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      A series that i found intresting

      i found this series by accidant on youtube,found it very intresting,here is a link to the prticular ep i found worth watching,watch it and let me know your thoughts about it.
      watch ep 34,35,36,37,38,
      am still watching,and i'll see if anything is as intersting as these eps.
      The Arrivals pt.34 (The Infiltration of Religion) SD - YouTube
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      What the fuck is this dumbass talking about? Of course polytheistic religions have been oppressed, they not only oppressed each other but were also horribly oppressed by monotheistic religions. I'm about 3 minutes in and this is the biggest load of garbage I've looked at in a long time. Hindus have faced all sorts of oppression. Since the birth of totalitarian agriculture, religions have been at war because having a religion gave you the knowledge that you were right and everybody outside your religion is wrong. Polytheism is the birth of the conquering religion.

      Okay, it just showed a shitload of religious imagery claiming none of those religions were ever challenged by those in power. And it... get this... includes the roman Olympians (challenged by the Catholics and the Holy Roman Empire), the Egyptians (wiped out by Islam), then, and this parts weird, it shows Michelangelo's CREATION OF ADAM painting, which I believe is a monotheistic symbol, even though it claims to be listing polytheistic religions. Then it shows a statue of what may be Buddha, followed by a painting of Ganesha, and another famous indian statue, I don't remember the name of which but I do remember it represents the many faces of one god (monotheistic!). In fact, Hinduism is also monotheistic in that it only has one Brahman, all other gods are a fraction of Brahman. Now here's my favorite part. It then shows an image of the church of SCIENTOLOGY! Are you fucking kidding me? Scientology has never faced any opposition? Really? So watching them get continuously sued, ridiculed on television and investigated by agencies like the FBI... I guess that doesn't count as oppression.

      So yeah so far it claims that Roman Paganism, Renaissance Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Scientology and some other religion using the Star of David have never been oppressed or challenged by those in power, but the actual claim in text is that no polytheistic religion has ever been challenged (showing that who ever edited this video is fucking retarded from several directions)

      Let's continue

      Now it claims that the only the true religions are judaism, christianity and islam because only their holy scriptures came from god. That's right, Lao Tsu was a person, Siddharta was a person, the vedas were all apparently created by people, but Moses was only channeling the Torah, not writing it. The torah was divinely inspired, and even though the vedas claim the same authorship, they're obviously bullshit because well, apparently Hinduism is polytheistic because they believe all gods come from one god but Christianity and Islam are not polytheistic because everything comes from one God.

      This is beginning to become to ridiculous to even comment on.
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