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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Wave 85: Back in the dreamworld

      by , 04-14-2013 at 04:34 PM (The Meerkat's Lair)
      It's been a while since I've written in my DJ, since 2011 to be precise. The reason being that I lost the fire, and a series of failure led to me giving up since the efforts I put in didn't seem to be worth it. However, I have decided to reprise my role as an intermediate-level oneironaut. I actually waited before I start to write in my DJ again to see if I get any results, and I sure did.

      For the last few days, I have had increasingly better dream recall, but it was last night that I got a full LD.

      It all started when I left my house to go to the library. I recall being in a building made out of rocks similar to the ones in Star Wars. I encounter a girl from my school then find myself inside a mix of a library and Archambault (bookstore). My mom texts me to find out where I am. The dream begins to crumble and I become lucid in the process. Lucky me, I get an FA but I am not fooled for a second. I quickly RC, stabilize the dream and leave my house by the back door. As I walk through the door I feel spider webs on my face. I am briefly frightened but soon they disappear and I regain control. This is where my memory gets a bit foggy. I decide the fastest way to leave my house is to fly away and I manage to do so. I see a small cartoonish bird in the sky and land at my school. There I decide to fly around and to try transforming into a cat. While I feel I did manage to transform in a decent way, I am not quite sure since I was in 1rst person. I slowly start losing lucidity and wake up shortly after.

      I am very satisfied as it had been a while since I had LDed. Now my goal would be to try to achieve better dream control because I sometimes feel even though I am lucid, the dream decides what I do and not the other way around. But for a start this was very good
    2. Wave 81: Most epic LD night ever

      by , 08-10-2011 at 06:49 PM (The Meerkat's Lair)
      This night was the greatest LD night I ever lived since I started lucid dreaming. I had 5 LDs (which of course I chained, I love DEILD) but in each of them I demonstrated dream control like I had never experienced before.

      Dream 1: I start my lucid dream by doing a random reality check in my living room while my mom is watching me. As soon as I realise I am dreaming I decide to go outside. It's night. I open the door and jump in the snow (even though its summer in RL). Then I go on the street and see a lot of cars passing by with many pedestrians. I see a hockey net from afar. I decide to fly by using a special technique specifically designed for my inability to fly (made by Loaf). I sit down as if I'm in a car, use the invisible gas to go forward and tilt up to fly. Once high enough I am able to let go and fly away, but I end up in a big horizontal vortex talking to Nick Cannon. I talk to him about how he is black.

      I try to DEILD but fail since I had lost a little lucidity near the end. I go back to sleep.

      Dream 2: I have a big non-lucid about me using a teleporting machine, only to find myself with 7 fingers on each hand. I am pissed and decide to try to sue the company who made it, for no success. I never realise that unusual hands is a reality check lol. I talked to my uncle in the middle of that dream, which leads to the 3rd one.

      Dream 3: False Awakening. I wake up in my bed and my cell phone rings. It says someone sent me two pictures. I think that its my uncle who sent me pictures of his dog (could have happened). I get up and go in the living room. ALL of my family is there, including my uncle. It takes me awhile to understand but I do a reality check as the dream fades out. I now begin my chain of LDs. I DEILD back into a dream. I am now back in my living room and everyone tells me that the pool is weird. I go to check it and they tell me anyone who goes on the pool floats on the surface. I take a dip myself and float on top of the water. I want to impress my DC family, so I tell them that when I snap my fingers the water will be normal again. I do and they are impressed. I proceed to flying around in my house and my mom asks me how the hell I do that. I tell her I'm just lucid dreaming and she says my brother and sister should try it too. Id rather not, they should go find their own amazing hobby!

      Dream 4: As I DEILD in the next dream, I remember that youre not supposed to chain too much or you will start forgetting your first dreams (and I dont want that) which is why when my dream starts off with 2 santa claus puppet, I wake myself up to start off on a clean slate with a better dream.

      Dream 5: I am in a restaurant with my family once again, but as soon as the dream starts I completely abandon the plotline to go have fun outside. I have an aversion against doors, so I go through the window of the restaurant even though the door is right next to it. I bump on the window a couple of times before passing through, but I dont care since who can see me right? I dont remember much after that, except that I walked on the street and saw my friend Sandy. Im turned on and want to have sex, so I try to make a Playmate appear I tell myself that when I look behind me, she will be there (and naked). However the Dreamworld has a way of somehow preventing me from having dream sex, maybe because there are so many better things to do. So I fail to make her appear.

      Dream 6: I DEILD with the firm intention of having dream sex. I am in a big school filled with people my age. As I am walking the hall I say out loud que jai le gout de fourrer. The girl next to me tells me she does too but shes ugly so I tell her that shes just a DC and im the dreamer here. I choose . I am roaming for a place in the school to have sex "privately" if you will until I end up in a big dark room with shelves. I decide to try to make sandy appear this time and it works. As I'm walking up to her I'm already taking of my shoes and coat but she walks away from me. I follow her and she seems to agree but as she says that we should go in the corner a bunch of girls from the school come into the room looking for costumes for a dance show (wearing makeup and everything). Then theres guys too. Once again, im prevented from having sex. He he

      Dream 7: I'm back in the restaurant. For a brief moment I seem to have lost all my superpowers. I cant seem to levitate or fly or anything. I push my finger through my palm to make sure that I am dreaming. Fade out.....again

      Dream 8: Had a non-lucid dream about doing homework secretly in school with my friends.
    3. Wave 68: And its...a weak DILD!

      by , 10-27-2010 at 11:31 PM (The Meerkat's Lair)
      But it doesnt matter. My dryspell has officially ended. The number 13 has been conquered. Its true I could debate wether or not its good enough to be an LD, but im alone and I decided that it was I know these times around I didnt write my dreams, but at least write lucid ones for gods sake! Specially now

      After a fructuous night of non-lds (including pumpkin smashing) I dream of the truck that almost ran into us yesterday. Anyway now its my family driving it. As Im watching it drive away from the side walk, I hesitate wether it is a dream or not. Just as it crashes, I conclude I am effectively dreaming. False awakening. I simply open my eyes. There is this man sitting in a chair with a boy on his lap. Hes in the middle of my room. As i am lucid, I just think: Uhhhh....Okay thats kinda creepy. Im afraid of watever it is, so I simply wait for the dream to fade then wake up.
    4. Wave 43: Ship, Forest, Chainsaw and LUCID

      by , 09-10-2010 at 01:09 PM (The Meerkat's Lair)
      Dream 1: An amazonian forest is very overpopulated. It is very small and such we relocate people. We use bows and arrows. Then I see a bug similar to one in Bug's Life.

      Dream 2: Im participating in a big boat race. My boat is the fastest and quickly beats others. I am storing food and supplies since the journey lasts days. Another boat that is very long hits mine and infiltrates me to take my food. Then I see a Captain on another boat and use his age to locate myself in time.

      Dream 3: FA after the boat race. At first I think the race is over and I am at my destination. But I look outside and see the neighbors house. On the road is parked a truck and the road is extremely bumpy, huge bumps. And then I go: Oh yeah this is a dream. A dream which is by far the highest level of lucidity ever attained. It felt so much like real life it hurts. I go thru my window, jump, fail, run super fast. But I actually feel tired, like when you run for real. I try to morph in a hawk to help me fly with no success.

      Dream 4: In some kind of party, concert by The Killers, I am sitting next to Shao. He is holding a huge chainsaw which is also half clarinet (though I cant see the clarinet). My duty is to watch him so he doesnt do trouble. He gets up from his seat and starts running around. On the ceiling the cover of the album Day and Age is there. Awsum.

      Dream 5: On the patio, I am thinking how Messmer could help me fly. How ironic.

      Dream 6: Im pretty sure this happened in the beginning of the night, but I just recalled it. I am Samus in a big pond with a little waterfall and bragging to Alex about all the energy tanks I have. I pick them up and not leave any to him. In 3rd person, i roll in a ball to get another one.

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    5. Wave 30: It counts!

      by , 08-28-2010 at 02:46 PM (The Meerkat's Lair)
      Splitsecond lucid dreams that start at 8 o clock near the end of the night COUNT! They count! So yeah, another one this morning. Epic? No. My non-LDs were far more. Here they come, in the order I think they happened:

      Another, more and more recurring dream with the girls at the Academy. This time they change counter completely and I hope they wont bother us anymore. But as time passes, I notice they do more and more stuff on our counter, until a lonely dude is the only thing left on theirs.

      An epic quest full of crazy women, cafeteria food and kindergarten classes. This was a very long dream I dont really remember. I do recall going to find a crazy woman in a classroom twice, and thinking about it the second time. HUGE chunk missing here.

      Im playing Combat Arms. My gun is stuck (like in real life) but gets unstuck at times. Those times I kickass and do multi kills like hell. The map is Death Room. I head up the stairs and find a weird orange cartoony character. He tells me he can mimic people and objects. Somehow I am one too, but a little different. We play around trying to shapeshift into various objects, reversing colors and stuff. More specifically a flower pot. I guess I needed to get that out of my system, but im not satisfied unless its lucid

      Im Donkey Kong and me and my buddy Diddy have to climb a huge vine. In Donkey Kong Country, a similar one has to be climbed in the later ruin levels. But were not in the ruins; were in a huge, empty field. And the vine is HIGH. Very HIGH. We both start climbing until Diddy decides hes a wuss and wants me to be in front of him. Son of a bitch. I am also very scared, thinking about the incredible height and the fact that there is a baddie over our heads. In the next scene, I am looking at Diddy climbing while I am hanging out on the ground. He starts swinging furiously until regaining control is impossible. A voice (narrator?) tells him he may want to let go. He does and falls to the ground next to me. I rush to help him.

      Heres the cheap LD: I have a False Awakening where I start to float away but hold on to my bed. Very smart to begin with. My eyes are closed, but as always I feel like if I open them I will open my real eyes, which I really dont want. So im still in my bed and I RC to find im dreaming, though the floating kinda confirmed that. Then, I do one of the dumbest ive ever done in an LD, I lye down. In my bed. What a way to forget your real body. Put yourself in the exact same position and ask yourself if its real. Of course I wake up (geez). But it counts anyway. Then I didnt move but couldnt DEILD

      Nights left: 2

      by , 08-25-2010 at 02:15 PM (The Meerkat's Lair)
      Oh yeah. Two nights. Two DILDs. Not DEILD like I would appreciate it, but two LDs nonetheless Not only that, in this one stuff HAPPENED! Not much, but STUFF! I dont remember much about my non-lucids, but who cares?

      The DILD: It is unclear how I ended up in this dream. The time was 2:50, but I dunno if I checked my real or dream watch. Im unsure about wether I got up from a false awakening or woke up, fell asleep and THEN got up. Anyway, I get up, go in the living room. Gabriel is waiting for me there, on the couch. Apparently he stopped at our house on his bike. At 2:50. Ok. Then I suddenly realise that dreaming is pretty much over now. U can forget DEILD for today. I dont like that, and tell my mom that its 2:50. It is day outside though. We chat for awhile until he leaves to Gab's house with...an 8 year old version of me. Im kind of half aware that its me, but I still wonder about how I never met what appears to be my lil bro. I ask if I can go with them, and mom says yes. As I am walking in the hallway I go: Oh lemme guess this is a dream. Yup. I do various reality checks, like turning a light on and off. Then I try to fly thru my window, fail, and walk outside. Instantly its dark outside again. Damn it, I kinda wanted daylight. The cats stalking the door, but it doesnt matter.
      Here is the place for lots of firsts. I encounter my first beautiful dreamscape. As I am walking outside, it starts to snow. Glowing, coloured snow. Its awesome. The trees are also covered and glitter in the night. If I could paint, I would paint it. Thats not my skill, though I am wearing a snow suit that seems to disappear and pop back up at times. I levitate for the first time. In the middle of the road, I do a backflip on my back and land floating two inches from the floor. Nice, but far from satisfying. Then as im floating I cant quite control it and get back on my feet a couple of times. So i give up and try the finger thru palm RC for the first time. I didnt know how it felt. So I remove my three pairs of gloves and push my finger. After a while, it pops right thru. Cool, but time's up. Already. I remember thinking: Awww, its over!

      Other crap: FA where I push down a bunch of round candy thinking il pick them up in the morning.
    7. Wave 14: The Journey begins (for real :))

      by , 08-13-2010 at 03:52 AM (The Meerkat's Lair)
      Ah, August 11/12 2010. A night I will remember for a long time. My first relatively long, satisfying, epic Lucid Dream. It is actually my second, but it means so much more to me as I discovered many things. I took my first steps as an oneironaut. I am a lucid dreamer. There's no stopping me now. Lets go back to the beginning of this great night with the non-lucid, shitty part.

      I am on an action tele-series. Similar to 24. We are in front of a huge glass tower with big stairs and steps. There is a black car parked next to it which contains a mentaly troubled man. I engage in a conversation with his mother, who has short blonde hair. I ask her "Is he dangerous"? She answers no, or any other negative answer I cant quite recall. I sort of know im on a TV show since my sister is watching it in the living room. A big load of stairs is shown while different characters from the plotline chat about how hearing people talking yet not seeing them in a tv show adds to the effect. Weird.

      Thn somehow I end up in a rollercoaster ride with the mother. The rails are blue and white, and it is only a few feet from the floor.. As we ride, the cart suddenly derails and we end up on the pavement. I yell to the other passengers that we are fine then ask the manager if it happens frequently. He says that this stuff happens regularly. I remember thinking "Nice and im going back to LaRonde with Alex soon. Now im too scared to ride stuff". I talk to a man on the front of his door and ask him why he doesnt like the crazy guy. I am having a red slush and I go yuck, hopefully its not cherry. It was actually strawberry. The man is having a Frosty (Wendie's) with a chocolate and peach flavour. I consider taking some. Then I turn around and see his wife with another Frosty.

      Could have went in details but thats not the interesting part. Noone cares about Non-Lucids.

      False Awakening. I am in my bed and next to me is one of moms shirts. It has a very special texture, which is why its a memorable shirt. I pick it up and try to find a spot to put it. Then it hit me. But much more softly then the first time. I wasnt like OH SHIT DREAM! It was more of a: I think im dreaming. Then, so I dont wake up from excitement, I pinch my nose and confirm my doubt. Instinctively, I feel like my eyes and my "Dream" eyes are still fragile. Im afraid I will wake up if I open them. So I get up, with my eyes closed, and spin. Then I disconnect enough to open and look around. Im convinced had I not done that, I would have messed it up. So im in my room. Yeah. Now what? Im gonna try flying! Yay! Jump, jump, jump...no liftoff. Damn it. I keep trying to jump until I can jump to the ceiling. But I fall back down. Then I remember about a thing where you would jump from something high. I jump off my bed. No luck. I consider jumping down the window but im too scared. So then I go "Wait a minute...Il just go through the wall, then outside, and then il have tons of space!" So I kinda feel with my hand if thats possible. The wall becomes gooey and covers the edge of my fingertips. I have just enough time to be amazed that I open my eyes and its over. Already . Next time I wil fly. For sure.
    8. Wave 9 and 10 (Québec): The hard way

      by , 08-08-2010 at 06:47 PM (The Meerkat's Lair)
      Nothing to write about Wave 9, except that since I was in another bed that did not count and my dream streak is still at 3 while my record at 4.

      Now wave 10:
      I learned the hard way a lesson this morning: RC EVERY FREAKIN MORNING when you wake up.

      Wake up in the hotel at morning. I look at my watch; 7:50. Crap, my family is still not up. Normally my brother and sister wake up at about 7. Especially at a hotel. Then I lye down and actually think to myself: Should I do an RC? Or not? Yes? No? And finally I go back to sleep thinking like nahh watever.

      Wake up again later. Im like: Ahh what a beautiful morning! Its sunny! Yay! Im happy!

      (looks at watch) And its just six fift.... No. No. NO. NO Its not 6:50! It was 7:50 a minute ago!

      A serie a swearing, mental screaming (sleeping family) and despair ensues.

      Noooooooooooooooooooo. How? HOW? OMFG!

      And so kids, thats why you RC every morning
    9. Wave 1: A first Glimpse, A first DJ entry

      by , 07-31-2010 at 03:06 PM (The Meerkat's Lair)
      Hi ppl of Dreamviews im Ray
      Listen to this, my experience so far.

      I just joined a three days ago and since ive been trying like hell to get lucid. My nose is all red from being constantly pinched and my mini notebook/journal is all scribbled.

      The first day it took me like 2 hours to sleep but I managed to remember my dream although i was not lucid.

      The second day I couldnt sleep. Took me over 2 and a half hours to sleep and i just couldnt focus. Real pain. The next morning I have NOTHING. TAB..NAK! Absolutly nothing! Im frustrated because i was sure being so tired and checking constantly that i had one and simply didnt remember.
      Wich brings me to this morning:

      No problem sleeping thats good. I wake up at 5:30 with nothing. Again. Now im really P...ED OFF. I do a reality check like every day, get up to drink juice because im really thirsty then go back to bed. I am just fuming. Plus im sure my last though was NOT my mantra since i stopped at some point. So im trying again for a while and just decide to try and sleep a lil before getting up.

      And then: I dream that im in the car with my family. I notice a thing that looks like a square spider web on my right window. I open and close it a couple of times to see wether its inside or outside. Its outside. I look over my head and see a spider. Not a huge one; just a normal, real life spider. Brown, wich i dont like. I sit in the backseat so theres an empty seat next to me at my left. I tell my mom and she says shel take care of it later. So i do what i would do in reality and change seats while constantly keeping my eye on it . Were back home and park on the side of the road on our street. While my family goes home, I stay near the car for my bug. I slip my head in the front window and look at the backseat. The radio is playing my fav band Billy Talent. Diamond on a Landmine. I remember the sound. Then (first thing out of the ordinary) I see the small tv screen in our car on some kind of pole...thing. For a couple seconds i look at it and see it start to jump to the beat. Like boing boing like in a cartoon.

      Splitsecond. Im dreaming. First though in my mind. I pinch my nose and breathe right through. Oh. Shit. Then the dream becomes all blurry and pow. Flash of white. I wake up. Or not. I did my homework and i know sometimes it seems like u wake up and u dont. False awakening. Yup. Still dreamin. As soon as i realise that its a false awakening I wake up for real. Now i have something to write in my journal! Those last events happened in a blink of an eye. Literally. But i know it wasnt a "real" lucid. First of all, i had very little control. Second, it was not as real as the real world. At least not after i realised i was dreaming. Third, I woke up almost instantly. Fourth, I didnt feel that excitement, exhilaration ur supposed to feel when u find out. Its like i didnt have the time and i was too pushed around to feel in control.

      So yeah any tips? Comments? Id like tips since im just a noob Is there a reason why i woke up like that? Maybe i just wasnt tired anymore and woke up like every morning. My dream ended at 7:30. Also take note that my brother and sister are awake at 7 and they get noisy when i sleep in. Maybe they woke me up? Or just distracted me enough to lose focus?


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