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    Lucid City Dance Number Costume Design Success!!!

    by MishaWinterFae on 10-21-2015 at 07:38 PM

    I designed some pants in my dream. I actually don't remember designing them, I just remember picturing the final design for a really long time until I woke up. It was like a 3d image I was looking at over a nice sunrise backdrop. It reminded me of a super high quality crystal clear video game display. (I like acquiring my outfits this way SOOOOOO much better than that stupid boutique that did not want to decide if it wanted to be a boutique or a big box store or a supermarket and trying to find an outfit already made and getting distracted by dream characters and grocery isles full of verrrrry delicious chips and bean dips!!!)

    I woke up and started drawing them on paper. I was very intrigued because they are not something I would typically wear but for some reason I really loved them. I drew them and thought to myself that the pants are part of an ethical vegetarian dance number I am planning... some straight up vegetarian propaganda I want to dance in Lucid City. I keep picturing a nice big stage in my dreams. I told my husband that I thought my pants were part of a hen costume as I was drawing them and then he told me that he had a dream that we were dressed up as chickens doing rap rave style music dancing singing and rapping and he had a red mow-hawk. I don't remember that dream but how funny that he dreamed we did the performance already dressed as chickens. I never told him before this dream in waking life that I want to dress up like a chicken for my dance, or have it be really obviously about animals people eat like that, we had the idea together on in our dreams I think. I did not have the idea to dress up like a chicken for my dance in waking life because that would just never occur to me before this. Now I actually want to do it IRL! I just need some nice breathable yellow cotton fabric.

    A Dancer's Irritating Dream, Getting Ready for Lucid Urth

    by MishaWinterFae on 10-20-2015 at 07:30 PM
    I was getting my character ready for Lucid Urth, but I was still in my annoying inner world. I was in a Boutique and I was wearing a blue and purple "belly dancing" outfit. I remembered that I had a performance shortly and I was picturing this huge stage and audience I was about to perform for. I did not really like my outfit felt a bit too dark for my personality, not the color really but maybe the fabric... it was stiff and synthetic. I felt annoyed with the boutique, it kept changing from a boutique to a grocery store to a big box retail store. I was shopping around and I kept looking at food instead of outfits and then I was suddenly with some annoying lady and her two boys and she was my boss and I was their nanny. I could psychicly sense that all three of them absolutely hated me. The lady was trying to convince me to buy some high heels that matched my outfit, and I was trying to politely tell her that I don't wear heals or ever dance in heels. Her suggestion to me after I told her that was to go on stage and introduce myself and then exit the stage, take off my shoes and then come back on stage to dance. I was trying to explain to her how ridiculous and idiotic that would look and make me feel, when I just felt too exhausted to say that to her. We left the store and I was still wearing the dark blue and purple ruffly thing that I did not quite like, I felt irritated that I did not get to look around the store freely like I wanted to. I went with the annoying lady and her two kids to a school building and I sat down with her two school aged boys and paper and crayons appeared and we started coloring, the annoying lady disappeared without me noticing really. The two children were trying to see what the most obnoxious things that they could say in front of me, but I don't remember anything specific that they said. I mostly ignored them for a while and sat there coloring beside them to supervise them until their mother got back, then I remembered that I have a dance performance to get to. I wondered what the hell I am doing babysitting right before a performance. I realized that I had no time to get ready at all. I went out to the parking lot and the two kids followed me. Their mother pulled up in a mini van saying something about how she was just about to get back at me angrily. I felt relieved, thinking finally I am not around these irritating people and I can go dance. Then I remembered that I don't like my outfit still. I felt annoyed.
    This dream really makes me want to get lucid. Those people or dream characters were soooooo annoying!!!!

    Updated 10-20-2015 at 07:41 PM by MishaWinterFae


    Shared Dream With My Husband BAKING NOMAD

    by MishaWinterFae on 10-17-2015 at 01:09 AM
    I was in high school in my dream for some reason. I felt like it was normal for me to be there and I was non-lucid. I was sitting in class near the front and I was getting irritated by some boys horsing around near me so I decided to move a few seats back in the class room to have some peace and not be disrupted by them. The empty seat was next to a popular girl. When I saw who I was about to sit next to I hesitated, but then I just sat down, thinking "fuck it I have to right to sit here." The girl then turned to me and said venomously, "I was gunna put my bag there!!!" so I got up from the seat and walked out of the class room, making a point to keep my chin high and not show any sign embarrassment. I walked to an outdoor area and sat down by all myself, I was such a loner. I needed something to occupy myself to look cool not bored so I took out a pen and started drawing. I did not want to appear as if I was just sulking. I was in a pretty fucking bad mood though when all the sudden this really cute boy walked up to me. He was a bad boy, and that make me instantly very giddy. He had that 90s Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle and baggy pants with a pocket chain, he was wearing a white tank top with an open brown aloha shirt over it and a gold chain. He was smoking a cigarette, and I thought about telling him to put it out so he would not get in trouble, but I was pretty sure he was well aware it was against the rules. I felt pretty insecure, thinking he pretty much hates me cuz I am such a perfect goodie two shoes when he walked right up to me and started acting like I am his girlfriend. I was very confused but I allowed him to hug me and then I was thinking, "oh shit what am I doing here I am married!" Then I looked into his face and I saw the face of my husband Nove and he kissed me. I felt like a teenage girl all over again, so shy and I was absolutely astonished this hott bad boy wanted to be my boyfriend! The Next thing I remember we were flying, and I kept blacking out from fear of flying. LOL! I woke up this morning and told my husband the dream, and in his dream he was at his high school wondering why he was wearing baggy pants and a pocket chain. LOL! He saw me outside looking upset and told me that this high school dream sucks and we should go someplace cooler, so he took me flying in an airplane. LOL!