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      I'm kind of a fan of inflation too :p...

      It's too bad it seems like you aren't here.
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      Get some new dreams up, LB! I want to read them! I want to read all of my DV friend's DJ's, but a lot of them don't have one or post on them, or remember their dreams (my new ones I brought over...)
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      Hey, remember me? I've been gone a while cause I need to get my 15 lucids a month back! Now it's like one bad one a month. Well, what do I do to get my lucids? I come here and do a DJ, that's what xD.
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      I instantly like you cause you have a guilmon avatar! :3
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    Lame flying attempt

    by Lucid-Balloon on 01-23-2011 at 08:41 PM
    Lame attempt (DILD)


    My father and i are walking our dog past a field. The sky is getting dark but the sun is still low in the sky. As we walk past a gate leading into the field, i suddenly begin to realise something is not right. I am not sure what made me think this, but it may be because i am not wearing a coat on the walk. Because it is very cold where i live at the moment outside and i normally wear a coat. I then perform a reality check by pushing the fingers on my right hand with the fingers from my left hand. They go through, so i realise i am infact dreaming. I then say something about the fact i am in a dream, but i can't recall what i said. Only i remember saying it in a serious tone. As i realise this, i then attempt to make my body expand in order to fly. I begin to breath deeply with my mouth and my body expands slightly. But i don't lift of the ground. But the dream begins to fade after this and i wake up.

    The two kids

    by Lucid-Balloon on 09-29-2010 at 11:01 AM
    The two kids (DILD)


    This dream is in First Person Perspective

    I am standing by the window in the kitchen. The sun was starting to set outside as i was watching. Then all of a sudden i became lucid. I decided to fly out of the window, i went through the glass like it was not even there. I flew out of the garden to a No Mans Land (It is just grass between our garden and a carpark) and landed in the middle of it. I shouted "Where is my dream guide" as i wanted to talk to my Dream Guide. Nothing happened when i shouted that, so i flew back to my garden. But as i landed, i saw two boys come out of my house. They were indian in appearence and they both had black hair. I walked over to them, i talked about some stuff with them (I don't remember what) but i don't think one of them were my Dream Guide. I remember seeing them walk into the house again and then i closed my eyes on accident. Then the dream ended.

    Waking in a hospital

    by Lucid-Balloon on 08-19-2010 at 04:30 PM
    Waking in a hospital (Non-lucid)


    I am not in this dream, it is like i am watching a movie.

    The dream begins with this woman waking up on a hospital bed. She is wearing a red top (i can't remember what kind of clothing it was, but it was red) and black jeans. Her hair is brunette (dark) and is long up to her shoulders. Her hand had nasty wounds on them, they were red but not bleeding. She slowly got off the hospital bed to find a doctor. She eventually bumped into a male doctor, she asked the doctor where she could get help. The doctor told the woman to go to an artist in the hospital to get a portrait done of her (i have no idea why), so she walked off in search of this artist in the hospital. She eventually found the artist in this hospital in this dark room, the artist was drawing a picture when she appeared at the entrance to his room. The part around here gets hazy, but i remember the girl inflating into a ball and the top of her was stuck in the entrance of the room. Then the artist started to draw a picture of her in the inflated state.


    The Three Nymphs

    by Lucid-Balloon on 07-01-2010 at 06:30 PM
    The Three Nymphs (Non-lucid)


    This dream is in First Person Perspective.

    The dream starts of with me seeing a calm Japanese/Chinese man walking through a swamp, but suddenly he kills someone in front of him (i can't see much of the victim).A while later he sees me and he starts to run after me through the swamp.I started running as fast as i can.But when i get deeper into the swamp, i stumble across these three Japanese/Chinese women wearing Chinese dresses.They were very happy, they were giggling very loudly and one of them was splashing in the water.But as the killer was coming, i yell for them to run for their lives.They got up and started to run.But i went up to one of them and joined hands, as i wanted to save this one.After running for a short while and losing the killer, we stopped running.Then i asked the girl if she wanted to come to a hotel with me, she said yes. But i warned her that if i was to make love to her she might inflate like a balloon (maybe my lips inflate people?). She responded to what i said by giggling followed by an awkward smile. But after that i start to see a map, it looked like a part of england (my country) and there was a arrow pointing to a location. At this point i think i became semi-lucid, because i was thinking about being lucid. But i could not do anything and the dream ended.

    Updated 07-01-2010 at 06:35 PM by Lucid-Balloon


    Bull Fight

    by Lucid-Balloon on 06-27-2010 at 08:23 AM
    Bull Fight (Non-lucid)


    This Dream was in first person perspective.

    I was a passenger of a truck, going to what i think was a bull fighting show. The environment was grassy, we were on concrete roads, it was sunny and the sun was setting. When we got to the bull fighting area, we were staying in the truck, waiting for the fight to begin. The bull fighting area was a large blue tent, with brown doors leading into it. But before the fight begun the bull got loose, so we had to get out of the truck and run for it. I remember running down the pathway, feeling terrified and running as fast as i could. Untill i saw people trapped by the bull, so i ran back and climbed up the corner of the tent. The people were trapped infront of the doors while the bull was blocking there way. I actually can't remember how i did it, but i managed to the save the people and stop the bull. I was hanging on the bottom of a rope, while the people i saved were higher up on the rope. I also saw myself on a big TV screen, while the news was talking about the rescue.