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    Dream where I had to land the 747 I was flying on

    by woffordwv on Today at 06:22 AM
    I had a dream last night where I was a first class passenger riding in the upper deck of a Boeing 747 flying to Atlanta from London.

    When we were about an hour from our scheduled arrival, the captain came on the intercom and told everyone that we would be experiencing really heavy turbulence on our approach to Atlanta and for everyone to get up if they needed to because he would be turning the fasten seatbelt sign on.

    I got out of my seat and asked the really pretty blond fight attendant for a strong triple scotch on the rocks so that I would be mellow for the approach into Atlanta and handle the turbulence better.

    As I was asking her to make the drink, the captain came out of the cockpit and grabbed the flight attendant and I by the arms and told us he needed us to land the plane.

    He then led the fight attendant and I into the cockpit and motioned for me to sit in his seat. The first officer then got out of his seat and told the flight attendant to sit down there.

    The captain then gave us some quick instructions on what we needed to do to safely land then plane, told me I was in charge, and then he and the first officer stepped out of the cockpit and closed the pretty flight attendant and I in.

    I was at the flight controls, flying the plane while the flight attendant was talking with the control tower and letting me know the heading and altitude I needed to be flying.

    We descended through thick clouds and I could see lightning flashes as the turbulence started to shake the large plane as we descended.

    As the flight attendant kept giving me new headings and altitudes, I kept maneuvering the plane to get to them.

    We finally touched down on the runway and then I taxied to the gate the flight attendant told me to go to.

    I woke up from the dream while I was looking for the flight manual to shut down and secure the plane with the flight attendant still on the headset talking with the control tower.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Dream where I was on a parade float with a Community Theater Group acting out Christmas Story Movie

    by woffordwv on 01-18-2020 at 04:39 PM
    I had a very vivid dream last night that I was riding on a float in our town's Christmas Parade with our local community theater group.

    I was not planning on being on a float in the parade since I was working on the parade and handling logistics. I was walking around checking out all of the floats in the queue when someone with the community theater group asked if I could get on their float since they were missing a few people.

    On the float, they were acting out different scenes from the Christmas Story Movie to promote the play we have every December that follows the move plot. I was asked to play the kid who got his tongue stuck the flag pole at school. I was flailing my arms and moving my upper body around acting like I was stuck. During the parade route, I remember looking around to see my friends who were watching the parade. I remember many taking a double take when we went by since they knew I do not normally act, and I was on the float acting that my tongue was stuck to the flag pole.

    Not sure why I had this dream, but ride on the float and details of the parade route/crowd were both very vivid and exactly how I remember both from prior parades.

    New dream where is was riding between my mom and sister in my uncles old truck

    by woffordwv on 01-17-2020 at 02:44 AM
    I had a new dream last night involving riding between my mom and my sister. In this dream, it was June 1998, the summer after my freshman year in college when I was 19 years old. In this dream, my mom borrowed my uncles 1980ís white Mazda pickup truck so we could go to Home Depot to get a new grill for our dad for Fatherís Day. The dream was very vivid.

    When the dream starts, we are getting ready to leave the house to go to Home Depot. When mom sees that I am ready to go, she suggests that I go on out and get in the truck. She reminds me that I will be riding in the middle since it is an even day and my sister has chosen to sit by the window. I try to argue with mom about this since my sister is younger and shorter than me and could get by in the middle better. I tell mom that I will just follow them in my Jeep, but she says that she really wants the 3 of us ride together in the truck. I look outside and see the truck is also parked behind my Jeep and know I am stuck riding in the middle of the truck since it is blocking my Jeep in.

    When mom again asks me to go on out to the truck, I reluctantly walk outside and towards to small white Mazda pick-up that is parked behind my Jeep in the driveway.

    When I get to the passenger side door, I open it and take a seat on the light brown vinyl bench seat. I close the door and then slowly slide over to the middle seat where I will have the sit. It is a summer day and the vinyl seat is kind of hot of my legs. The middle seat is really uncomfortable since I have to put my feet on a hump and straddle the stick shift while my knees bump against the a/c controls. Since I am by myself in the truck, I decide to move back to the passenger seat since there is no point sitting in the middle when I am in the truck by myself. I go ahead and buckle the shoulder belt hoping my sister will just climb over me and get in the middle if I am already in the passenger seat. After a minute of two in the truck, in noticed that the cab stinks and is starting to get hot so I turn the brown cranks to roll down the windows. Soon fresh air is coming in cooling off the cab and making things smell better.

    After I have been waiting in the truck about 5 minutes, I see my sister walking out of the house and towards the truck. She is wearing a white graphic t-shit, light blue bell bottom jeans, and tan wedge sandals. When she gets to the passenger side door and opens it up and tells me to scoot over because I am riding in the middle. I reluctantly undo my seat belt and move again to the uncomfortable middle seat. She suggests I go ahead and buckle-up. I tell her I will buckle when mom get in. She reminds me that I need to go ahead and buckle before she gets in since she will be sitting over my buckle. I reluctantly put the brown lap belt around my waist and then my sister gets into the passenger seat beside me. I have to lean towards the driverís seat so that my sister can get her seatbelt in the buckle.

    While we wait for mom, we are wedged-up against each other. My feet are both on the brown hump in the middle with my knees bumping up against the a/c controls and my legs straddling the stick shift. Not long after she gets in, she also notices the cab smells bad. I am now noticing the strong smell of her vanilla body spray and her breath which stinks. My nose is now being tortured between the smell of the cab, my sisters body spray, and her breath.

    I am not enjoying waiting for mom. My sister keeps invading my space, putting her head on my shoulder, smiling at me, and breathing in my face. I cannot get away from her and just want mom to come on out so we can get to Home Depot and back home.

    Mom finally is locking-up the house about 15-20 minutes after my sister got in the truck. She opens the driverís side door and sits down in the empty driverís seat. As soon as she is in her seat and has closed her door her body is wedge-up against my left side like my sister is wedged up against my right. I am officially squished between them with no personal space. As mom is putting the key in the ignition, she also comments that something smells bad. I tell her the truck smelled when I got in. While she is talking, I notice her breath is worse than my sisters.

    It takes mom a few minutes of turning the key and pumping on the accelerator before she gets the truck started. One it starts, she reaches for the shifter between my legs and shifts it to reverse.

    The drive to Home Depot lasts about 15 minutes and is not very pleasant. I am wedged between my mom and sister with no personal space. I can smell their breath whenever they talk and sometimes my sister is putting her head on my shoulder because she knows it annoys me. I just hope that no-one I know will see my riding between my mom and sister in my unclesí crappy old truck.

    When we are parked at Home Depot, my sister opens the passenger side door and she and then I get out of the truck. It feels great to finally have some personal space again. As we are walking through the parking lot, mom tells me I should check my shoe because it looks like I stepped in something. I look get to a traffic island and see that I have stepped in a big pile of dog poop and that is what I was smelling in the truck. I spend a few minutes trying to clean my shoe on the gravel in the traffic island and then head into Home Depot and meet-up with my mom and sister in front of the grills.

    By the time I get to them, they have already picked-out the grill they want to get for him. There is another gill I think dad would like better, but they have already made their mind up and overrule me. We wait a while for an employee to come and get the large box for the grill we want down form an upper shelf and then put it on a flat shopping cart. I want to go look around, but mom wants me to stay with them so we will be ready to leave once we get the grill.

    Once the grill is on the shopping cart, we wait for a while in the check-out line since the store is crowded. Again, I want to look around, but mom wants me to stay with them. We finally get checked out and then leave the store and head back towards the truck.

    Once we get back to the truck, it takes both me and my sister to get the grill from the flat orange shopping cart to the bed of the truck. When we have it loaded, I see that mom has already unlocked and opened the passenger side door. I offer to take the cart back to the store, but mom says she will handle since I need to get in the truck first since I am in the middle. My sister is ready to get in and so I have to go ahead and get in the truck and slide over to the middle seat. As soon as I am buckled, she gets into the passenger seat and closed the door. I am thankful that the truck doesnít smell as bad as it did earlier, and I did not track any dog poop into it.

    My sister and I have to wait for a few minutes because mom sees some she knows and is talking to them. I am thankful it is not someone I recognize. While we wait for mom, my sister is invading my space again and breathing in my face.

    Mom eventually gets in and gets the truck started after just a few cranks. The drive back is as unpleasant as the ride over was with both of them invading my space and breathing in my face. On the way home, mom stops at a gas station because she wants to return the truck to my uncle with a full tank. I offer to get out and pump the gas but end up being stuck waiting in the truck with my sister because she doesnít want to get out. We have to wait for around 10 minutes while mom pumps the gas and then goes in to pay and my sister keeps putting her head on my shoulder again and breathing in my face. When mom gets back in, the truck starts right up, and we drive back home.

    When we get back home, my sister and I have to get the grill out of the back of the truck and then carry it to my dadsí workshop in the back yard while mom gets a sheet to cover it with. The grill is heavy, and we have to stop and take a few breaks between the truck and the tool shed.

    The dream ends when I get back to the house and lay down on the couch in the family room to watch TV. I am very happy to finally have my own space and not be stuck between them.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Disturbing Dream about my fathers passing on Tuesday night (1/14)

    by woffordwv on 01-17-2020 at 02:22 AM
    On Tuesday night, I had really disturbing dream I have from time to time about my fathers passing this summer. This is the first time I have had this dream since before Christmas.

    The dream starts with me driving my SUV rushing to get to the hospital because my father has had a few setbacks and my not survive.

    I get to the hospital and spend the day with him and other family members. He is still lucid and carrying on converstations with all of us. During the day, we have several scares where his vitals drop to dangerous levels but they keep bouncing back.

    My uncle and I decide to spend the night at the hospital with him since his vitals are still not stable for long periods of time.

    Everything seems to be going ok for the first few hours and then around 11PM they start dropping out of control and the doctors tell my uncle and I we need to let the rest of the family know.

    I wake up form this dream when I am pulling out my cell phone to call my mom and let her know dad has taken a turn for the worse and she needs to get to the hospital.

    I did not have this dream recur last night (1/15). I normally go a long time between when it recurs and hope that continues to happen since it is so disturbing and reminds me of the worse night of my life.

    New dream about my grandads old Reliant

    by woffordwv on 01-14-2020 at 02:44 AM
    Last night I had a new dream that involved my grandads old 1983 Plymouth Reliant. This is the same car where all the dreams took place where I was riding in the middle of the front seat between my mom and my sister and my mom couldn't get the car to start.

    I think this also took place in spring of 1994 when I was 15 and had my learners permit and the car was parked in our driveway.

    In this dream, I decided I would go out and start the Reliant and drive it up and down my parents long driveway some to give the battery a charge.

    I first went and grabbed the keys out of the drawer in the chest by our back door where my parents kept all of our keys. I then went outside and unlocked the drivers side door to the tan reliant and then sat down on the tan vinyl bench seat. When I put the key in the ignition, it made the same buzzing sound that I always hear in the recurring dream I keep having. I go ahead and close the drivers side door to make sure I do not have anything unnecessary draining batter power incase the batter has gotten weak. I then turn the key and the car starts right up without any trouble. I see all of the red lights on the dash illuminated and hear the buzzing sound. The lights quickly go out and the buzzing stops when I put on my seatbelt.

    I then turn the radio to my favorite station, and then put the car in reverse and back it up until I am almost to the street at the end of our driveway. When I get to the end, I put it back in drive and drive it to the other end of the driveway near our house. For the next 15-20 minutes, I am driving the Reliant from one end of the driveway to the other while listening to the radio. I feel a certain sense of freedom know that in a few months I will have my drivers license and can drive myself where I want when I want.

    I eventually park the car back by our house, turn it off, lock the door, and then go back into the house.

    In this dream, I do not see anyone else unlike the other dream I keep having where my mom and sister are both in it.
    non-lucid , memorable