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    The Normal Lucid Dreams of Raevous (2014)

    by Raevous on 12-31-2013 at 02:21 AM
    NOTE: I only made this for recording, so it's not going to be fun to read X).

    December 31, 2013 - DEILD #1

    I"m sleeping in my bed, and my mother wake me up, she said "go to the other side of the bed". After I changed position, I tried going to sleep again, then....

    I felt like I'm in a dream then I did a reality check, plugged my nose, and YES. I caught an FA. Then, suddenly, My body feels really weird, It feels like I'm in a blank place, void, I guess. And It feels like my body is being deformed. I tried to dream spin and boom, I'm inside a house, a really old house. I'm locked in a room. I look at my hands and I examine it. I said "Stabilize! Stabilize Now!". The dream became stable after that. I tried to force open the door, It feels like my dream control has gone down. It didn't even bulge. I have no other choice, there's a hole in the upper part of the wall. I jump in there. After that I met two of my old classmates. They're already outside, they're talking to me while they're on the window. There are so many holes in the upper part of the wall, I got in every single one of them until I finally get out. My old classmate said, "We already have an excuse letter, but why are we going through all of this?". Theire father came and they went home. My friend called me after that, but he said nothing. I'm going to try "teleporting". I found a good place to teleport, but how?. I tried adding some saliva to my finger, and draw a circle on the ground. My friend saw me doing that, I decided to ignore him. Then I jump into that circle, I said "Teleport me into a smooth bed!". TELEPORTATION SUCCESFUL. Yeah, I'm in a room with a smooth bed,I re-stabilize the dream because it looks a bit blurry.But, there's a problem, there are so many annoying DCs. I tried to make them vanish, I said , "I Command Thee! Disappear". I failed. After that, I tried going outside the room, good thing the door isn't locked. I tried to look for hot babes, but wait.... This is my grandmother's house. -_-. There's a chick going inside but I don't like her. My friend suddenly wears a thick make-up, They're so ugly, one of my friend said ,"I did it in my dream last night, so it'll be fun doing it in reality". I entered the room and when I'm looking at my hands, I woke up.

    January 7, 2013 - DEILD # 2

    I suddenly woke up after a long dream, I decided to sleep again and...

    I suddenly felt that I am dreaming, but I'm in that "void" again. I'm having a hard time in moving my body, it feels like I'm going to wake up. So I tried doing the dream spin. I failed in my first attempt and succeeded in the second one. I found myself inside the room of my grandmother's house, the furniture are arranged in a way that is like when I was 7-10 yrs old. The dream seems to be fading, I did a reality check by looking at my hands and said "Stabilize Lucidity Now!" but it didn't work. Then, I woke up.

    REMEMBER: I'll do a dream spin next time when I'm at a state where a dream is fading.

    January 10, 2014 - DEILD #3 - DILD # 1

    "2 Great Lucid Dreams in a Row"
    Lucid Dream #1 (DEILD #3)
    I woke up after a dream, maybe a nightmare. I decided to go to sleep. I suddenly felt that I'm moving in a dreaming state. I waited until the dream comes. I feared that I'll be back in my last dream. And then......

    I'm in a room, with 4 of my friends. We're a bit sad. I don't know why. Suddenly, pretty girls at our age suddenly came in. All of us have chosen one girl. It's pretty fun. We had a great kiss and so on. But what's annoying is they drive me in a "semi-aware" state. I even asked my partner "do you know you're my first kiss?". Good thing she finally left. But the "semi-aware" me decided to follow her. There are so many people outside. They're wearing school uniforms. They're in a hut, it looks like there's an event here. I'm disappointed when I didn't find the girl. Suddenly my awareness heightens again. I'm getting the feeling of "sleeping in my bed" so I go run and touched an electric pole like a dancer. I decided to go back there, and saw an school.The weather seems it's going to be bad. There are so many people on the highest floor. The school is a bit far so i decided to fly. I failed in my first attempt. It's great that I remembered my cousin's tips. I should use things like "magic brooms" etc. or start flying little by little. I ran fast first and started to jump like hell. I also move my arms like I'm swimming in water. I finally flied, but, it's not that high. As I'm approaching in the school, I saw some of them having a pair of white wings. They flied as the rain approaches. I decided to join them. But I can't fly that high. I believed it 100% that I'll fly higher and higher. BOOM. I'm at their level, we flied around the school campus' square. I suddenly realized something. "Why the Fuck can't I feel the water splashing on my face?". Then suddenly a burst of gravitational force pulls me down to the ground. It didn't hurt but I felt dizzy. I think I'm losing the dream. I dream spin and I retained the dream. But I suddenly woke up.

    Lucid Dream 2 - DILD #1
    Half of my body is stuck in an unknown place, it's pitch black beyond that. My other half is in a building, it looks like an school or a ship. I suddenly knew that I am dreaming. But there's a problem, I'm being pulled by the unknown place. I dream spin to escape it. It's a success. I decided to return to the school where I flied so high. I took the stairways. There are so many stairs and it feels like I'm not going anywhere. I even jumped directly from stairs to stairs but it only makes me exhausted. I remembered playing gta:samp. I summoned a virtual keyboard and typed "/go Kirito". It didn't work, ouch. I looked at my sides and saw a set of stores. I decided to go there. I saw a store that sells Japanese foods. I decided to go in there. The goods that are being sold suddenly changed. I'm disappointed. I transferred to another store. When I'm on my way, I suddenly saw a vehicle inside this mall. They're buying foods from a store and they're saying something about a dream. I suddenly woke up after that.

    January 20, 2014

    "5 consecutive and pretty short LDs" (I'm sleep deprived at that time) TIME 5:00AM ~> ??

    LUCID DEAM 1 - DEILD # 4
    I'm in the sofa where I slept, and I just know I'm dreaming. Everything seems blurry and I woke up.

    I'm in the sofa again and I know I'm dreaming, I think there's something stucked in my eye inside, 80% of my vision is blocked by an annoying image of a diamond or crystal. I looked at my hands and tried stabilizing the dream. But then, I woke up.

    I'm in the house of my biological father before and I know I'm dreaming, I'm going to do a dream spin that time because everything seems to be blurry. After I did one, my body didn't stopped. It spinned like hell, until I woke up.

    I'm in the house of my grandmother and I know I'm dreaming. I'm looking at the furnitures and my awareness drifted. Suddenly I knew I'm dreaming again and I woke up.

    I'm in the house of my grandmother again, but there are two unknown people. One is a chick and I guess the other one is her mother. I went outside the room and see the chick :3 in her towel and just finished her bath. I said , "Why you didn't wait for me ?", "You're too slow, that's why" and I just kept silent. We went on the bed and sleep next to each other, suddenly her mother opened the door and then looked to us and smiled. She just closed the door and left. "I'm going to get laid HAHHA" It runs in my mind as I wake up.... </3

    February 02, 2014

    "Sleep Paralysis, I won again" - DEILD # 9
    I'm lying in my bed, and paralysis strikes me again. I had a feeling of the dream going to end if I didn't break the paralysis. I tried chanting a word that will unfreeze me, "Unfreeze!". I'm released from the paralysis for a few seconds. Then, I focused my mind to break the paralysis. I succeded. I defeated paralysis again :3. I looked at my hands and it's missing. So I couldn't do the hand examinations stabilization technique. The dream is becoming blurry so I tried attaching myself to things. I rubbed my body on the table and anything. I went to the back of the house and saw that it is raining. I decided to go outside. I noticed that I am nude. I realized that I shouldn't be ashamed because it's only a dream. As I push the roller up, I saw three girls wearing school uniform. One of them is pretty hot and I brought her inside the house. I asked her to remove her lower-clothes and I almost had her </3 .

    February 08, 2014

    "ALMOST" - DILD # 2
    I'm in front of the poultry shop in my place and I saw two familiar girls in there. I suddenly realized I'm lucid and asked one of the girls in there to come near me. We sat in a table and talk and almost... (you already know what happened). I'm teleported in my room and I'm paralyzed, I tried fighting it, too bad, I woke up.

    February 18, 2014

    I'm in my room and I just felt that I am dreaming. The dream is becoming blurry and I'm doing my best to stabilize it. After a few seconds of fighting with it, I succesfully stabilized the dream. Time to fuck huehuehue. I tried summoning my classmate in front of me but I failed. I remembered that I can use alternatives in summoning, so I imagine someone will be in the bed when I returned. So it's succesful. We did it and she disappeared. After that, I tried summoning again but I woke up. (I'm pretty sleep deprived at this time).

    March 11, 2014

    "Dafuq is wrong" DILD #3
    I'm in the center of a road, and I just realized that I'm dreaming. It became blurry afterwards and it ended for a few seconds.

    I'm back in the road again and I just know I'm dreaming, the dream ended like before -_- .

    March xx, 2014 DILD #4

    I just know I'm dreaming. I'm inside a half-split warehouse. I'm with someone I don't know. I don't know how to get out.

    March xx, 2014 DEILD #10

    I'm in my room, and I just know I'm dreaming. I can't see well. My vision looks like a hanging computer.

    March 18, 2014 DILD # 5

    I'm in my room, and I just know I'm dreaming. My body is paralyzed. I did my best to overcome it. I went out of the house and tried my powers. I couldn't summon directly, so I did a little trick. I summoned Pat, with the use of aCP. And then.... boom.

    March xx, 2014 DILD # 6

    I'm in my room, and I just know that I'm dreaming. Suddenly, I feel so fuckin scared, and some sort of birds (somehow, it looks like swain's) came out of my bed that caused me to wake up.

    April xx, 2014 DILD # 7

    I'm under a bridge, and there's some sort of ice sheet there. I tried skating with just bare feet and it works. I tried doing tricks and I just suddenly fly and I'm like "this can only happen in a dream", awareness rushed through me. But it vanish as time goes on. I end up doing workout while hanging in the bridge and a cop caught me. -.- wth?

    Updated 05-07-2014 at 06:08 PM by Raevous


    The Non-Lucid World of Raevous

    by Raevous on 12-07-2013 at 08:18 AM
    NOTE: I only made this for recording, so it's not fun to read, I swear.

    December 04, 2013:

    "Stay Out of My Dream"

    I am in my school, walking beside my classroom, as I saw my crush (who always ignore me for an unknown reason) sitting in the bench with the two of her friends. I ran so fast in order to avoid her until I came to the place in my school where there are many trees...

    December 05, 2013:

    "Come on, wake up, it will only happen in a dream"

    I'm browsing my facebook in chat offline mode when suddenly, my crush messaged me "Hi" and I didn't hesitate to reply...

    "I'm an MMORPG addict -.-"

    I'm playing a MMORPG while wondering if the skill "Brutal Strike" can be mastered, then suddenly, an announcement saying "†CT† has mastered the skill Brutal Strike to level 5".....

    December 06, 2013:

    "So, we meet again, Nightmare"
    I'm in the kitchen, having an argument with my mom, i can't hold my temper anymore, and started shouting like hell. I decided to go in my room, in order to cool myself off, then suddenly, I felt an urge to go to the bathroom, I'm shocked, as I see a dead corpse being hanged, she's pretty scary, as I came close to her and I hugged her, suddenly, I got a phone call, It's my friend, saying that "Our friend died".... I'm pretty scared.

    "MMORPGs stahp"

    I'm playing a MMORPG again, and I'm trying my luck to get one of the rarest items, as I clicked the button of my mouse, something appeared in my soul star inventory, it looks like an orange snowflake, and there aren't any information about it .

    December 15, 2013:

    "Gank Trynda"
    I'm playing League of Legends, with my friends, they're from a different computer rental shop. We used the team voice chat and my friend said, "let's go to the top lane, let's gank him".

    December 16,2013:

    "This one is so vivid"
    I'm walking in the pathway to the entrance of school, and when I'm already near the gate, I looked back, and saw something unexpected, her name is Sheena, my crush. I approached her and while we're having a chat while walking, we suddenly slipped, and we fell into a "romantic position" and i said to her, "I Love you" and I held her hands.

    "I Believe I Can Fly"
    I'm in the bridge that connects the city of B1 and B2, the fog there si so thick. But I can see someone with white wings, jumping off the bridge, then flying through the air. I'm surprised as I saw myself growing wings, a gold pair of wings. I'm with my friend whose name is Miguel, and I want to show him that I can fly too. But a lot of people have gone to the bridge, so I said, "let's go there" while pointing to the crossroads. While I'm walking, I suddenly felt an urge to fly. I jumped and flew through the road and flew like a bird( while posing like superman).

    "In the classroom"
    I'm sitting in the corner of my classroom and suddenly sheena came in, I felt a sudden happiness as I approach her.

    "Gravitation Motorcycle"
    I'm riding a weird motorcycle, It has a great design, which colors are black and gray. But when you stop, It will become extremely heavy, but as you drive the way, it becomes so light.

    December 17, 2013:

    "MS power"
    I'm playing League of Legends, and using my soon to be my favorite champion, her skills are so random and it doesn't make any sense.

    "You're so cute, really"
    I'm in a grassy field talking with my crush and her friends .

    "What the hell is that"
    I'm in my home, and I'm with a girl(i forgot who she is) and there's a weird dog in my house.

    December 18, 2013

    "Waiting is one of the things I really hate"
    I'm buying a plier in a hardware shop, there are so many customers but I arrived 2nd or 3rd, and the seller let them buy first, I'm so angry and when my time comes up, the item I want to buy is out of sale. I feel so angry and I decided to walk on my way home, good thing that my friends came with me, I met them in a weird bridge.

    "WTH is with this dream?"
    I'm brushing my teeth.

    December 23, 2013

    "Shopping Time"
    I'm with my best friend, Miguel, we're on a super big mall.

    I know that I'm in a dream, and I'm watching my self walk, wondering why the sound in my dreams are muted.

    December 24, 2013

    "I'm about to kill"
    "I'm in a warehouse, with a unknown person.We both hold a knife and we are pointing it at each other. He is trying to get something in a cabinet, it's a larger knife. I tried to steal it from him, and I successfully got it, but, he got another one in his pocket. He brought down the knife and he said that he has something to do and I said "Me too, I'll get something". (I'm about to get a gun.)

    "Where the hell am I?"
    "I'm in a really big city, the buildings there are so high and there are a lot of people. I think I'm in front of a mall.

    "Demn Kess"
    I'm with my classmate and we're in a house beside a highway. There's a hot girl in there and I held her hands but she seems to refuse, she said that he have a lot of other guys he has a crush on. She looked into my eyes and she gave me a kiss ^u^. It feels so real though.

    I'm with my girl friends. not GIRLFRIENDS. and... We're having fun.... mwahahahaha.

    "Jax or Fiora"
    I'm playing league of legends and I chose fiora as my champion, I'm losing the lane, and I guess I should have picked jax.

    December 25, 2013

    "Give me a Kill"
    I'm playing Leaue of Legends, and my subordinates are Tristana, Pantheon, and I forgot the other two. I'm playing as Jax and I'm having a hard time getting a kill.

    I'm in my grandmother's house, and my godmother gave me a gift, it's a cellphone. But as I open it, it turns out to be a low quality cellphone, I still like it lol.

    December 26, 2013

    "Star City"
    I'm outside the "Star City", but itd doesn't look like it. There's nothing special about it, and my brother is throwing souveneirs in the stores, and I said "stop it, maybe they'll thought that it's theirs".

    "Damn Bus"
    Me, my sister and my mother are on the way to Star City, we're about to call a bus, but, the bus pass through us, and stopped in front of the drug store. They said they need to take a picture first. After that, tomorrow suddenly came. Me and my mother is so angry that we haven't ride the bus even after 24hrs. When we're about to take another bus, a woman(maybe the one from the bus) suddenly came and said that we can't revoke our decision to ride their bus.

    My father and I go to Melco(a bus transport company maybe?) to report the bus that pissed me and my mother. As we came there, there are a lot of traps, the door knob is charged with electric charge. A staff there has to lower the voltage first before we are able to enter. The way to their office is so annoying, there are a lot of traps, and I fell in one of it, my foot is soaked in the toilet filled with pee. I'm so pissed because of pees.

    December 27,2013

    Can't remember a single dream -_-.

    December 28, 2013

    "LoL, Again?"
    I'm playing LoL, and there's a new item that looks like a sword, it's color is yellow and it also has an active that deals damage and slow the fuck out of them.

    December 29, 2013

    "Christmas in Grandmother's House"
    There are so many people outside the house my grandmother, and they're waiting for my aunt to wake up. My cousins forced open the door to my aunt's room. I thought they're having a fight. Good thing, my aunt didn't become angry when they forced open the door. Everyone's going to receive their gifts .

    "Sheena "
    I'm in my classroom, and I'm chatting with the two of my classmates, suddenly Sheena came. Her face is full of make-up, and she's really so cheerful. I'm so glad.

    "Detectives on the Ship!"
    I'm in my house and there are so many unknown people, they said there's a murderer inside the house. We decided to go to a ship, and there are 7 detectives on there.

    December 30, 2013

    I'm with my friend, and he asked me if I want to by Waffles, he said, "Let's go buy Wafers", I said, "Wafers? I guess you want Waffles"?

    January 2, 2013

    "Singer, really?"
    I'm in a park, with my cousins. We're singing and it's like we're making a music video, we're jumping at obstacles while we're walking.

    January 3, 2013

    "Omg, sir"
    I'm having my rest in the house when suddenly my teacher showed up and said that I have to pass my project.

    January 8, 2013

    "Sinking Van"
    I'm with my cousin, and he's driving a van, a white one. We're having a problem in parking and there's a river beside us, too bad, we fell in there. I managed to escape but my cousin didn't. I called for help. When I looked at my cousin's body, it looks like a dog's. After a while, me and my mother is having a walk and we visited my injured cousin's computer rental business. It's surprising that he doesn't have any injuries, but I have one near my neck.

    I'm with my mother, in the front of my grandmother's house that is in a subdivision. There's a construction site near us. My mom and I decided to go home. My mother said that she wants to trade her paper money for coins and the woman that she asked to asked my mother if she already borrowed some money from my grandmother. As I am on my way home, I saw someone familiar, a friend of my ex-crush. They're in a mall, near the house of my grandmother. She's with two guys, i guess they're my schoolmates, and they ride a blue sports car. I decided to ignore them. I looked at my mother's back and it looks like there is a mini-wings hidden in his back.

    January 09, 2014

    "Distilled Water"
    I'm solving a physics problem with the given or final answer of D=15 and N=11. I think the D is distilled water?

    January 10, 2014

    "Nemesis, my childhood nightmare"
    I'm locked in a building with my friends. Nemesis, A giant zombie is hunting us, my friends are shooting them. But I'm just standing there, suffering from fear.There's a hidden room up the ceiling. I thought we can escape there, but no, there's a thick layer of stone there.

    "In a small house"
    I bought something and they gave me a durex. Suddenly a girl get one too, she said he's having s*x with someone. But it happens with me. She's really aggressive. After that, her family came hunting me, They still don't know who did it to her. They even taught one of their boys how to use shotgun. So I decided to escape.

    "iPhone W"
    My friend Abet is selling an Iphone for only 11XX. That cellphone is pretty cool but it has a little damage. I want to ask my mother if she'll buy it for me.

    "Nasus OP"
    I'm playing LoL and I noticed something in the bottom left corner of the game. It states that nasus' ss gives bonus health by 1000 in level 6, 30000 in level 11, and 11000 in level 16.

    "A little chat"
    I'm having a little chat with my baby sister and my mother while we're lying on the floor.

    January 11, 2014

    "Poppy on the move ~"
    I'm playing LoL and we're having a great clash. I'm being chased by tryndamere in the top lane. We both have great life steal. I won by pushing him through the tower and deliver my q.

    "1000 spartans vs 1000 americans?"
    I'm watching a movie entitled "1000 spartans vs 1000 americans". It's more like a comedy show. It shows that the spartans are a lot more aggressive and they're diving into the american empire. The spartans won and someone interfere. I guess they're two empires with their kings being brothers. The Spartans propose an alliance with one of them. But the other one don't want to, so a war happens and the spartans and their subordinates have been defeated.

    I'm with my cousin and we're on the way to my aunt's house. I'm wearing a weird white polo shirt that looks unfit to me. As we're on the way, I saw someone wearing the same shirt as me, but he looks like a beggar. My cousin said that he was once an employee of my aunt but became fired because of bad attitude. That guy is asking for coffee, not money. I felt something eerie as we're entering the house. I felt scared, my aunt's house is haunted, I guess. I felt relieved as we reached the room where aunt and some of his acquaintances are in. My cousin said that my aunt is being haunted in the washroom. So I decided to go there, and have a pee O.o. Good thing that my cousin came with me, he just rushed through the end of the room like nothing happens. As I approached the faucet, he said that I shouldn't touch it, because, that's the haunted one. I decided to go out because of fear. The door closes and opens a bit for a few seconds. My aunt said to my uncle royvic(who the fuck is him?) that why he shouldn't let the ghost court him.

    "Wow he finally got his coffee."
    I'm on my way home, and I'm wearing a weird white and unfit shirt. I asked my sfather if this shirt is really for men. He said yes. I thought that it's my mother's shirt. As I removed it, It changed shape. It looks more elite. I decided to go the grocery store near us, and saw that guy again who's asking for coffee. A guy from my neighborhood shared coffee with him, and i felt a bit "ew". I don't know what did I buy that time. The cashier almost forgot my change. While I'm on my way out, I heard that the cashier said that they're going to start their business again.

    "Ohhh my"
    I'm in a living room, a poorly designed one with my ex-crush. Her clothes are the one that she wears in her profile picture. We're talking about i don't fucking know.

    "She finally messaged me"
    As I wake up, I looked for my phone and found that SHE already messaged me with "Huuuyy".

    January 16, 2013

    "Teddy Bear"
    I'm with my mother and we're buying a number of stuff toys. I saw an acquaintance of mine there. She borrowed my school ID and she asked me to put it in her lace. A crack suddenly appeared in her ID, so I decided to return it to her. She joined us when we're about to go home.

    "Clash clash clash."
    I'm playing League of Legends and we're having a really close fight. I'm really annoyed in my teammate who's using Wukong because he is so fucking noob.

    January 17, 2013

    I'm in my grandmother's house and I guess it's renovated as a wishing place. There's a statue of saint inside there. I saw a schoolmate of mine making a wish there. He holds a little cross. I also wished there. I held my cross (which i recently bought IRL) which is separated from the chain and said "I wish that I'll have all the lucid dreams I want". I don't know where to place myself. As I go out, I saw three pretty girls. I ask them if they wanna f*ck. The first one agrees, the second one said no because she's pregnant and the third one don't know if she wants to.

    "Ahmm. Excuse us ?"
    Me and my cousin are asked by my aunt to buy something. We're in the middle of a huge rice farm. We don't know where to buy that thing. We just walk and walk until we reached the back part of the apartment building. If we go all the way there, we can return to my aunt's house, but we have to go trespass. We don't know what to do.

    I'm at a park and we're watching a concert. I'm leaning on a fence up high.

    "Trip trip trip"
    I'm riding the bus with my schoolmates and my friend gave me some food. Suddenly time passes and he did it again.

    "Who knows the meaning of this?"
    I'm at the park and someone is asking "What is the meaning of this?" then, there's a list of letters and meanings, I saw some "a" with an arrowhead at the bottom pointing upward and a dot in the upper part of the "a".

    "You fuckin bully"
    My classmate is bullying again my friend.An official in my town is driving the van as the bullying is in process. He's sitting beside the driver.My friend fainted and I got really angry. . I disciplined him fearlessly while we're on the way to i don't fucking know. He couldn't say a thing. I looked outside the window and saw some schoolmates of mine. My bully classmate just left.

    January 2?, 2014

    "So that's how it is?"
    I'm watching a TV show that I didn't happen to watch the early parts and it's now showing how did everything start.

    "A message again? Like I give a fuck."
    I'm lying on my bed and suddenly i received a message from HER. Like i give a fuck.

    January 26, 2014

    "Pokemon, wat"
    I'm on the way to another side of an unknown place. But, there's a blocked way. They said, they said, I have to catch caterpillar first :3. Then I changed ways and entered a building. It's pretty dark in there and there are a lot of college guys and gals. The staff is ignoring me because of the college guys. But then, he ask me "What do you need?", "I just need to be online", then, the college guys react like it's not fuckin important. Then suddenly an ugly girl from the college girl, touched my birdie. I'm annoyed and I just entered the room.

    January 29, 2014

    "Headless cousin? lol"
    I'm on my way to an incomplete building and as I entered in it, I saw my cousin's head on the windows. I'm not scared, maybe because he was talking. He even lift his head even it's not connected in his body. Another cousin of mine is in there, he ask me, "want some porn? I have many?", and he let me see it. "I have lots of this in my computer, lol" I said. I decided to go out, and suddenly I'm out of a bus. My ex-crush suddenly showed up and she's on the way to the bus. She just smiled and I just smiled at her too. When she's already in the bus, one of my cousin showed up, he's beside her. I just said goodbye and smiled like hell. I don't know where am I going and I just found myself inside a mall. I'm on my way to a restaurant and I'm remembering a lucid dream of mine that is all about of foods trolling me.

    January 30, 2014

    "Laugh, Laugh, Laugh"
    The Head Teacher in my school is teaching us. The arrangement of seats isn't normal. We are divided in three groups and the room look like an empty laboratoty. He said "Why don't you go home", my classmate looks at the seats and said "There are no vacant seats". Suddenly, everyone came laughing and I don't know why. I didn't find the joke in there, I just stand there and watch them laugh their ass off. I have decided to go out and saw my class adviser. She said "Why did you go in his house, he's in his headquarters for a month?".

    January 31, 2014

    "Bloody Brush"
    I'm brushing my teeth and because of my new toothbrush(which I'm uncomfortable to use) my teeth got bloody. I spitted and gurgled fast as I saw the blood :3

    My ICT sub-teacher is giving as an activity, it's all about flowcharting, but we have a problem. We're out of papers.

    "Pantheon Smash!"
    I'm playing league of legends and I'm using pantheon. My lane opponent is teemo and we're having a good fight in there. The tower placements were pretty weird and the space is so big between the enemy and allied towers. As we're both about to die. Teemo flash-tower-dive in me. But before he hit me, I stunned him first and booom. I won the fuck out of it.

    "Match History "
    I'm in the home page of LoL and someone messaged me "You've got a nice match history out there, huh". I'm so happy... lol.

    "Isochronic Tones"
    When I'm about to charge my mp3 player in the computer. My mother asked me, "Are you using that thing while you fall asleep?", I just said no.

    February 01, 2014

    I'm playing league of legends, and we have an enemy Nasus. I don't know if he has an omen or it's sandking's epicenter appearing around him.

    "Wow, so fluent"
    I'm with my friend, near the bridge in my town. I'm riding his back and we're speaking english fluently. I never expect him to speak english that fluent.

    February 02, 2014

    "Anna Marie Tiu?"
    I'm in my house and a girl there is sitting, I said, "Is that anna marie tiu?". I'm pretty confused if she's the one from my school or it's her look alike from the next town.

    February 05, 2014

    "Wow, I'm so pro"
    I'm playing the guitar and I can play everything that my ear can hear.

    February 09, 2014

    "So Cruel"
    I'm with my younger brother and everything around us seems cruel. There are two guys who were fighting to death and a drunk man rampaging inside a store. I'm in the bridge near my place. As we are crossing the road, the two guys who were fighting to death have drawn their sword and washiiiiiing shuuung. The dogs on the way were fighting to death too. I closed my brother's eyes so he would not see what's happening. One boy said that the dogs before us already died yet, they can still run. The ex-president of my country is just sitting there doing bullshit. One of the guys who's with me called her just like a friend and then he left us. I keep on walking to nowhere.

    February 10, 2014

    I'm in a room with my classmates. I guess I'm planning on taking the virginity of one of them. I actually got it and next is history.

    February 11, 2014
    "This is so eew"
    I'm in my grandmother's house, and I'm with a girl. Me and she hides a doll who we thought is cruel. I wrote a code to make it vanish (just how you enter commands in counter strike). However, it's rightful owner (the older sister of my close friend), came in and cancelled the fucking code. I even threw it at the hole up the door. I touched her boobs and she said "This is not what we have talked about". And I showed dadadada next is history...

    February 12, 2014

    "Pasta, yeah"
    I'm on my way to school, and there's a street food stand. I saw the older brother of a girl whom I loved before. I decided to be a bit friendly to him so I ate there too. There's a pasta there with whole egg, it tasted great.

    February 13, 2014

    "Dang, I really hate this"
    I'm in my room and I'm so irritated and hurt because of my toothache. I looked in the mirror and saw that the teeth that hurts is the one with white spots in it.

    I'm in the kitchen and I'm preparing the cocktail. I'm thinking of extracting the juice in it.

    March 1, 2014

    I'm iniside a van, with some unknown people. I think we're going into a huge property of one of us. We can already see the place, there are huge houses, and so many trees and flowers. As we are on the way, K suddenly entered the van. I asked her if I could sit beside her. She doesn't want it at first, but he changed mind sooner. Finally, we already arrived at the place. I'm a bit scared because there are so many dogs. I jumped on the steel fences and I feel so strong. Suddenly the dogs came at me while I'm at a top of the fence, balancing. The white dog is pretty angry at me and he is jumping like hell. He finally calm down when one of his mates carefully bitten him.

    March 06, 2014

    I'm in front of a fish vendor and I can see small st. peter fish playing in the square thing.

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