambulances swarmed the area. Someone had been run over and we were all evactuated from the area. My car was stuck in the mud so I left it and walked down the street trying to see evidence of the person who was run over. I saw no such thing. Got me thinking they were covering something else up, getting us out of the area for some other reason. Kept walking.

    Hypnogogia. Black flames that were only visible in the dark due to a faint white light that shone at the flame edges, making them look like dancing silhouette flames. People gathered around them.

    Noctemocity 21

    by Methos on 08-21-2018 at 04:39 PM
    72/ Babysitting in a haunted house. Finally saw the ghost's reflection in a mirror, a little kid shadow running down the hall.

    73/ In school. Ewan McGregor was our teacher, though dressed in a nerdy disguise.

    74/ A sideways storm swept over the area. Clouds were greenish. I was fascinated by it while everyone else (the smarter ones) were afraid and ran for cover.

    75/ Motorbiking on a mountain road. It was all snow and sunshine, rainbows reflected off the snow. Was enveloped into the colors of a rainbow and felt at peace. Never wanted to leave.