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      Heyyy hows it going? Haven't seen you posting in the IOSDP for a while.
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      do you still have groupp on share dreaming
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      So make time
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      Where'd you go...
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      I corrected your entry to the dream journal, please make sure in the future you head it as I did.
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      (Triple post!) I'm talking about you starting the whole shared dreaming thing! Duhhh.
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    No dream, but experimenting with SP.

    by hprib012 on 08-16-2011 at 04:00 PM
    Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been as active in the DV community as of late, I was (and still kind of am) going through a bit of a dry spell so I am focusing on meditation and WILD technique.

    So this isn't really a dream entry but some stuff I thought would be cool to get down about my experimentation with sleep paralysis. For the past couple of weeks I've been allowing my body to go numb and enter into sleep paralysis while keeping my mind awake. I have been doing this successfully by laying flat on my back on my bed and allowing my body just to get taken by the feeling of the paralysis. I haven't been able to fall asleep in this state however. I mean its good for experimentation but sucks when I can't go to sleep. I don't usually sleep lying on my back so my mind doesn't want to go to bed when I do this.

    At first I just would lie there and let my mind wonder and let my body just slip into SP. I would feel like I was in that roller coaster ride "The Gravatron." (where you are pinned to the wall and can't move) I was pinned to my bed and it almost felt like my bed had flipped over and I was stuck to it as if it were the ceiling. I would be hanging over a bottomless pit. I would do this nightly. Eventually it wouldn't take hardly any time at all for me to get into SP.

    Last night I had sort of a break through of sorts. I have been researching into occult practices, and I had read of a practice that if you meditate while laying down, and you place a crystal in each hand, and one on your chakra point on your forehead (your third eye) you would "charge" or enhance your psychic ability. I tried such a method last night. I even had a particular crystal that is supposed to help with dream vividness and recall. I placed this one on my third eye.

    The SP felt like normal at first, my limps going numb and everything. But I started to feel a weight press down right on my rib cage and my stomach. Then I felt a weight on my head, ( I could actually feel my head sink into my rather firm pillow). I didn't think anything of it til something just kicked in. I am not sure what it was or what it means but I was just lying there thinking about random thoughts (I.e. what I have to do before work the next day..etc) Then all those thoughts went silent, in fact ALL of my thoughts were cut off and my mind was completely clear. And it was like my thoughts were cut off mid sentence. Right after my mind just cut off my thoughts I immediately began to hear a low "hum" or more like I could hear a vibration. A few seconds after this started a high pitched ring was layered over top of the vibration. I had no control over this and I couldn't really think of anything else, it was like all my brain wanted to do was listen to this hum.

    I opened my eyes and could see the air swirl in spirals above me. And that's when the ride started.....my body began to feel like it was stuck to the bed again, only this time it felt like I was never going to move again and I felt like my entire bed was rotating and spinning while I was strapped down. The crystals felt very warm and almost hot in my hands. The crystals almost rolled out of my hands (or at least it felt like this while my bed was spinning) and I had to enclose my fingers around them to keep them in place.

    I think this went on for a good half hour to 45 min before I snapped back to this plane, put the crystals away, and went to bed.
    side notes , memorable

    My Fated Death.

    by hprib012 on 07-27-2011 at 09:01 PM
    Dream from night of 7-26-11

    I was in some sort of school or colorful building. I was in real trouble because I was going to die. I didn't know how, where, or when but I knew that I was fated to die. It had to happen, in order for other events to occur and the world to move on. I had to die, and I had accepted this. (the entire dream) I spent time getting my things managed, putting things in place, and trying to get a hold of my family to tell them the bad news, and say good-bye. I couldn't get a hold of anyone, my brother, my parents, my roommates. I even tried calling my ex. All I could do was leave messages of me saying good-bye. While I was doing this there was a short, blonde, kind of puggy woman following me around, wearing an all black lacy dress. (Kind of a goth look). She kept taunting me, and teasing me about my death. I just tried to ignore her but she kept following me around. I had a feeling that she was a part of it somehow or orchestrating it. I actually caught her trying to steal my soul. She was a sorceress. I took back what part of my soul she managed to steal and for some reason said "you can't steal a music major's soul." I ran away from her and ran to my dad's house. I was just waiting for my time to come..still trying to reach any of my family. I looked outside and thought, "wonder when this is all going to go down..." with that though a black horse and carriage came down my street, driven by a massive figure dressed in black and with a mask over his face. I said, "there it is I guess". They stopped short, right in front of my neighbors house. I saw through my neighbors big living room window, to see the nuclear christian family that lived there, sitting around in the room playing guitar and singing together. The driver of the carriage along with a short man, and a tall lanky butler dressed man, charge through the big window and just slaughtered the family. I tried shouting to them to ask if it's me they wanted....the butler man heard me turned around and gave me the "one moment" signal with his index finger, then continued inside my neighbors house to kill them. After they were done they came up to the end of my yard and urged me to come inside the carriage. It was the carriage of death. They were invisible to everyone else but me. I got inside the carriage and knew that they would take me to the place of my execution.

    I woke up.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Shared Dream Attempt...me and my friend

    by hprib012 on 07-21-2011 at 10:59 PM
    From my friend's POV

    It all started in the desert. I remember walking at night, the moon and stars lighting my way. When all of a sudden I saw a figure on the horizon walking through the desert as well. As to whether I approached the figure, or simply blinked to where they were wasnt clear. The next thing I remember was talking to the person. I realized it was my friend Hannah, and when I looked again at the desert we were in, I realized we were in Mexico. Hannah looked how I remember her looking in reality, but i cant recall any details as to what she was wearing. Hannah and I talked for a bit like we do in real life, either that or it was simply an interpretation of our communication. I remember her mentioning the desert we were in, and looking for a specific spot. At this point things were becoming clearer for me and I mentioned the pyramid in Mexico. Her eyes lit up and she wanted me to come with her in search of it. I reminded her it was the wrong day, and that statement didnt seem to make any sense to her. I'm unsure of whether this was simply a dream of mine or an actual dream encounter.
    memorable , dream fragment

    Lucid dream night of 7.18.11

    by hprib012 on 07-19-2011 at 04:09 PM
    I remember the setting of my dream being almost post apocalyptic, or at least the city I was in wasn't doing so well. It was more at night. I was in Florida. I remember hanging out with some of my friends and my brother. We were in some sort of house that I did not recognize. We were in one of the bed rooms. My friend and I were sitting on the bed discussing classes for the upcoming semester, and my brother was sleeping on the other side of the bed. There is a window above the bed that looks out onto a chemical waste river. I noticed some people standing on the other side of the river. They were 2 men and 1 woman. The woman was shorter, kind of puggier, with WAY too much make-up. The man, a more tall, stocky fellow, with sandy brown hair. I glanced at them out the window and returned to my friend. Suddenly I see these knives and throwing stars come at the window. The throwing stars are the size of CDs. The window has 2 planes of glass but the knives break through the first layer easily. I hear an older gentleman behind me say something like "that window has 2 layers, they can't break both." I replied "they've already broken one and the second one is cracked." After I had said that the knives had broken through the second layer of glass. The knives and throwing stars start flying into the room. I began to fend them off and catch them so they would not land and hit my sleeping brother (who for some reason doesn't wake up from any of this.) I start to get real angry because they are trying to hurt us and are putting my brother in danger. They charge the house. Next to the room where we were in is a hall way leading to a door. They come in through that door. My friend begins to fight with them and I know I can take them with no problem (I start to kind of become lucid here) I grab the taller man by the throat and kind of choke him out and toss him aside. I had thought I had killed him. I focused on the girl then, blocking her attacks and fighting her with martial arts moves that I suddenly know. The man I had choked came up behind me and began fighting me too. I was shocked he didn't die. I began to throw their own knives back at them, cutting them yet they still kept coming. I didn't know why they were attacking us. I got the feeling that they were attacking us because of either a complete misunderstanding or for no particular reason at all. I was getting really frustrated, not only because they wouldn't die, but also that they wouldn't leave us alone. I continued fighting the two throughout the house (I didn't know where the other guy went). The fight goes on for what seems like hours. Eventually the fight was taken outside and I was fighting them while gliding above them trying to find a weakness. This is when I became lucid. I knew I was flying and I was like "wait a minute, I am dreaming." I flew to the top of a house. "ok, what was I supposed to do.....oh right, mexico." I stabilized a bit and tried to visualize the pyramid. I manifested a compass so I could point myself in the right direction. I pushed off the roof of the house and shot myself high in the air. I looked down at the still continuing battle. I saw a friend fighting the strangers among a couple of trees (like spruce trees, which is odd for florida). I turned my attention to my destination. I gathered some energy and pushed off making myself fly at super speed. I knew at this speed I would get there in just a few seconds. The scene is a blur as I shoot through the sky....

    My alarm goes off and I wake up. >.<
    lucid , memorable

    Dream night of 7.17.11

    by hprib012 on 07-18-2011 at 08:42 PM
    I remember being in some sort of mansion or castle. Me and my friends, were just hanging out together outside this mansion. We were wizards, like out of Harry Potter, with our wands and all. Some of my friends were wizards that did not use wands, some used staffs or some had swords that they could cast magic from. We were under attack by another group of wizards though I couldn't remember why they wanted to attack us in the first place. They came down by either flying or on broomstick. We began fighting them. I was doing well shooting spells and blasts of energy at them from my wand. We had to protect the castle/mansion. My wand was a thinker wand with like spirals of wood running up and down the length of the wand, it also had a glowing green core. I was in a battle with one of the enemy. He shoots a blast at me that catches my wand cracking it and making it crumble in my hand. I knew that I could control my powers with just some sort of mystical item (staff, wand, sword) I just had to find one to replace my wand. I grabbed a staff when one of my friends (A blonde haired fellow) said to me "Hannah, we need you to have a wand! We need your powers to come through a wand." Idk if that meant my powers are stronger when coming from a wand but I knew he was right. I knew that within the mansion there was an attic that held a special wand that was considered very powerful. I took Hermione Granger to help me search and find it. We went into the secret attic and were trying to find it as fast as we can. I noticed one of my friends from school was also searching for the wand. He was not part of my group so I had the feeling that the wand belonged to me and my group and not him. He found it. It was a long wand that almost looked like and ivory tree branch or stick but the handle on it was a more red color. I shouted to him "Hey Marco! (his name) that's my wand!" He responded, "I found it first!" Then I said, "well, let's let the wand decide." So I put it on the ground in the middle of us and called out to it with my mind (and sort of used telekenesis). The wand floated up to my hand and as soon as I had it I said "looks like it chose me....see ya!" And ran back to the battle. It worked well for me, shooting very powerful attacks and blocking other attacks.

    I woke up.