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    1. Finally back (:
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      Love your avatar
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      Why thank you!

      So where's your halloween avatar?
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      Naah I'm alright with being a waterbender, I think
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      :O I always thought I'd be an earthbender. I was obsessed with earthbending. I have no idea why my subconscious insists that I become a waterbender. But I realize it's kinda awesome too. WE SHALL BATTLE >
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      Nice! Congrats

      I had 2 lucids this morning as well. Dreams are pretty good, got to waterbend a huge tsunami in my previous lucid, so that was nice too. What are some of your lucid goals? I still need to punch a gorilla lol
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      Gaaaa why didn't I think of that before?!


      I'll get on it right away So how's the dreaming coming along?
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      Haha, thanks. Yours is pretty badass too, I must admit.

      "...and love to ride my bike named merideth. Shes green and black and gives me boners when i think about her."

      i mean what. loool

      Also, I just realized I totally don't have a waterbending name yet!! :O That's what you mean right? Like my character name or something?
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      Awesome.. go get her and name her Hildegard
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      Yeah why not, I like the name Inga too. Sounds like the name for a big woman, and that's my bike. I'm off to go get some buffalo wings. You should come to chat sometime.. it's crazy fun weird rude wonderful and terrible Also welcome to DV.
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    Hey my name is Zack I live in PA and its really boring so i just get creative with my lucid dreams to keep myself occupied. i joined this sight in hopes to have more lucid dreams through induction techniques and tutorials. i also would like to post my dreams and read about yours. Also i love heavy metals. Message me if you'd like to know more
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    sketching, biking, metalcore vocalist, and lucid dreaming
    construction, cook
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    i was looking around and shazam i found this website


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    Dangerously fast

    by Triickz on 01-31-2014 at 03:50 AM
    I decided to take a brief nap and this is what i recalled. I had just recently gotten into a super car, this thing was beautiful i couldnt tell you what model it was but it was sexy af. anyway i decided to take it for a spin down the highway. I drove fast and with precision.. hence "drove it like you stole it" i got down the highway quite a ways and decided to veer off into a different road. i took mental note where i was turning so that i didnt get lost and i could find my way home. this entire time i was in a third person view driving the car which i dont like but its just how it was. i then turned around after travelling that way quite a bit with intentions to get back home before i wreck the vehicle. i started grinding the gears bad, i turned in front of a car and tried taking off briskly, which i did, but didnt shift corrrectly. either way i made it out with out a scratch on the beauty. out of nowhere i started hearing some bikers pulling up next to me and weaving in and out of traffic with me it was pretty awesome. then next thing i know im driving a crotch rocket. and the thing is im not even on it my hand is pushing it kinda like im 4 years old playing with toy cars. the guys pulled up next to me and tried to say something but i couldnt hear them over the roar of the motors. i then noticed my backl tire was completely gone and just the rim was on the pavement. they laughed and said something which i dont remember, then i spoke and they said they couldnt here me over the wierd noise the bike was now making. my brother then wakes me up telling me dinner is ready

    Opened world

    by Triickz on 07-21-2013 at 05:40 PM
    a Very pleasant dream. I felt everything was a bit odd while i was walking through very tall grass in the open setting of a valley. I then wondered to myself how i got here, then lucidity was mine. I didn't even bother to nose pinch or palm push i just took flight like a boss! trying to describe this beauty is hard but i was casually coasting through a mist filled air with the peaks of mountains on the left and right. below me were hundreds of trees and lots of swaying plants which were moving with the wind.(This was a scenario i often tried to put myself into during wild attemps). Like usual though, i thought of my actual physical body then awoke and ruined it all.

    Alternate ego

    by Triickz on 08-26-2012 at 07:43 PM
    I was living a life in a tropical place i didn't know exactly where. I had a stunningly beautiful wife, and I live in a fairly small house/ hut. I was a mercenary so I lived with weapons all around the house lol and it was raining heavily. I couldn't sleep for some reason because I just had that bad feeling that something was coming. I had my eye out of the window looking down at the road noticing cars coasting by. They splashed water everywhere and plunged into puddles all over. I was holding a m911 in my hand sitting next to my sleeping wife and a laptop that had the current mission set on it. Then some weird shut happened out side, lighting flashed and two cars slid and wrecked into each other. I made sure my gun was loaded and watched them. I put in some pants which were in this tissue like box where you just pull them out and put hem on, and sat with my gun aimed out the window. I knew they were coming to my house so I was ready. My wife woke up and grabbed a rifle and I told her to sit in the back of the house/hut. So she did and two guys (jacked dudes) approached up the driveway and I got ready to take them out but I didn't, I had a feeling they were just needing help from crashing their cars (which was an all black challenger and a fast back mustang) so they walk into the front door and I approach them asking what they want and all of a sudden we are buddies. We start shooting the shit about dif types of guns and just relaxing and having a few beers. Haha that's all I can remember

    Jumbled lucid, fairly long tho

    by Triickz on 08-26-2012 at 07:32 PM
    DILD 8-25-12
    I became lucid Randomly at some point. I was in a store, people were All around. I had in my mind the objective to write a waking life journal for TOTM for some reason. I wrote some stuff down on something I can't remember. I wrote down how I performed ADA like 7 times the day defore. Next thing I remember I was outside of store next to a creek, I was feeling the pavement hard rough surface with my hand and flowing across the pavement was a thin layer of cool water which I felt too. Some time went by in the dream ( such a long dream I can't remember much ) I was in a field next thing I recall feeling the grass with my hand, trying to lift off to fly. I flew to another field abs I spotted a vehicle in mud, I easily lifted it out (telekenisis) so the car could keep driving. Looked up and noticed a tornado. Some more things happened as well but can't recall nearly anything.

    Driving a gay ass scion

    by Triickz on 08-22-2012 at 01:04 AM
    Non lucid dream 8-21-12
    I was driving a car, I think it was a scion, at very high speeds and was with my sisters who were in the back seat. Every time we crashed we would change drivers. The next one to drive was kaitland and it made me feel kinda unsafe. She drove for a bit crashed. Then I was driving again and I was going pretty fast until I came to a corner flew off it and changed to third person, saw I was driving a Kia del sol, and flipped the car lAnding barely on the bottom of the cliff with water on the shore next to me. We made our way around got out of the car and now it was just me and Pamela and a puppy. We had to climb this rock to get back to the road we finally got to the top after some climbing and then I saw a redneck drive by and I said something I don't remember as did he which was funny but can't recall it now.