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    New dream at the beach with a beautiful girl

    by woffordwv on 09-30-2021 at 02:54 AM
    I had another dream set at the beach last night. What I remember most about this dream was this beautiful blonde who was probably in her early 20's.

    When the dream began, I was walking from the pool area to the beach looking for my friends. I couldn't find my friends anywhere but while I was walking around looking for them I bumped into this beautiful girl who was also looking for some of her friends. We started talking and soon we both forgot that we were separated from our groups and we were flirting with each other. As we continued to talk, I was trying to find out more about her like where she was from and how much longer she would be at the beach.

    We were suddenly interrupted when my sister showed-up and told me I needed to go with her because she and mom were ready to go and I needed to go with them. I remember feeling humiliated both that my sister had interrupted my conversation with the girl I was into and that she had announced to the girl that I was riding home with my sister and my mom.

    I then follow my sister through a beach access beside the resort to the parking lot where the Reliant was parked. When I saw we would all 3 have to ride up front, I tired to get my sister to get in first and scoot over to the middle, but she reminded me I was not supposed to be riding back with them so I needed to get in the middle. I went ahead and got in and scooted over to the middle and buckled up and then my sister got in the passenger seat and closed her door and buckled.

    While me and my sister were waiting for mom, I heard my sister say here comes your girlfriend, and then saw the blonde I had been taking two walking from the front entrance of the resort out to the parking lot. I was staring at her as she walked by and hoping that she didn't notice me and my sister waiting in the old reliant. I watched and she walked over to a red Ferrari and got a bag out of it and then walked back to the resort. I remember thinking not only was she hot, but she must also be really rich.

    As I was watching the girl walk into the resort, I saw my mom pass her on the front steps and then walk towards us while the girl disappeared into the resort.

    When my mom got into the Reliant as usual she could not get it to start. After spending several minutes trying to get it started, she got out to look under the hood and while she was out of the car, I saw the girl and a really muscular guy walking out of the resort and towards the Ferrari. I was thankful that that got into the Ferrari while my mom was still looking under the hood and that they did not notice me in the middle seat waiting for mom to get done and get back in.

    When mom finally got back in and began trying to start the car, I noticed the guy who had been with the girl walking back into the resort. I turned my head and saw the girl was waiting by the passenger side of the Ferrari. As mom kept turning the key trying to get the Reliant started, I kept looking over towards her hoping that she did not notice my situation.

    I woke up from the dream while my mom was still trying to start the car and my sister poked me in the ribs and told me my girlfriend was heading our way. I woke up right as she was walking in front of the Relaint and turned her head when she her mom trying to start it to see me in the middle of the front seat between my mother and younger sister.

    Another car dream set at the beach where I tried to order a drink

    by woffordwv on 09-29-2021 at 01:19 AM
    I had another dream with my mother, sister, and the Reliant set at the beach last night. The main thing I remember about this dream was that at the beginning I went to the Cabana Bar by the pools and tried to order a frozen margarita. The girl working the bar asked to see my ID and when I showed it to her, she laughed and told me "better try again next summer". I think based on this, I was 21 in the dream.

    When I turned away from the bar, my sister was waiting and told me she and mom where ready to go and I needed to ride with them since my friends had already gone home. I then followed her out to the Reliant and reluctantly scooted over to the middle seat and buckled the tan lap belt around my waist when she threatened to tell mom I had tried to order a drink from the Cabana Bar. We then had to wait in the Reliant for several minutes while my mom checked out of the resort, and I had to keep listening to my sisters threaten to tell mom I had tried to order a drink.

    When my mom finally got to the Reliant and got into the driver seat to my left, she spent several minutes trying to get it started but could never get the engine to fire-up. I remember she eventually though it may need some gas and me and my sister waited in the car for several minutes while my mom walked to a gas station down the road and then came back with a big red gas can.

    I remember my mom then seemed to take forever putting gas in the car and I was humiliated that everyone who walked past knew I was stuck riding between two females. When my mother got done putting the gas in the car, me and my sister had to wait again for her to take the gas can back to the gas station and then get back to the car.

    When my mom finally got back in the car she started trying to get it started again, but putting the gas in the car did not do any good. I woke up from the dream while she was trying to get the car started and getting increasingly frustrated that it wasn't starting up.

    Odd car dreams with my mom and sister set at the beach

    by woffordwv on 09-26-2021 at 10:44 PM
    I have been having some really odd dreams the last few weeks since returning home from a Labor Day Weekend beach trip with some friends. The dreams are set at the resort where my friends and I stayed, but I think I am 19 or 20 years old in the dreams.

    When the dreams start I walking around the pool area at the resort and the beach in front of the resort looking for the friends I went on the Labor Day Beach trip as well as many other beach trips in recent years, but I cannot find them anywhere. I know I am under 21 in these dreams because I am cannot get a drink at the beach bar.

    Eventually my younger sister finds me and tells we she and tells me moms is checking us out of the resort and we need to go now. I tell my sister I am riding home with my friends, but she tells me they have already left and I will need to ride home with she and my mom. My sister looks like I remember her looking when she was around 15 or 16 which also makes me think I am 19 or 20 in the dreams.

    I them follow my sister to the hotel lobby where we see our mom who looks the way she did when I was 19-20 years old. She is waiting in a long line to check out. When she sees us, she tells us the car is parked in the lot out front and suggests we go ahead and get in. She then give my sister the keys and she leads me out the front door of the resort and to the parking lot across the street.

    When we get to the parking lot, I see my grandfathers old tan 1983 Plymouth Reliant which was my car in high school. It really stands out because all of the other cars in parking lot are modern cars. As we get closer to it, I notice it looks l just like it did when I quit driving it with all of the bumper stickers I put on it. I really looks like an eyesore compared to all of the other newer cars parked in the lot.

    My sister then uses the keys to unlock the front passenger side door and stands off to the side. I tell her she can sit up front that I am fine in the back seat but she rolls her eyes and tells me that we are both going to have to ride up front since the back seat is full of stuff and that I am riding in the middle since I wasn’t supposed to be riding with them.

    I look into the back seat and notice it is full of things like beach chairs; floats; and surf boards and that there is no way I can clear any space back there. I reluctantly sit down in the front tan vinyl bench seat and then fasten the tan lap belt around my waist. My sister then tells me she is taking the keys back to mom and closes the passenger side door and walks back to the resort lobby.

    While I wait in the car for my mother and sister to come out, I see a bunch of people walking on the sidewalk in front of the car and it feels like everyone is staring at it. I cannot figure out if it is because the reliant is out of place in the parking lot or if people are tying to figure out why I am in the car by myself sitting in the front middle seat.

    After I have been in the car a couple of minutes, my sister is walking toward the car and then sitting down on the tan vinyl passenger seat to my right and then closes her door and fastens the tan shoulder belt. She tells me the line has barely moved so we will be waiting for mom for a while longer.

    As me and my sister sit in the reliant and wait, crowds of people continue to walk in front of us and it feels like everyone is staring at the car and me and my sister waiting in it. I am again trying to figure out if it is because the car looks out of place or if it is because they think it is odd me and my sister are both riding out front and I am in the middle when I am much taller. While we continue to wait in the car for our mom, my sister does this like put her tan wedge sandals on the tan glove box; put her head on my shoulder; and try to put her left arm around me. I know she is doing all of these things to try to get on my nerves. As me and my sister continue to wait in the car I cannot figure out if it is worse if people notice that the back seat is full of stuff and think we are hoarders or if they do not notice and try to figure out why me and my sister are both riding up front.

    Eventually, I finally see mom walking towards the reliant with some bags in her hand. When she get to the reliant, she first opens the trunk and put the bags in there and then walks around to the driver side and unlocks the driver side door. As she is doing this, I continue to feel like everyone is staring at us and know they all know that my mother is the driver and I am a male riding between two females.

    When my mom sits down in the tan vinyl driver seat to my left, I feel squished between she and my sister and know I will have to deal with riding between for at least 5-6 hours. I am not looking forward to it as mom checks all the mirrors while people continue to walk by.

    When mom has everything adjusted, she reaches to turn the key but the engine doesn’t start-up and after each crank there is the annoying buzzing sound and dash illuminated with red lights. My mother keeps pumping the accelerator and turning the key, but each crank always ends with the red lights and buzzing sound. As my mother keeps trying to start the car, I notice more people in the parking lot and on the front porch of the resort are noticing the car is not starting are looking at us. I cannot decide if it is more embarrassing that they are seeing me riding between my mom and younger sister or that the car is not starting up.

    Normally during the dreams, my mom gets out several time to look under the hood and me and my sister stay bucked in the car while she does this. In some dreams, mom goes back to the hotel or to an auto store across the street trying to get stuff to fix the car but nothing ever works. When the dream ends, I am always still buckled to the middle seat of the reliant with my mom to my left in the driver seat trying to get it started and my sister to my right in the passenger seat.

    Car dream where mom was really controlling and snippy

    by woffordwv on 02-04-2021 at 05:10 AM
    I had the car dream set at granddads house again last night for the second night in a row. Like the dream I had the night before, it was really physically and emotionally uncomfortable. In the dream last night, mom was also really snippy and controlling.

    When mom told me to go ahead and get in granddads car and buckle to the front middle seat, as soon as I tried to argue about sitting in the middle and getting in the car before she was ready to go she snapped at me and told me that I could either get in the car and buckle in the middle of the front seat or I would be grounded.

    When mom finally got in the car and was trying to get it started after my sister and I had to wait for her for what felt like forever, she kept getting in my face and telling me that I needed to calm down. I never even said anything to her before she started telling me to calm down.

    When she discovered I stepped in dog poop, she screamed at me about not watching where I was stepping and not checking my shoe when I noticed the car stunk. She told me to give her my shoe so she could clean it and for me to stay buckled in my seat.

    After the battery went dead after she got back in, as I was asking if I could get out she snapped at me again and told me that me and my sister needed to stay in the car. I woke-up from the dream while she was looking for a jump start.

    Not sure why she was so snippy and controlling in this dream, but it made me fell even more uncomfortable.
    nightmare , memorable

    Car dream where I felt like I was squished in the middle

    by woffordwv on 02-03-2021 at 05:19 AM
    I had another car dream last night set at granddads house. This is the first time I have had once since last week, and was the longest I have been without any since the dream started a few weeks ago.

    The dream last night followed the same pattern as the others I have had recently. The main change I noticed in last nights dreams from the earlier ones was that it was much more uncomfortable riding in the middle than in any of the other ones and it was really bothering me and getting me on edge that my mom and sister were both pressed-up against me and seemed to be repeatedly invading my space while I was stuck between them.

    While my sister and I were in the car waiting on mom to come out and get in, I could always feel her body pressed up against my right side. She repeatedly would put her head on my shoulder and her face right my mine. When I kept trying to get her to stop talking about granddad and how he was near death, she wrapped her arm around me so I couldn't ignore her and kept getting right in my face.

    When mom finally got in the car, I had her body pressed-up against my left side and my sister pressed-up against my right and I felt really squished. While she was trying to get the car started, both she and my sister kept invading my space telling me I needed to calm down, which just made me feel more trapped and on edge while I was stuck between them.

    When mom discovered I had dog poop on my shoe, I first had to deal with her getting in my face and getting after me for stepping in it and not noticing it while my sister was in my other ear talking about how gross it was and how bad it smelled. I had to keep dealing with her invading my space and whining about how bad it stunk while we waited in the car for mom to clean my shoe.

    When mom got back in the car, and I though she had finally been able to get the car started she leaned in front of me to adjust the mirrors while my sister invaded my space to change the radio to her favorite FM station and then started singing along to the song playing. I felt really uncomfortable having both of them in my personal space.

    I woke up for them dream right after mom discovered the car had cut off when nothing happened when the put it in gear and pressed down on the accelerator. My sister was leaning into my space while mom was turning the key and nothing was happening.

    I think this was definitely the most uncomfortable I have felt riding in the middle in any of the dreams I have ever had and really felt that I had no personal space and was squished between my mom and sister.