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    Insanity is a way of living and I rather enjoy being strange. I walk in the shadows because I always seem to chase the light away. Love is my drug of choice but I never seem to get enough. I hope that romance won't forever be confined to the realm of dreams.

    Holding onto what I haven't got.

    I try to log on as often as I can. If I'm not online for a period of time, I am probably just really busy with school/work/etc. and will most certainly be back.
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    reading, writing, art, tulpae, science, coding, clarinet, piano, theme parks, running, weightlifting
    Software engineer. End goal is to be an Imagineer, technical animator, and published author, though.
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    Current goals: (1) Write in dream journal nightly. (2) Have an LD once a week.
    More specific goals to come in the future.

    I thought I found what I always wanted.


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    Thank goodness for Saturday nights and their incredibly vivid dreams.

    by Eveningsky on 02-13-2022 at 05:52 PM
    For some reason, Saturday nights are always the best for me with dreams. It's probably the least stressful night of the week for me, plus I sleep the most.

    The Bigfoot Children Dream:

    I was a science counselor at a summer camp, named Ben. There were dangerous Bigfoots running around the campground, but they were disguised as humans, and I was very afraid of them. I decided to switch from being a counselor to studying astronomy or something (dream logic) to be safer from the Bigfoots.

    This is the first dream Iíve ever had where I was not me. This was also non-lucid. I completely believed that my name was Ben and I was a summer camp science counselor at a place infested by Bigfoots disguised as human children. And I was switching to just studying science and not being a counselor anymore, because somehow this would protect me from the Bigfoots.


    I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom and hoped to not get caught by the roving Bigfoots. So I was hiding but I was also peeing. The bathroom was weird as many of the stalls were connected.

    I had a vague awareness that I could teleport, so I ended up in some cabin or room in the camp. I decided to go into my secret room, which was in an attic of some sort. A lady at the front desk encouraged me to hide. I floated up towards the ceiling, and bumped my head on it, but it didnít hurt. I thought ďof course, this section is blockedĒ, and I moved slightly and then floated up into a bedroom.

    Oh and at some point I actually peed my pants during the dream. (When I woke up, I was extremely relieved to find that I did not pee myself IRL. Lol.)

    I was laying in a bed with lots of warm blankets when I teleported into the room. It was daytime. It felt very comfortable, but I was worried about spiders in the room, because it was an attic after all. I pulled a wand out of my pocket, which was wooden, and I cast a magic spell, which was green. It was a cleaning spell. And there were no spiders in my bed. I think my tulpa was there, but not fully visible? Which is weird considering that I was not me in this dream.

    I think I went to sleep there in that dream. When I woke up here, I was really confused as to why my ceiling wasnít Benís for a brief moment. I still thought I was Ben for that brief second, waking up in my own bed in that cabin.

    Other Things:

    I've been reading about Astral Projection/OOBEs. The process to achieve these seems to be extremely similar to WILD. I have been trying it and I am often able to get myself into a conscious state of sleep paralysis. I can occasionally see things that aren't actually there. However, this state only lasts a few seconds before I get itchy or something and I wake up, OR I lose consciousness and fall asleep. I did this twice last night. One of the gifts -- and curses -- of being a light sleeper who wakes up multiple times a night. Let's be real though, it's almost 100% a gift, when you consider how badly I want to LD on command and make them as vivid as possible.

    I guess those brief SPs could be considered LDs, as I knew what was happening. I actually think this is really helpful. If you are in SP and you start seeing things that aren't there, everything around you technically constitutes a dreamscape. Next time this happens, I'll see how much I can bend the environment to my will.

    Updated 02-13-2022 at 05:56 PM by Eveningsky

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Lots of angry animals last night. And then I became an animal.

    by Eveningsky on 01-22-2022 at 07:31 PM
    No lucidity unfortunately. For whatever reason I felt like my brain was too tired. Also no horny dreams tonight lmao

    • I had a dream that I took 2 ibuprofens because I was sore. Yeah, that was the entire dream.
    • I had another dream, and I woke up in the middle of the night and was thinking ďI should write this downĒ but then I passed out again.
    • Apparently I got donuts with a friend of mine? I donít remember this. Plus something illegible that I can't read now.
    • I had a dream that I only had $940 in my bank account EUGH that is terrifying.
    • I had a dream that my cat kept biting me and her tail for some reason. It was painful, unlike the bite of the tiger I experienced a few nights back which actually quite felt nice. I was annoyed because my cat definitely is not a biter in the waking world. She is very nice and will only bite in self-defense, if at all. I've never been bitten by her before so idk where this dream came from.
    • I was going through different houses for a run. The houses were along a pier, and for some reason, the route kept taking me INSIDE OF these houses. Like into peopleís personal rooms and stuff as part of the run. So Iím like running and pushing chairs and crap out of the way, and people are looking at me while seeming very confused. I was also quite confused. The entire pathway on the pier was like this, just going into random people's houses. At the last house at the end of the pier, I saw some weird-looking bears, walking by the ocean (or possibly on top of the water). But someone in the house said they werenít bears, but rather giant racoons or something? Idk but they were mammalian. I turned around and they started chasing me. I then became either a lion or a tiger and I started jumping over houses and stuff to get away from the bears. I also hopped in and out of multiple zoo exhibits, which existed on the pier for some reason.
    • I was with a group of friends, but all of them were dream characters that I don't know IRL. I had memories, which Iíve now forgotten, of a great trip that we had, and we had all known each other for a very long time within the dream's narrative. We were at an airport, and all said goodbye to each other.
    • I was in a less-nice part of some big city, but it also looked like a super run-down Chinatown? In the narrative of the dream I had lived there before in the past. I had a memory of going there with other people. It was nighttime, lots of lights, a bit sketchy.

    Updated 01-22-2022 at 07:33 PM by Eveningsky


    A night of vivid dreams.

    by Eveningsky on 01-16-2022 at 06:00 PM
    This was a good one. I slept a ton and that helped a LOT. Iím gonna have to list everything out. This journal is also going to be a bit censored compared to my private one.

    1) Shortly after descending into hypnagogia, I started getting some sleep paralysis vibrations and a feeling of rising into the air. I saw a flash of cool-looking patterns, but my eyes were shut, so I saw them internally. Lots of colors and swirls and dots, very technicolor, very cool. I saw a flash of a video game character's face for a moment, which I somewhat willed to be there. It really felt like I was opening another pair of eyes. I then woke up and had to get a drink of water. I had only been asleep for a few minutes. I was essentially lucid, but at a low level of awareness.

    2) nsfw and censored.

    3) I woke up and went into vibrations again! I had a creepy sleep paralysis dream where all these huge eyes were floating above me. But a white tiger showed up, a character from my fantasy world, and he rescued me with a mighty roar. Everything frightening disappeared. Unfortunately, I either woke up or fell completely asleep after that.

    4) I had a brief non-lucid dream which was also nsfw. Man. xD

    5) I heard a faint scream in the middle of the night. Was definitely from sleep paralysis and not real.

    6) I mightíve had a dream of taking a freezing cold shower, or it mightíve actually happened a few days ago when I was showering during a laundry cycle. Canít remember. Maybe both.

    7) This one is going to be fun. It started with a dream that I was on a tropical island. I was running with some middle aged dudes and one of their wives who was pretty, flirty, tan with dark hair and thin, and was (nsfw and censored actions are here lol). At some point she was (nsfw actions again, holy CRAP subconscious what is WITH you lmao). Lots of moms with strollers at the beach etc. We then were at a high point somehow, just me and her at first, looking down at the whole island at the height of a descending plane. I could see rainforest, rivers, white sand, the ocean and waves, and super fancy resort huts. I then realized that my tulpa was there as well, holding my right hand while the dream character woman held my left. We engaged our hovershoes which we suddenly had, and DROPPED! Then we engaged the fuel and stopped just before hitting the ocean! I believe I thought ďIím in my fantasy world right now!Ē which is why I thought to engage my hovershoes. The feeling of freefall was amazing. So was it lucid -- no, but it wasn't normal either. I didn't believe I was on earth. I believed I was in a real fantasy/magical world, which allowed me to summon hovershoes at will, so there was probably some faint degree of awareness there.

    8) Next: Straight out of dream 7, I woke up, but I was sleep-paralyzed. It was powerful enough that I tried to move my dream hand separate from my physical hand. Believe it or not, it worked. I wanted to open my eyes and lift my whole dream body out of my main one for an OBE but a) I had the feeling that Iíd wake up if I tried, and b) I could tell that I was gonna project myself directly into my room instead of the universe I wanted to go to. I tried to see the white tiger again and he was definitely there, but then my hand started to feel weird and uncomfortable (it was curled funny when I fell asleep). Then I woke up fully.

    9) I tried to AP again one more time, at like 8:15 AM when I shouldíve been awake. I was trying this method where my tiger friend was going to yank me out of my physical body and ascend straight into another universe. Well I felt him biting me on my neck, not hard or painful at all, just like a mom picking up her baby kitten. Unfortunately, the sensation was strong enough that I woke up. It was really cool though. Actually my neck still kind of feels it which is weird because I've been awake for around 90 minutes now. :O
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Failed a reality check, crawled through a freezer, and unloaded a trunk.

    by Eveningsky on 01-15-2022 at 02:25 PM
    All right, here we go.

    Iíve been using the How To Lucid app to reality check once an hour. Right before falling asleep I checked my hand to see if it had the right amount of fingers. Thing is, Iím pretty sure I had a dream where I did that too, in the exact same manner, putting my hand up in front of me and counting the fingers.

    The problem is, it was too vague, and I lost focus halfway through the count, so I thought ďyeah I havenít fallen asleep yetĒ when in reality I had.

    I need to sleep more. Only got like 7.5 last night and I think 8 makes a huge difference. I woke up at around 4:15 to use the restroom and yet I was just too mentally tired to try WILD. Well, I sort of tried it but then I gave up and fell asleep to these dreams:

    - I was at a theme park or zoo? We had to walk through a freezing cold building despite it being winter that was supposed to be a Coca Cola shop. But I remember crawling underneath it because it was too cold to go inside.
    - I was with my family, helping my dad unload a trunk after a day trip, and there was SO much stuff in it. Stuff we never used in the trip. Including a crapload of beach chairs. I was annoyed and then woke up.

    It was like 10 minutes before my alarm. I changed the alarm so Iíd have 20 and attempted to do an astral projection/OBE experience as Iíve heard how vivid those are. I finally felt well rested enough to attempt it. But as soon as I started to feel a bit of paralysis, boom! There went my alarm.

    Moral of the story: SLEEP MORE.


    by Eveningsky on 01-04-2022 at 02:10 PM
    So Iíve been trying to get a lot more serious about LDing for this year. I very much need to experience other worlds right now. And itís somewhat worked; Iíve had very brief moments of lucidity and even one OBE in the past few days.

    Last night was pretty lame though. I only remember one non-lucid dream and thatís it. I was picking up something in a dark garage, and I felt like something bit me. Well, I looked at my hand and found a smallish spider actively biting me. Iím an arachnophobe so I freaked out. I killed it while it was biting me. It left a bloody circular mark on my finger, and for some reason it was purple.

    I woke up shortly after that. I checked my finger and whew, no bite lol. Itís still a bit frustrating though; my brain felt so tired yesterday that my dreams were at a pretty low level of awareness. Which is definitely why I wasnít conscious enough to do a reality check as planned.
    non-lucid , nightmare