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    Thread: Why Einstein's falling man feels no gravity, and better understanding inertia and gravity.

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      Thumbs up Why Einstein's falling man feels no gravity, and better understanding inertia and gravity.

      Full gravity involves full distance in/of space as it is seen, felt, and touched. This pertains to visible space (being and experience). (Stand up and look down at the visible Earth/ground and watch someone touch the top of their visible head/body.) Clearly, this is important.

      We live in the invisible space because the space is necessarily a middle distance in/of space that involves visible and invisible space in fundamental equilibrium and balance with half gravity and half inertia. Notice the equivalency here that involves the cancelling/balancing of visible and invisible space (in fundamental equilibrium).

      Outer space is entirely full inertia, and no distance in/of space, insofar as it precludes and entirely destroys our being, thought, and experience (including visual). We cannot fully or really/truly experience outer space as it is at all. We do not and cannot live there.

      Therefore, importantly and interestingly, this important conception of the middle distance in/of space confirms/is consistent with the following:

      1) This invisible space extends between the visible Earth/ground (full gravity) and outer space (full inertia).

      2) The falling man feels no gravity because (on balance) he is experiencing gravity.

      3) The invisible experience of the eye/body is necessarily detached in relation to touch. The falling man is in the invisible space.
      The space that the falling man SEES and is in (and experiencing) is invisible. He feels no gravity. The visible relation/aspect of gravity is balanced/cancelled. The space is invisible.

      4) This middle distance in/of space is (as it is) contracted and expanded in balance.

      5) This middle distance in/of space necessarily (as it is) has balanced attraction and repulsion.



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