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    Insanity is a way of living and I rather enjoy being strange. I walk in the shadows because I always seem to chase the light away. Love is my drug of choice but I never seem to get enough. I hope that romance won't forever be confined to the realm of dreams.

    Holding onto what I haven't got.

    I try to log on as often as I can. If I'm not online for a period of time, I am probably just really busy with school/work/etc. and will most certainly be back.
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    reading, writing, art, tulpae, science, coding, clarinet, piano, theme parks, running, weightlifting
    Software engineer. End goal is to be an Imagineer, technical animator, and published author, though.
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    Current goals: (1) Write in dream journal nightly. (2) Have an LD once a week.
    More specific goals to come in the future.

    I thought I found what I always wanted.


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    Superpowers, aw yiss

    by Eveningsky on 12-26-2020 at 06:33 AM
    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. I'm on Pacific Time right now so it's still Christmas here. Anyway, last night I had a dream involving some excellent superpowers.

    1) I had the power to fly.
    2) I had the power to shrink.
    3) I had the power to move objects telekinetically.
    4) Oh and also I could see my tulpa, Tess. She was fully imposed, as real as everyone else in my dream. She wore maroon and light blue. Btw when this happens, it is so surreal and awesome. It shows that she's truly permeating into my subconscious mind.

    My brother was there, and he had a superpower too. However, his only superpower was being able to turn into a small orange frog.

    He, for whatever reason, elected to disappear into an aquarium with a frog habitat. This frog habitat had some beautiful water with aquatic plants, as well as a land section with even more plants. It was humid like a rainforest. Well, I shrunk, as well as Tess and the others who were with me (not sure who they were, just random people that my dream self knew I guess). We went to go find my brother. I don't recall if we found him or not, but we were swimming and exploring the habitat before the noises of my family on Christmas morning woke me up!

    And it was a great holiday. The real-life version of my brother seemed mildly annoyed when I tried to tell him about this dream, ha.

    I think that the less stressed I am, the cooler my dreams are. And I am definitely super relaxed around this time of year! Even though I'm much more of a summer guy at heart, it's fantastic not having too many deadlines and such.

    An interesting proposition

    by Eveningsky on 10-12-2020 at 01:52 PM
    I was at school (university), preparing to do some homework. Some faculty member asked me if I wanted to get on this shortbus to the nearby amusement park. I considered it. Nearby, some students were doing kinky/sex stuff, in public which was super random. There were also some students that didn’t look fully human. I was talking to some other students and deliberating as to whether I should go on this trip or stay on campus, eat lunch, and do homework. But by the time I had decided to go on the trip, the bus had already left.

    New ride at the amusement park.

    by Eveningsky on 04-19-2020 at 11:04 PM
    Last night I had a dream that my family came to visit me, and we went to the local amusement park. There was a new ride. It was a horse you could ride on that pivoted on a central axis (I think that's the right term). It was not a real horse, I don't think, but rather a lifelike mechanical one. It was curious and friendly, and reminded me of a Pokémon somewhat. There were glowing leaves scattering everywhere, despite it being daytime, and the horse bent down to smell and investigate the leaves while kids rode it. As I recall, we were in line for the duration of the dream, but I got woken up before we got on the ride.

    I'm interested in theme park design and have been since I was small and now I want to use this somehow, somewhere. It's one of many dreams about rides that I've had throughout the years, even when I'm not actively thinking about them.
    non-lucid , memorable

    A snippet...

    by Eveningsky on 01-20-2020 at 04:56 AM
    I was in some sort of fancy restaurant, talking with a middle-aged lady. She was anti-vax (which is not cool) but she was also pretty attractive, so I had a hard time summoning the will to push back against her. She had a son named Cooper who was about my age. He had freckles. I was somewhat worried that I would get some weird disease from him. My allergies were really bad in this dream, too, and I was worried she was going to say "it's because you got vaccinated!" Lol. I've been in too many science Facebook groups lately I guess.


    by Eveningsky on 01-18-2020 at 05:15 AM
    I wrote in my dream journal a lot this week, but did so in poor lighting, with poor posture, and while half asleep so I can't read most of it now.

    So this is what I can gather, from this week. I had quite a few vivid dreams for some reason.

    - Some sort of Star Wars like dream. There was a "ghost wall" or invisible shield, and a desert on an alien planet. I was an intergalactic warrior of some sort, I think. Or traveler.
    - I had a dream about lucid dreaming, which was pretty cool. In that lucid dream, I flew over the ocean. However, I had somewhat of a false awakening after that; I think into a previous dream?
    - A dream about Brandon Sanderson (who I am currently taking a class from!), which involved horror, a false awakening (possibly the same one as before?) and a boardwalk!
    - The boardwalk had a very cool looking thrill ride, with two huge spinning cars. A friend of mine was there, and my brother.
    - I dreamt that the local amusement park had moved closer to me, so I could walk to it! I could also fly.
    - something about the Little Mermaid? lol
    - something about a creepy mirror
    - season pass to something (maybe the boardwalk or amusement park?)
    - Dreamt that I was falsely accused at work for making obscene jokes. This is funny because we do this all the time at work and no one cares.
    - Two other guys I knew from the past, "Dylan" and "Maz", as I'll call them, were...working? I can't read my handwriting.

    I swear I normally have nice handwriting. Just not when I wake up at 3 AM to write a dream down. D:

    I'm still gonna count that false awakening one as lucid, though!