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    Pink Bird & Wee Heid

    by stevendoig on 06-26-2020 at 09:33 AM
    I haven't put up a dream journal entry for a very long time - but I had a lucid dream last night! First for years!!!

    I'm beside a long, tall hedge, I have my binoculars. There is a small bright pink bird at the top of the hedge. I realise there are NO bright pink birds in Scotland and get lucid! Yes!

    I stare up at the bird, it's basically a Sparrow but dark pink on top and a lighter pink under its wings. It preens itself for a few moments then dives into the hedge.

    I decide I might as well walk on and see what else I can find.

    The hedge ends and I start walking along a wee path surrounded by grass. There are a few people in the distance and someone starts approaching me. I hope (even though I'm lucid!) that they will observe social distancing and they pass me to my right. I stare directly at them. It is a woman, she is wrapped up well. Her head is slightly larger than a tennis ball. She has dark hair and eyes. She stares at me with a look that suggests it would be unreasonable to ask why her head is so small. I shrug to myself and walk on, hoping to encounter something else. Unfortunately I then woke up!

    First Lucid Of The Year!

    by stevendoig on 01-22-2016 at 08:41 PM
    Braw stuff!

    I'm looking at my fish tank. (Its on the kitchen worktop as IRL) I see loads of water that presumably has leaked out of it. I reach to my right to grab some (correctly sited) kitchen roll when I suddenly get LUCID.

    'To hell with this' I say 'I don't need to waste my time'

    I then suffer a False Awakening. - damn damn damn

    I'm lying in bed and I hear my wife having a moan;

    'Your baffies* absolutely stink...'

    *Scots for slippers.

    Good though!

    DVD, Market, Lift & Chocolate

    by stevendoig on 10-27-2015 at 09:43 PM
    Last nights dream was my most vivid EVER. I never got lucid , but it ALMOST doesn't matter!

    I hear a strange sound at the door. I reckon its my pal returning some Lego men. I answer the door, my eyesights suddenly fails, I close the door for a moment and my eyesight returns. I open the door again, it is my pal, but hes returning a Doctor Who DVD. We discuss (accurately) the merits of that particular story and he leaves.

    I look out the door. The park beside my house (as IRL) is hosting some sort of market. Its the middle of thenight, no one is attending! There are three stalls that I can sse, They are all selling food . The woman in charge of each stall are all singing a strange melancholic song which is strangely relaxing and pleasant. there is a dark shape flitting amongst them but im not scared, I grab a piece of meat and eat it.

    My wife is now with me .She thinks the market is stupid so we head inside a building. We enter the glass doors to a lift. Two Chinese men with broad Glasweigen accents are with us. One says 'That door didn't shut' The lift starts swaying, the white ornate ceiling starts revolving and a siren blares. It is so noisy I think my ears are going to bleed! I pull a chair over my head for a moment. I then run around the walls pressing green buttons. A recorded voice asks for our location , I say 'Marriot' , the voice then asks for a phone number, but I forget.

    A gap but we are safe in a room. There is a really tatty looking present bag in front of me.I pull out six different boxes of chocolates. I look inside the bag, its full of lots of shite including an empty packet of Lambert & Butler.

    My wife is nowwith me

    Nasty Nightmare and a dream come true

    by stevendoig on 09-22-2015 at 07:25 PM
    I had such a vivid (though non lucid) nightmare last night, Iwoke up in a sweat. Normally Itry to remember my dreams for my journal, but it was so unsettling, I didn't want to,but bits have remained .---- It started off innocently enough, although the entire atmosphere of the dream was wrong. Nasty

    - My Uncle turned up at the door of my house. He had a brown kilt on and wanted socks to match, I had a rake around but couldn't find any. (Not scary, but like I said everything was 'wrong' and unsettling.
    - In a room in the house with the worst entity it was possible to witness- I cant (and wont) remember more.
    - Lying in my bath. There was something going on with the towel rail , I tried to wake up (so I suppose I was near lucid) but couldn't and my wife was wondering what I wasupto.
    - A big man in a suit came into the house. He was about to do a psychic reading. I asked if he could check out each room first. He said they were all fine, although he hadn't checked our bedroom yet (where the 'entity' had been)

    Doesn't sound scary written down , but I've never been so relieved to wake up!

    On a happier (though very interesting note)

    a fragment - a lassie I've seen about a few times walking down the road toward me she smiled and said 'I need a word with you'

    Later today IRL - The same lassie came into my shop (shes only ever been in once before) she smiled and said 'I need to pick your brains....'

    Which is pretty amazing if you ask me!!!!

    LUCID at Last!

    by stevendoig on 06-14-2015 at 07:09 AM
    Finally! My first lucid dream of the year (and only my fourth ever - barring tiny wee dreamlets) I had a lot before it and sadly it was a poor lucid dream but here goes!!

    NON LUCID - In the car with my sister in law. We are discussing dreams (which must have helped) She mentioned having a very vivid dream the other night so I told her that lucid ones are even better. She asked what one needed to do, I said 'Start a journal, That's 3 years I've been keeping mine now' (which is right enough IRL.
    In a flat with my son. In the bathroom there is a mannequin of my wife. I smack it in the face a couple of times. (I think I'm concerened that it is coming to life) It moves slightly - in a way that suggests that it IS indeed alive but is trying not to look like it is..
    Anyway, we end up outside. My son has a plate with rolls on it which he drops under some metal structure. I go on my hands and knees trying to retrieve them. I notice the concrete is pretty wet and I'm worried about getting wet. My neighbours appear but they keep out of the way beacsue my son has Chickenpox (IRL as well!) A group of wee lads appear, they are getting in my way so I push one over.

    NOW I'M LUCID! I hear someone say 'M' (possibly me. ) I have a fuzzy feeling in my head and I realise I'm dreaming. However try as I might I cant open my eyes. I keep doing my reality checks and hoping that I can get my bloody eyes open otherwise the dream will be a bit of a waste of time. I can feel something on my face like a sheet. This goes on for a good minute and then I sadly lose lucidty and have a false awakening

    NON LUCID - My wife is saying over and over 'Shut. The. F***. Up.' very calmly. I open my eyes, I'm in my bed. We blether on for a minute or so then I wake up properly.

    Encouraging - but I'm really not sure what happened there!!!