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      Theological question, primarily directed at catholics

      From what I understand the Catholic Church no longer claims that the story of Adam and Eve is literally true and they accept evolution. If this is so then it would seem the concept of original sin is no longer relevant, yet it is still taught as far as I can tell from the catholics I know(I'm surrounded by them). I am missing something?
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      I think that once a Christian says even a single word in the Bible is not to be taken literally, it opens the door to the entire book being up for interpretation and not to be counted on as literal anywhere in it. If metaphors are used, how do we know what's a metaphor and what's not? I think this news is a sign that Christianity is on the way out.
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      Catholics are all about contradicting what their own catholic church dogma, they just dont realize it. I had a book once that parallels what catholic people believe in and what the catholic church believes in - the two sides never matched. Yet catholics continue to call themselves catholics despite not actually believing what catholicism stands for.

      For example. Catholicism clearly states that the Catholic Church is the one and ONLY true church of Christ - I mean they make you profess it every time at church but did anyone pay attention? While Catholics takes a lot of pride being "the true church" they have no idea that back in the dark ages this literally meant other christians don't go to heaven. This is why the church was able to justify slaughtering protestants. They make fun of jehova witnesses all the time for that silly idea that everyone else goes to hell, but they have no idea its actually a part of the catholic dogma.

      Catholics are changing, probably faster than any major christian group. I mean, they accept science. What about the whole do aliens need to accept Jesus? That bursts bubbles really quick.

      I think the falling-transformation of the catholic church all started with the extreme adoration catholics hold for Mother Mary. Catholics have unknowingly raised Mother Mary up to Goddess stature. Fundie christians criticize catholics all the time for the love and devotion to *hiss* a woman. But I think its because catholics have opened themselves to loving the feminine side that they have a chance to walk away from the dark ages.

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      The story of Original Sin was always symbolic from my point of view. That doesn't make it less valid just because god didn't literally tell mankind they were all sinners now because he was so fucking petty he couldn't handle one missing fruit from one worthless fucking tree.

      Mankind suffers like no other species on the planet, because we're the only species to evolve a sense of identity, separation and lack. The death of Jesus does not signify the end of original sin, the life of Jesus exemplifies the means to overcome to this suffering.

      Everything works out in the end, sometimes even badly.

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