I see so many posts about apples,mangoes and bananas all the time on DV's, but not one comparing them side by side and giving us the exact conclusion to the best one. Now of course we are all different and for sure all dream different. That is why I have created this post to hopefully get the best conclusion for the DV community.They all contain B6 that helps us dream and some of them contain more then the others,but the fruits with less B6 also contain other chemicals that are used in response to our dreams.That is why I have posted this thread to compare all three side by side.So here is what I am thinking:

1. I want to gather a team of 5 people for each fruit (apples,bananas,and mangoes).

2. I want to start small, each night have each tester eat one serving of there fruits for one week.

3. Each of the testers will record there progress for the week and then come back with the concluded data at the end of the week. (the record would have to have LD count, dream count, vividness of the dreams,and of course how many hours of sleep you got)

4. If we can i will try to set up a longer experiment after this one and hopefully if we run into any flaws can fix them

so this is pretty much the sign up sheet,if you are interested in joining this experiment just post below you're in and what team you would want to be part of. After that let me get back to you with details and other things. I will let you know when our week test will start.