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    Thread: Called a Number I Got in a Dream

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      Arrow Called a Number I Got in a Dream

      Ok. So A few weeks ago I dreamt an extremely long dream in which this world was actually fake. Blah, blah ,blah. I "Woke up" in a lab in which we were all being tested, a girl died and stuff but a guy which I met at the end of my dream gave me his number for me to call him (just as he was "connecting" me back to the machines)

      I called the number in real life and a guy answered. He had the same voice and I asked if it was Daniel. He said yes. (Daniel IS a really common name though) I told him if he knew a person named Max *Last Name* (Me) he said it sounded extremely familiar but no. I somehow got him to add me on facebook and he does look the same, but we´ve never met. This is extremely weird. I´ve had this dream a few times already and it keeps insiting to go meet him in person. Like... what the hell? This dream keeps insisting.

      I´ve heard and read that people have dreamed with their future partner but I already met him and the dream keeps coming back telling me to get closer.

      Is there any explanation to this or has someone experienced something similar?

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      Is there any explanation to this or has someone experienced something similar?
      There is only those explanations that you feel suits you the best. Some might want to tell you that it's the brain that fire of a bunch of things connected to this and that. This might be true.. But what do YOU feel like doing about all this? You could hang out with the guy and get to know him, and if it doesn't feel good for you to hang out with him, then let it go. But you could also try to ask out loud in your dream, why the dream want you to initiate any conntact with him as well. And see how that plays out for you.

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      Eh...Its kind of strange that a stranger would add you on facebook unless they felt they had their important information private. I think it would be best to do what dreamybear said and ask the dream why but when it comes to meeting the person, I think thats going too far since you don't know any history about this person or if you could put your well being at risk by meeting them. I find it hard to believe it is a fated meaning but it can't hurt to ask for the meaning in your dream.

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      Cool Connecting With Your Better Half

      This is fascinating, when you think the meaning of your dream is about the world being fake, and your test probably to fix that. To make it real.
      What's the answer? This real guy is symbolic for that. You see?
      The dream telling you to keep meeting this guy is to stop the mechanical way things have become or like going through the motions, feeling like being part of the machine, maybe because emotions, possibly the meaning of the girl, died. But she is you. And to connect with proper control or change a guy can represent.
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      Daniel means "God is my judge."
      This might mean you have correct judgement, and want to make it right, or want the truth, and justice.
      Daniel IS a really common name. But even if the most common name, given all the names there are, really what are the chances that number is of that name?
      So I think he is your partner within.

      This looks like a case of a dream going out of its way to prove a point. And it's brilliant. Well done.
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      That is a very interesting coincidence, although I am not really that surprised - some people will eventually have dreams that happen to match waking life in several ways, and this can seem strange to the people who experience it.
      It's probably one of those "monkeys typing on keyboards" scenarios.

      Then again, dreams are weird in many ways, and there are still lots of things to discover about them.

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      Or it might be that we really are in a simulation and Daniel is offering you the truth like in the Matrix lol

      I'm joking but on a more serious note some scientists really do think it is possible that our world is indeed just a simulation...

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