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    Thread: I need knowledgeable people to answer my one question...

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      I need knowledgeable people to answer my one question...

      Can dreams predict the future?

      There's this girl that I love since forever, but I almost never think of her nor dream of her and I haven't seen her in almost 4 years. Yesterday I dreamed of her. In that dream we were hanging out at some house and I felt there was some tension between us, meaning that I still love her like always. The dream was basically me trying to make her like me the way I like her not just as friends. When I woke up I felt ,like, kinda happy, kinda depressed, idk both at the same time, just a weird sensation. All day long I felt that way, feeling like I was going to see her after all these years. Surprise surprise, in my last bus to home in that day, guess who I saw? yup her I saw her. I sat besides her and we talked the whole trip, about work and how was life ... but while that was happening I was feeling really awkward, because of the dream that I had just a few hours ago. Until now I'm still speechless on how on earth in the same exact day that dream of her, after 4 years without seeing/speaking with each other, I see her in that same exact day? how? can someone tell me what are the odds!
      Thank you

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