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    1. New dream at the beach with a beautiful girl

      by , 09-30-2021 at 02:54 AM
      I had another dream set at the beach last night. What I remember most about this dream was this beautiful blonde who was probably in her early 20's.

      When the dream began, I was walking from the pool area to the beach looking for my friends. I couldn't find my friends anywhere but while I was walking around looking for them I bumped into this beautiful girl who was also looking for some of her friends. We started talking and soon we both forgot that we were separated from our groups and we were flirting with each other. As we continued to talk, I was trying to find out more about her like where she was from and how much longer she would be at the beach.

      We were suddenly interrupted when my sister showed-up and told me I needed to go with her because she and mom were ready to go and I needed to go with them. I remember feeling humiliated both that my sister had interrupted my conversation with the girl I was into and that she had announced to the girl that I was riding home with my sister and my mom.

      I then follow my sister through a beach access beside the resort to the parking lot where the Reliant was parked. When I saw we would all 3 have to ride up front, I tired to get my sister to get in first and scoot over to the middle, but she reminded me I was not supposed to be riding back with them so I needed to get in the middle. I went ahead and got in and scooted over to the middle and buckled up and then my sister got in the passenger seat and closed her door and buckled.

      While me and my sister were waiting for mom, I heard my sister say here comes your girlfriend, and then saw the blonde I had been taking two walking from the front entrance of the resort out to the parking lot. I was staring at her as she walked by and hoping that she didn't notice me and my sister waiting in the old reliant. I watched and she walked over to a red Ferrari and got a bag out of it and then walked back to the resort. I remember thinking not only was she hot, but she must also be really rich.

      As I was watching the girl walk into the resort, I saw my mom pass her on the front steps and then walk towards us while the girl disappeared into the resort.

      When my mom got into the Reliant as usual she could not get it to start. After spending several minutes trying to get it started, she got out to look under the hood and while she was out of the car, I saw the girl and a really muscular guy walking out of the resort and towards the Ferrari. I was thankful that that got into the Ferrari while my mom was still looking under the hood and that they did not notice me in the middle seat waiting for mom to get done and get back in.

      When mom finally got back in and began trying to start the car, I noticed the guy who had been with the girl walking back into the resort. I turned my head and saw the girl was waiting by the passenger side of the Ferrari. As mom kept turning the key trying to get the Reliant started, I kept looking over towards her hoping that she did not notice my situation.

      I woke up from the dream while my mom was still trying to start the car and my sister poked me in the ribs and told me my girlfriend was heading our way. I woke up right as she was walking in front of the Relaint and turned her head when she her mom trying to start it to see me in the middle of the front seat between my mother and younger sister.
    2. Another car dream set at the beach where I tried to order a drink

      by , 09-29-2021 at 01:19 AM
      I had another dream with my mother, sister, and the Reliant set at the beach last night. The main thing I remember about this dream was that at the beginning I went to the Cabana Bar by the pools and tried to order a frozen margarita. The girl working the bar asked to see my ID and when I showed it to her, she laughed and told me "better try again next summer". I think based on this, I was 21 in the dream.

      When I turned away from the bar, my sister was waiting and told me she and mom where ready to go and I needed to ride with them since my friends had already gone home. I then followed her out to the Reliant and reluctantly scooted over to the middle seat and buckled the tan lap belt around my waist when she threatened to tell mom I had tried to order a drink from the Cabana Bar. We then had to wait in the Reliant for several minutes while my mom checked out of the resort, and I had to keep listening to my sisters threaten to tell mom I had tried to order a drink.

      When my mom finally got to the Reliant and got into the driver seat to my left, she spent several minutes trying to get it started but could never get the engine to fire-up. I remember she eventually though it may need some gas and me and my sister waited in the car for several minutes while my mom walked to a gas station down the road and then came back with a big red gas can.

      I remember my mom then seemed to take forever putting gas in the car and I was humiliated that everyone who walked past knew I was stuck riding between two females. When my mother got done putting the gas in the car, me and my sister had to wait again for her to take the gas can back to the gas station and then get back to the car.

      When my mom finally got back in the car she started trying to get it started again, but putting the gas in the car did not do any good. I woke up from the dream while she was trying to get the car started and getting increasingly frustrated that it wasn't starting up.
    3. Odd car dreams with my mom and sister set at the beach

      by , 09-26-2021 at 10:44 PM
      I have been having some really odd dreams the last few weeks since returning home from a Labor Day Weekend beach trip with some friends. The dreams are set at the resort where my friends and I stayed, but I think I am 19 or 20 years old in the dreams.

      When the dreams start I walking around the pool area at the resort and the beach in front of the resort looking for the friends I went on the Labor Day Beach trip as well as many other beach trips in recent years, but I cannot find them anywhere. I know I am under 21 in these dreams because I am cannot get a drink at the beach bar.

      Eventually my younger sister finds me and tells we she and tells me moms is checking us out of the resort and we need to go now. I tell my sister I am riding home with my friends, but she tells me they have already left and I will need to ride home with she and my mom. My sister looks like I remember her looking when she was around 15 or 16 which also makes me think I am 19 or 20 in the dreams.

      I them follow my sister to the hotel lobby where we see our mom who looks the way she did when I was 19-20 years old. She is waiting in a long line to check out. When she sees us, she tells us the car is parked in the lot out front and suggests we go ahead and get in. She then give my sister the keys and she leads me out the front door of the resort and to the parking lot across the street.

      When we get to the parking lot, I see my grandfathers old tan 1983 Plymouth Reliant which was my car in high school. It really stands out because all of the other cars in parking lot are modern cars. As we get closer to it, I notice it looks l just like it did when I quit driving it with all of the bumper stickers I put on it. I really looks like an eyesore compared to all of the other newer cars parked in the lot.

      My sister then uses the keys to unlock the front passenger side door and stands off to the side. I tell her she can sit up front that I am fine in the back seat but she rolls her eyes and tells me that we are both going to have to ride up front since the back seat is full of stuff and that I am riding in the middle since I wasnít supposed to be riding with them.

      I look into the back seat and notice it is full of things like beach chairs; floats; and surf boards and that there is no way I can clear any space back there. I reluctantly sit down in the front tan vinyl bench seat and then fasten the tan lap belt around my waist. My sister then tells me she is taking the keys back to mom and closes the passenger side door and walks back to the resort lobby.

      While I wait in the car for my mother and sister to come out, I see a bunch of people walking on the sidewalk in front of the car and it feels like everyone is staring at it. I cannot figure out if it is because the reliant is out of place in the parking lot or if people are tying to figure out why I am in the car by myself sitting in the front middle seat.

      After I have been in the car a couple of minutes, my sister is walking toward the car and then sitting down on the tan vinyl passenger seat to my right and then closes her door and fastens the tan shoulder belt. She tells me the line has barely moved so we will be waiting for mom for a while longer.

      As me and my sister sit in the reliant and wait, crowds of people continue to walk in front of us and it feels like everyone is staring at the car and me and my sister waiting in it. I am again trying to figure out if it is because the car looks out of place or if it is because they think it is odd me and my sister are both riding out front and I am in the middle when I am much taller. While we continue to wait in the car for our mom, my sister does this like put her tan wedge sandals on the tan glove box; put her head on my shoulder; and try to put her left arm around me. I know she is doing all of these things to try to get on my nerves. As me and my sister continue to wait in the car I cannot figure out if it is worse if people notice that the back seat is full of stuff and think we are hoarders or if they do not notice and try to figure out why me and my sister are both riding up front.

      Eventually, I finally see mom walking towards the reliant with some bags in her hand. When she get to the reliant, she first opens the trunk and put the bags in there and then walks around to the driver side and unlocks the driver side door. As she is doing this, I continue to feel like everyone is staring at us and know they all know that my mother is the driver and I am a male riding between two females.

      When my mom sits down in the tan vinyl driver seat to my left, I feel squished between she and my sister and know I will have to deal with riding between for at least 5-6 hours. I am not looking forward to it as mom checks all the mirrors while people continue to walk by.

      When mom has everything adjusted, she reaches to turn the key but the engine doesnít start-up and after each crank there is the annoying buzzing sound and dash illuminated with red lights. My mother keeps pumping the accelerator and turning the key, but each crank always ends with the red lights and buzzing sound. As my mother keeps trying to start the car, I notice more people in the parking lot and on the front porch of the resort are noticing the car is not starting are looking at us. I cannot decide if it is more embarrassing that they are seeing me riding between my mom and younger sister or that the car is not starting up.

      Normally during the dreams, my mom gets out several time to look under the hood and me and my sister stay bucked in the car while she does this. In some dreams, mom goes back to the hotel or to an auto store across the street trying to get stuff to fix the car but nothing ever works. When the dream ends, I am always still buckled to the middle seat of the reliant with my mom to my left in the driver seat trying to get it started and my sister to my right in the passenger seat.
    4. Dream where I am visiting a strange city and then in Sinefeld Parking Garage episode

      by , 11-14-2020 at 05:48 PM
      I had a dream last night was I was visiting some big city. I do not know what city it was, but it seemed to have landmarks from many big cities I have been in.

      At the start of the dream, I was walking on an elevated trail that was like the High Line in New York. As I walked on it, I saw landmarks from many different US Cities. It seem like each time I would look in a different direction, I would see a scene that would make me think it was is a different US city.

      After I had walked for a while, I came to a tall glass and steel building that was shaped like a pagoda where the elevated trail converged with other elevated trail and they were all like spokes going out from the pagoda.

      I find out the pagoda is a museum and I decide to visit it. I walk around and fine an entrance into it, but a security guard standing by the door tells me that is the exit and points me towards a staircase and tells me I need to go down two levels to get to the entrance. I walk down two levels and then around the building like he told me, but then see there is a line stretching as far as I can see with people waiting to get in the museum. I decide I am not in a mood to wait and I will try coming back another day. I find another staircase and take it back up to the elevated trail I was walking on earlier.

      When I get to the trail, I walk around the pagoda and try to figure out which direction I need to go. I walk around the outside of the pagoda a few times trying to remember which of the trails I took. I eventually see a sign pointing the trail to take to get to a mall, and I take that trail since I know my hotel is connected to a mall.

      I walk for a while longer and then finally see the mall in the distance. When I get to the mall, there is a narrow black steel bridge with really low railings that connects the trail to the mall. I take my time walking on the bridge because I am worried about slipping and falling off of it. Although the bridge is wide enough for 2 or 3 people to walk on, it feels like I am walking on a tightrope and I am trying to be extra careful so I donít loose my balance and fall off.

      Eventually, I get to the end of the bridge and am in the mall. I find a mall directory and look at it to try to fine my hotel. I find a three hotels on the directory that are connected to this mall, but none are the Westin where I am staying. I see a mall security guard and ask him where the Westin Hotel is because I cannot find it on the directory. He starts laughing and the loudly announces that this is the Downtown Plaza Mall and the Westin is at the Uptown Plaza Mall. He laughs that I must have gotten really turned around and tells me it is about a 5-6 mile walk to get to the Uptown Plaza Mall where the Westin is.

      As I walk away from him, a girl who looks to be in her late teens or early twenties approaches me. I am afraid she is going to ask me for money because she looks like she could be homeless with matted blonde hair and torn jeans. She says she overhead that I am trying to get to Uptown Plaza Mall and told me she and her mom are going there once they find their car, and they can give me a ride if I will help her look for the car. Before I have a chance to say yes or no, she calls her mom and tells her she has found a man who will help find the car if they give me a ride to Uptown Plaza. The girl then looks at the directory to try to figure out where they parked the car. In looking at the directory, I notice there are several different garages attached to this mall and the girl doesnít have a clue which one they parked in. She says she and her mom are just checking all the garages until they find the car. She isnít even sure which garages her mom is checking and which she is supposed to check.

      We go to the closest garage and walk though all of the levels checking every parking spot, but the girl doesnít see the car in any spaces. We go back into the mall and then find the next closest parking deck and walk though it. When we are on the 6th level, the girl gets really excited and says she has found the car. She then calls her mom and tells her she has found the car on the 6th level on the purple garage. She tells her mom where to find the car when she gets to that level and then says see you soon and hangs up the phone. She then leads me to a rusted tan 1970ís two door Oldsmobile with a cracked vinyl top which is covered with bumper stickers for different progressive causes. When we get to the car, I notice it is full of junk with just spots for the girl and her mother to sit. While the girl is trying to clear a spot for me by tossing stuff in the middle of the front seat to the back seat, I tell her that for the ride, but I can just walk so she doesnít have to go through all of this trouble of making a spot for me in the car. She gets really offended and takes a break from cleaning out a space to ask if I am embarrassed to ride in the car. I tell her no, that I just hate for her to go through all of this trouble. She says it is no trouble and then goes back to cleaning junk of the tan vinyl bench seat.

      When she finally has the front seat clean, she tells me to get in and points to the middle seat. She says she wants her mom to get to talk to me some and that she knows her mom will like me. I get in the car and scoot over to the middle seat and then she gets in the passenger seat and closes the door.

      We then sit and wait in the car for a really long time for her mom. She call once and has gone to the wrong garage. We wait a while longer and then her mom calls again and again cannot find the car because she has gone to the wrong garage. After another long wait, her phone rings again and again her mom has gone to the wrong garage. This time the girl gets out of the car and I can hear her giving her mom landmarks to help her find the right garage. While the girl is out talking to her mom, I decide we are never leaving the garage and decide to go back to the mall and get an uber back to my hotel. When the girl gets off the phone, I tell her and she gets really offended and again thinks I am embarrassed to ride in their car and promises her mom will be to the car soon. I reluctantly get back into the middle seat and wait in the car with the girl. Her phone rings again, and I hear her tell her mom we are on the 6th level of the purple garage, not the green garage. We wait a while longer and then her phone rings again and I hear her tell her mom we are on the 6th level, not the 5th level. She tells me here mom is in the right garage and should be here any minute.

      Soon a big disheveled woman with bleach blonde hair is opening the driver side door and sitting down in the driver seat. At first she seems oblivious that I am sitting next to her in the car and keeps ranting to her daughter about how hard it was to find the car. When she finally stops ranting, her daughter introduces her to me and reminder her they are giving me a ride to the Westin. I can tell this woman is bat shit crazy based on our brief conversation.

      Eventually, the woman puts the key in the ignition and tries to start the car. After several cranks, I ask if the car is going to start and she tells me not to worry that it is always a process getting the car to start. While the woman keeps pumping the accelerator and turning the key without any success, I whisper to the daughter that I will just take an uber and ask her to let me out. She again gets really offended and tells me her mom will get the car started but it can take a while sometimes.

      While I continue to sit between them while the mother keeps pumping on the accelerator and turning the key, I see her look down at my feet and then loudly tell me that she thinks I stepped in shit. I ask her or the daughter to let me out to clean my shoe, but they both tell me I can just clean it when I get there that they are not worried about their car being clean and that she wants to be able to go as soon as the car starts. I didnít seem to bother either of them that I was sitting between them with shit on my shoe an I was stuck just sitting there with the shit on my shoe.

      I work up from this dream still sitting between the woman and her daughter in the front seat of their old car in the parking deck and the woman trying to start the car but having no luck. I kind of felt like I was in the Sinefeld parking garage episode at the end of the dream because the car was hard to find and then wouldnít start.
    5. Dream where I was helping at a church clothing drive

      by , 11-11-2020 at 05:06 AM
      I had a dream last night where I was helping with a clothing and supply drive at a large church that is in the town where I live now. It is not a church that I regularly go to, but I have some friends that go there and have been to some weddings there and also brough old clothing when they have had clothing drives.

      When the dream started, I was waiting in the parking lot for people to come and donate stuff. When a driver would pull-up, I would take the items they were donating from them and then would carry it into the large fellowship hall where a bunch of people were sorting out donations and putting like items together. I was greeting people and taking the things they wanted to donate into the fellowship hall and if they requested it, giving them a receipt for their donations. It almost seemed like I was working at a Goodwill store, but I was at the church volunteering for them instead. In the dream, several people I know in my waking life were stopping by in the cars they drive now to donate stuff. I think the dream was set in the present time, although no-one was waring masks or social distancing so I think we were not dealing with COVID in the dream.

      When the time period for people to donate had past, I went into the fellowship hall to see if I was done or if they needed more help. When I walked in, I saw that everything had been sorted and boxed-up. A big middle aged lady with greying blonde hair saw me and asked if I had time to help take boxes out to the truck. When I said I could, she pointed to the boxes that she wanted taken out first and then told me where to find the truck behind the building.

      I then took as many boxes as I could handle and carried them out to where she told me the truck was. When I got to the truck, I saw it was the old half ton truck the city has let events I help run in my waking life borrow. I loaded the boxes into the back of the truck and then kept going back into the fellowship hall to get more boxes and brining them out to the truck.

      It seemed like each time I went in to get more boxes, both the number of boxes and number of people in the fellowship hall were fewer and fewer each time I went in. I kept taking boxes out to the truck and then going back into the fellowship hall and getting more boxes and taking them out to the truck.

      After taking another handful of boxes out to the truck, I started to walk back into the fellowship hall and saw the big lady and a chunky girl with long brown hair who looked to be 13-14 walking out towards the truck each carrying a box. The lady told me that they had the last two boxes and there was nothing else to load onto the truck. She then asked if I could help her tie the boxes to the truck bed.

      I stood on one side of the truck bed and caught straps when the lady tossed them over from the other side and then hooked them in and tightened them. While we did this, the girl who had carried the last box looked on and I figured she was the ladyís daughter since she stood near the lady. As we were securing the boxes I learned that the lady was the outreach minister at the church and the girl was indeed her daughter.

      Once we had the boxes secure to the truck, the lady asked me how much longer I could help. When I told her I could help until around 5, she told me that was great since she needed help unloading boxes at the rescue mission. She said it shouldnít take more than an hour and that I could ride in the truck with she and her daughter and then lead us towards the passenger side of the truck.

      When we got to the passenger side door, the lady opened it and then asked me to ride in the middle so her daughter could have the shoulder belt. I climbed into the cab which had the same cracked and worn tan interior and then moved over to the middle to make room for her daughter who then sat down next to me and buckled the shoulder belt. The lady then told us she needed to go lock up the fellowship hall and would be right back before closing me and her daughter in the cab.

      While me and the girl waited in the truck for the lady to come back, she was telling me about other outreach things her mom handles at the church that she likes and was trying to encourage me to come out and help with some of them. While she kept talking I noticed that something smelled bad. I couldnít decide if it was the interior of the truck that smelled or if the girl had body odor, so I didnít say anything and tried to ignore it.

      Eventually, the lady was getting into the truck and then playing with the key, accelerator, and stick shift trying to get the truck to start just like I always have to when I try to start it in my waking life. While she was fooling with the stick shift, I saw her staring at the floor and then she told me she thought I may have stepped into some poo. I woke up not long after she told me this, really embarrassed that some lady I had just met discovered I stepped in poo.
    6. Dream where I was helping a woman move

      by , 11-08-2020 at 06:05 PM
      I had a dream last night were I was helping a middle aged woman and her daughter move. When the dream started, I was working with 3 college aged guys and was taking stuff from a 3rd floor apartment to an old green box truck from a furniture company that was backed into a parking spot near the building the apartment was in.

      The staircase was really narrow and the 3 other guys were having to spend time figuring out how to get the big stuff down the staircase to the truck. I think they must have been older/stronger than me, because they were handling all of the big stuff like furniture and I was handling smaller stuff like boxes. While the woman wasnít doing much heavy lifting, she was keeping a close eye on us and directing us. At one point, she showed me the boxes that were fragile and told me to wait to move them till she told me it was time. She was an attractive middle aged blonde woman with an athletic body. Her daughter who looked to be about 10-12 years old was small and had darker blonde hair and wore glasses. She was following us and watching closely when we moved her stuff from her room to the truck and then went back to the playground when we were done with her stuff.

      Eventually, the woman told me it was time to move the fragile stuff and to ONLY carry one box at a time. I then spend a long time carrying the boxes to the truck where she carefully placed them in while the guys were struggling with moving her mattress and then a wrap around couch from the 3rd floor apartment to the truck. I was having to use the back staircase so I could stay out of their way, and could see the daughter playing with friends on the playground when walking up and down those stairs.

      Eventually, we had everything out to the truck and the apartment was empty, I found out I was going with the woman and girl to unload the truck while the other 3 guys were done for the day. The woman told me that they had to go and that she had 3 or 4 other guys meeting us at her new place to help me unload. As the woman was getting ready to go back into her apartment to get money to pay the guys, she told me to go ahead and get in the truck and wait for her and reminded me that she was paying me for me time even when I was in the truck. I then said goodbye to the 3 guys I had been working with and then went and got in the cab of the truck.

      Once I got in the cab, I noticed the truck was even older than I had though and look like the interior of a GMC truck from the late 70ís or early 80ís. After I closed the passenger side door, I noticed the cab smelled horrible and the air was getting stale, so I opened it back up.

      While the guys were still standing by their car waiting to be paid, the daughter appeared at the passenger side of the truck and told me to scoot over. I asked if she would rather sit next to her mom and she said no, that she wanted to see out the window an her mommy said she could decide since I was being paid and she wasnít. I reluctantly moved over to the middle seat and then the daughter jumped up into the cab and then sat down in the passenger seat. She immediately closed the door and then buckled her seatbelt. She then told me I needed to buckle-up because her mommy says if the butts on the seat the belt must be buckled.

      Soon the tuck starts to smell again and the girl notices it. I suggest she open the door or window, but she is worried about bugs coming in so I am stuck with the bad smell and stale air. As we wait for her mom, she keeps telling me how excited she is about riding in the truck and that she has never ridden in a big truck before. She was starting to get on my nerves talking about how excited she was about getting to ride in the truck. I turn my head away from her and see the 3 college guys getting in their car and woman walking towards the truck.

      When the woman gets to the truck, she opens the driver side door, puts her purse on the empty driver seat next to me, and then tells us she needs to go turn in her key at the office. She tells us to sit tight and that she will be back as soon as she can and then closes us back in.

      I then have to spend an even longer time in the smelly truck cab with the daughter and try my best to ignore her as her constant talking in getting on my nerves. Eventually, I hear her say here comes mommy and then see her mom walking towards the truck.

      When the woman gets into the driver seat and closes the door she immediately notices that the cab smells like poo and ask me and her daughter if we may have stepped in poo. We both deny it, and I tell her the truck smelled like this before I got in. She tells me to check my shoe because it smelled fine when she picked it up yesterday. I look down and see that there is something on my right shoe and tell the woman and her daughter that I stepped in something.

      The woman then flips out and starts going off about her brother loaning her the truck and how embarrassed she will be if I got any poo on it and that she is worried I may have tracked into her apartment and she will lose her deposit because of it. She becomes paranoid about both of these things and keeps talking about them, while her daughter is telling me how gross it is that I stepped in poo.

      I woke-up from this dream while the woman was going off about be stepping in poo and while I was waiting for she or her daughter to let me out of the truck so I could clean-up my shoe.
    7. Dream where I was working for a catering company with over the top woman

      by , 11-06-2020 at 04:12 AM
      I had a dream last night where I was working for a catering company and was serving as bartender at an event in the back yard of a really nice house. The house was a mansion with a terraced back yard that backed-up to a large lake or a river. I was working at the party with an athletic middle aged lady with shoulder length blonde hair and girl in her late teens or early twenties who had long blond hair that was pulled into a pony tail. The middle aged lady was in charge of the even and the girl who was her daughter was taking turns passing around finger food on a tray and then going back around and picking up empty plates and glasses. Sometimes she would also come-up to the bar where I was working and get a fresh drink for guests with empty glasses. I think the dream was set in the present time because the woman, girl, and me were all wearing masks and the party was outdoors and everyone was practicing social distancing.

      The house and yard that backed-up to the water were beautiful and well maintained. I do not know whose house it was, but the yard looked like the grounds you would see at a palace. There was a boat house and dock that went out into the water at the end of the back yard and there were some really nice boats that were tied to it. While working at the bar, I would see guests to the party come and go in boats sometimes.

      While I was tending the bar, I would see the woman walking around keeping an eye on everything and putting food out for the guests to eat. Sometimes I would see her keeping an eye on me. A few times she would come behind the bar when no-one was waiting for a drink to let me know things I was doing that she didnít like and I needed to improve on. Sometimes she would come to have me make a drink for a guest. She definitely seemed to have very high expectations and seemed a little difficult to work for.

      When the party was over, I got to go into the house to take things from the kitchen back to a green 1980ís Silverado with a camper top with the catering company log on it was parked in a remote corner near a utility building out of site from the mansion and grounds where the party had been. The house was one of the nicest I had ever been in with everything inside of it super nice and expensive looking. It looked like the inside of a mansion you would pay to take a tour of. Whenever I was in the house, the woman or girl always seemed to be nearby and made sure I was sticking to the task at hand and not looking around.

      When we had everything out of the house and back in the truck, the lady told me to go ahead and get in the cab since I didnít have anything else to do and she didnít want me standing around. I open the passenger side door and sit down on the brown vinyl bench seat and then roll down the window and take off my mask because it is a little stuffy in the truck.

      Not long after I start looking at my cell phone, the blonde girl is at the passenger side door. She tells me to scoot over to the middle and then opens the door and sits down in the passenger seat. As soon as she closes the door, she quickly rolls-up the window I and opened and then tells me to put on my mask and then tells me to buckle-up as she puts on her seat belt. I pick-up my phone to look at it, and girl tells me I need to keep it in my pocket and tells me that I need to sit-up strait and keep my hands in my lap like she is doing. I guess this is my first time working an event for them, because the girl is explaining to me how her mother expects us to act when we are waiting for her in the truck. She tells me that when we are waiting in the truck after an event that her mom expects us to sit up strait and stay still and look strait ahead because she wants us to look professional in case anyone sees us. She says we all have to keep our masks on whenever we are on the location where an even takes place incase someone sees us.

      After we have been waiting for a few more minutes, I ask her why it is taking her mom so long to load everything back in the truck. She tells me she and her mom finished loading the truck before she got in with me and that her mom has gone back to talk with the hosts and make sure nothing was left behind. She tells me we probably wonít be going anywhere anytime soon because her mom usually spends at least 10-20 minutes with them and making sure everything has been cleaned-up. I start to slump down in the seat and the blond girl nudges me with her hand and tells me I need to sit up strait. I then turn my head towards to passenger side window to see if I can see what her mom is doing and she reminds me I need to be looking strait ahead. I them just focus on the water a few hundred yards in front of us wile the girl and I carry on a conversation and she gives me a heads-up about other things her mother will expect from me and keeps talking about other employees who either left or were fired because they didnít meet her mother expectations. Whenever I am not sitting up strait or looking strait ahead, the blonde girl corrects me.

      After we have been waiting in the cab for a really long time, her mother is finally opening the driver side door. I turn to look at her, and she tells me I need to just look strait ahead. I look towards her again when she is trying to start the truck, and she reminds me that I need to look strait ahead and sit up strait until we are out of there driveway. When she gets the tuck started and is putting it in gear, she reminds both me and her daughter that we need to look strait ahead until we are out of the driveway. She says she knows we want to look at the house and grounds while we are driving out, but she is afraid the hosts might see us starting and gawking.

      I have to resist the temptation to look around during the drive out their really long driveway and not turn to look at the house or fountains and statues in the front yard. When we get to the end of the driveway, she reminds us both to keep looking strait ahead and then makes a left turn onto the road. After we get to the end of the road and make a right turn onto the next road, she tells us we can now take our masks off and look wherever we want. The daughter quickly takes her mask off and I take mine off right afterwards while the woman keeps hers on since she is driving. When she gets to a stop sign, she takes her mask off and then tells us that she will find a place to stop so she can get some gas and we can use the bathroom and stretch since we have a long drive ahead of us. As she keeps driving, she is telling us that the hosts seemed really happy with how the event went and thank us for both for working hard and making sure that the guests and hosts were well taken care of. She then told me that the hosts had mentioned to her that several people told them I made great drinks and she was happy to have me on their team. As the woman kept driving, I saw there were communities with golf courses on both sides of the road. I figured we were getting closer to town and a bathroom and stretch break.

      When we got to a red light, the woman put the truck in park and then leaned over me and her daughter to pull a map out of the glove box. When the light turned green, she went through it and then pulled off the side of the road to look more closely at the map. I asked if she needed me to get her directions on my phone and she told me she was old school and like using a map. When done studying it, she leaned back over me to put in back in the glove box. After she was done, she sniffed around the interior of the truck and then told me and her daughter that she thought she smelled poo and told us to check our shoes. I looked down at my black shoes and saw that I had stepped in something.

      I held off on saying anything until I heard her daughter say ďnot meĒ. I then reluctantly told her I had stepped in something. She then groaned really loud and started interrogating me. She asked me if I had checked me shoes before going into the house. When I told her no, she asked me the last time I knew my shoes were clean. When I told her I hadnít looked at them since getting to the event, she slammed the truck in drive and speed to the first empty parking lot she could find lecturing me on how irresponsible it was not to be checking my shoe and the I should have known to always check them before going into someoneís house.

      When she found a parking lot, she speed into a parking place and then slammed the tuck in park and turned it off. She told me she had to call the hosts to make sure no one had tracked into their house and that she would have to pay to clean anything I tracked on. As she was getting out, I started to undo my seatbelt to get out and clean my shoe when she snapped ďstayĒ and then slammed her door shut.

      As I watched her pacing around the parking lot and taking on the phone, her daughter was taking her turn lecturing me about how irresponsible I was not to check my shoes and that she couldnít believe I was that careless when we were working at such a nice house with expensive things. She also suddenly noticed how bad the truck smelled and was telling me how gross it was that she was having to smell it.

      I woke-up from this dream while the woman was still pacing around talking on her phone, not knowing if I had tracked anything into the mansion or if I was in the clear.
    8. Dream where I was riding in the Junior High carpool from hell

      by , 11-04-2020 at 03:51 AM
      I had a dream last night that was set at my junior high school where I think I was in junior high.

      It is the end of the school day and I am waiting for my carpool ride to come and pick me up but I donít see the car I am expecting anywhere in the line of cars. Soon a fat girl with really long brown hair is coming towards me. She says she has been looking all over for me and reminds me that today is the day her little sister has brownie scouts and her mom is already here.

      We walk towards a sport field where a bunch of girls in brownie scout uniforms are playing different games. She walks up to a really big leady who also has dark hair and tell her she has found me and then asks for the keys. The woman who I figure is her mother hands her the keys and then she leads me into the parking lot and then toward a really big 1980ís general motors station wagon that is white with wood trim. When we get to the passenger side door, she unlocks it and tells me we are both riding up front and that I am sitting in the middle as she points to the dark brown bench seat.

      After I get in, she tells me she needs to take the keys back to her mom and then leaves me in the station wagon by myself. While I am waiting alone in the old station wagon, I notice something really stinks but figure it is just the station wagon since it is old and the interior is dirty.

      Soon I see the fat girl walking back towards the station wagon. When she gets to the passenger side door, she opens it up and then tells me that I need to go ahead and buckle-up because her mom expects everyone to put their seatbelt on as soon as they get in the car. She then sits down in the passenger seat to my right, buckles her seatbelt, and then closes the passenger side door.

      When then spend a long time waiting in the station wagon wile her sister and her friends are still running around on the field. It is not very comfortable waiting with her. Even though the station wagon is really big, the girl is fat and her fat body is pressing up against me.

      Eventually, I see her mom leading 5 girls in their brownie uniforms towards to station wagon. One of the girls is chubby and has dark hair and I figure that is the little sister of the girl sitting beside me. When they get to the station wagon, the mom opens the back door and the fat sister and two of her friends sit down there and then she opens the back gate and the other two girls sit down in the jump seat in the way back. The mom reminds everyone to buckle-up and then closes the tail gate and back door and then goes to talk to another mother who is already in the driver seat of a minivan filled with brownie scouts.

      While she is talking to her friend, all of the little girls start singing songs they had learned that day and the fat girl beside me then joins in with them. I cannot decide if is it worse having to be pressed up against the fat girl or having to listen to all of then sing annoying songs.

      While we are still waiting for the mother to get in, one of the girls in the backseat notices something smells after they have finished another really annoying song. The 5 girls in the back seat and way back all talk about the smell and decide it is me since I am the only boy in the car and boys smell. They all then start singing the jingle bells song saying that I smell. The fat girl sitting to my right starts laughing when they sing it and eventually starts singing it with them. I try to tell them that it isnít me, that it smelled when I got in but they keep singing the song and getting on my nerves.

      Finally, I hear the minivan start-up and then move forward out of the parking space. I then see the big woman go over and check on two brownie scouts who are still waiting for their ride and then stays with them until someone comes to pick them up and talks with the driver of the car for a few minutes. When the car drives away, she is finally walking towards the station wagon we are all waiting in. The five girls in the back are now getting on my nerves doing who stole the cookies from the cookie jar and getting on my nerves even more when one of them says I stole the cookies and I have to join in.

      When she gets to the driver side of the station wagon, she opens the driver side door and then plops down in the driver seat to my left. I have to move my body closer to her daughter so she can have enough room to get in. When she closes her door, I am squished between the fat mother and daughter. Both of them are pressed-up against me and I have no personal space because they are both fat. The mother talks to all the girls to decide the order for dropping everyone off and I am about to die when she talks because her breath is really bad and my nose is right by her. I know that regardless of the order she drops everyone off, I will be stuck in the middle of the front seat between then until the very end since they live across the street from me.

      When I am about at my wits end having the fat woman talk to the girls and breath in my face, she finally puts the keys in the ignition. At first the station wagon doesnít want to start, but after spending a few minutes pumping the accelerator and turning the key the fat woman gets it started and we pull out of the parking lot. There is a New Kids tape playing in the tape deck and the fat girl sitting next to me and the 5 girls in the back all sing along with the tape while I ride in misery and really wish I had a Walkman so I can tune them all out.

      After a couple of songs, we are at the end of the tape. The 5 girls in the back start singing another brownie song with the fat woman who is driving while the fat girl in the passenger seat leans forward and looks though the glove box for a new tape to put in the tap deck. As she is in front of me taking the New Kids tape out of the tap deck, I see her pause and sniff and then look down at my feet on the floorboard. She then loudly tells everyone that I have stepped in doggie doo. The five girls in the back immediately stop singing and start saying different rhymes about me stepping in doodoo and then start singing the jingle bells song again while I just want out of the car. When we get to a stop light, the fat woman sitting next to me gets in my face and starts getting after me for not being more careful watching where is was stepping and for getting doggie doo in her car while her nasty breath is torturing my noise.

      When the light finally turns green, the station wagon stalls out and the fat lady keeps turning the key and pumping on the accelerator but cannot get the car to stay running. I woke up from the dream while she was trying to get it started a people behind us were honking because the light was green but she wasnít moving.
    9. Dream where I was trick or treating with a fat girl and fat woman

      by , 11-01-2020 at 03:52 PM
      I had a dream last night where it was Halloween and I was trick or treating. I was dressed-up as a football player and was wearing a helmet and shoulder pads. I was going to houses with a girl who was probably 11 or 12 years old and was fat with shoulder length brown hair and was dressed as a princess. Her mother was with us as well and was really fat and had long curly brown hair. They were not people I know I my waking life. We were trick or treating in a really big subdivision where there were lots of houses closer together.

      We kept going door to door and getting lots of candy. The girls mother was definitely in charge and was telling us what to do and also kept telling me to make sure that her daughter was getting candy when we were walking to the door in big crowds. She was really concerned for some reason that people would not see her daughter and give her candy if we were in a crowd. As we were walking around, the mother would grab me by the arm and get in my face if I did something she did not like. She was definitely a redneck and also a chain smoker. She seemed to smoke one cigarette after another as we walked around.

      As we are walking around, I keep seeing people I went to high school with out trick or treating in their costumes. They all look like I remember them looking when I was in high school in my waking life. When I see them, they know me and I know them. I found this part of the dream really odd since I do not know who the woman and girl I am walking around with are and the neighborhood I am walking around

      After we had gone up and down all of the streets, the girls mother told us it was time to go. She then led us to a small red 1980ís Toyota pickup truck with a black camper top that was parked on the street. When we got there she fished out her keys and then unlocked and opened the passenger side door and then told me to give her my helmet and bag of candy so she can put them in the back. I stand off to the side so the fat girl could get in the truck since she was shorter than me, but her mom grabbed me by the arm and pulled me toward the truck and told me I was sitting in the middle because it could mess up her daughters princess dress.

      I get in the truck and scoot across the light brown vinyl bench seat to the middle so the girl can get into the passenger seat. Her mother then reaches in and puts the lap belt around my waist and gripes about having to buckle me in herself while she tightens it. The fat girl then sits down in the passenger seat and her mother carefully buckles her in to make sure the shoulder belt doesnít mess-up her dress and lets her have a few pieces of candy before taking her candy bag and then slamming the passenger side door shut.

      The girl and I wait in the truck while she puts my helmet and our candy bags in the back and then stands in front of the truck and smokes a few more cigarettes. I notice something smells horrible in the truck but figure it is either that the truck smells since it is old or that the fat girl has body odor. It is not comfortable in the truck with the girl because I have my legs on a hump straddling the stick shift and the truck cab is small and the girl is fat and her body is pressed against me.

      Finally the fat woman is opening the driver side door and getting into the driver seat. She is really fat and I have to move my body towards the fat girl to make room for her so she can close her door. I am now squished between the fat woman and the fat girl. Both of their bodies are pressed against mine and it is really uncomfortable. The fat woman also reeks of the all of the cigarettes that she was smoking while we were trick or treating. When she talks to the girl and I, I can smell the cigarettes on her breath and it is disgusting.

      Eventually, the woman turns the keys to start-up the truck but it is really hard to start and she gets more and more agitated each time she turns the key and it doesnít start-up. While she is trying to start it, the fat girl leans in towards me to see what is going on and bumps into me which causes my foot to get knocked off the hump and brush against the fat womanís leg. She looks down and then grabs my arm and gets in my face because I stepped in dog shit and got it over her leg. I woke up from this dream with the fat woman having her face right in front of mine screaming at me and spitting in my face because I stepped in dog shit and got in on her leg and on her truck. I woke-up from this dream while she was still grabbing me and screaming at me and when I woke up was afraid she may have started hitting me if the dream had continued much longer because she was really angry and only getting angrier the longer she screamed at me.
    10. Dream where I was at a Halloween Party with two sisters

      by , 10-31-2020 at 03:29 PM
      I had a dream where it was my first fall in a new town and was at a Halloween Party out in the country with two sisters who were my neighbors. The older girl was a senior in high school and was dressed as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and had a really nice body and long blonde hair. The younger girl was a freshman in high school and was dressed as a redneck and had light brown hair that she had in pig tails, she was cute but not as hot as her older sister who I was definitely interested in.

      While at the party, I kept trying to stay within site of the older sister and got to meet several of her friends. I think I must have been a junior in high school because when she introduced me to her friends, she kept telling me I was a year behind them. Sometimes, the younger sister would come and find me and pull me away to come and be with her. I think that she may have been interested in me like I was interested in her sister because she kept wanting my attention like I wanted her hot sisters attention. Whenever she would start talking to some of her friends, I would break away and go find her older sister. This cycle repeated several times where I would be with the older sister, the younger sister would find me an pull me away, and then I would break away and find the older sister again.

      When the party was over, I followed the girls to a brown 1970ís Ford pickup that had been restored. When we got to the truck, the older girl pulled out her keys and then unlocked the passenger side door so me and her sister could get in. I stood off to the side so her younger sister could get in, but they said they wanted me to ride in the middle between them because they both wanted to sit next to me. I figured that if the older girl wanted me to ride next to her, then she must be interested in me as well. I got into the cab first and moved over to the middle seat and then the younger sister got into the passenger seat and closed the door.

      I talked with the younger girl for a minute or two and then looked over toward the driver seat and noticed that the older sister I was really interested in had not gotten in yet and was not anywhere near the driver side door outside. I then looked through the windshield and saw her about 50 yards in front of the truck talking to a group of other guys and girls she had introduced me to earlier who were all seniors in high school. I looked closer and saw that she was with 5 guys and 4 other girls. As I was starting at them, I saw the girl hugging one of the guys and then twirling her blonde hair while the talked and started to get concerned that maybe they were a couple.

      As I continued to start at them, I felt someone tapping my ribs and turned to see the younger sister in the passenger seat trying to get my attention. I turned to her and asked where her sister was, and she told me she was hanging out with her boyfriend and it could be a while. She then nudged me again and said that meant that just meant that the longer she was with him, the more time we had to hang out together. She said her sister only wanted me to ride in the middle so I would stay in the cab with her.

      I had a really sinking feeling of defeat when she said this and did not enjoy being stuck in the cab taking with a girl who was two years younger than me whose idea of a relationship was different that I was wanting. While she kept talking and carrying on a conversation, I kept looking through the windshield at the older sister and her friends who were having fun hanging out and was so jealous of them.

      Finally, I saw the friends start to move in different directions and then saw the hot older sister give her boyfriend a long hug before he walk away with some of his friends and she turned to walk back toward to truck where we were waiting. I am sure I was starting at her as she walked back towards us in the cheerleader outfit with her blonde hair blowing in the wind.

      When she got to the truck, she opened the driver side door and then sat down next to me. As she closed her door, she said she hope we had fun hanging out and that we didnít do anything naughty she would have to tell her mom and mine as she laughed. She and her sister talked for a few minutes, but it was like I didnít exist and she didnít her anything I said when I tried to join the conversation. It was pretty clear she had no interest for me and had just invited me to the party because her little sister liked me and she figured I would be someone for her to hang out with so she could spend more time with her boyfriend.

      Eventually, the girls stopped talking and the older sister put the keys in the ignition. As she was doing this she stopped and turned her head in my direction and started sniffing. She then said she though that truck smelled like shit and asked if either of us may have stepped in dog shit. When we both said we didnít think so, she turned on the interior light and said we should all do a shoe check. As I was bending down to check my shoes, I hear the older sister say it wasnít her and then saw her turn to me and tell me I had stepped in shit. She then started telling me it was super disgusting and asked how I didnít notice it while I was in her truck. It was clear she was not happy with me doing that.

      I woke-up from this dream really embarrassed that the hot girl I was interested in and discovered I had stepped in dog shit and paranoid that both girls probably though I was gross and an idiot.