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      All shape is impossible; the meaning of shape, is no shape.

      Pre-shape is an illusion. A degraded state prior to shape, together form shape, and force.

      Imagine the speeds, sounds and a pre-shape illusion symbolic of possibility. Pre-shape is super-massive, or super-small it depends on context, a family-shape, non-explainable, self-explained.

      There are many and there are few, pre-shape has the post-shape potential. Post-shape, that which shape not only encompasses, but compares. A shape with shape and without symmetry.

      If measured a square has horizontal, vertical and diagonal symmetry four corners, polarity and a dual face; if the front named, the sides and corners are ignored, therefore it is equally the back, unnamed.

      The planet is spherical, but a possible sphere is indefinable, and instead, objected. Objection, the opposite shape.

      An abyss, a pre-shape within shape, to be questioned indefinable. It can be pondered so at it's depths is a map of eternity; it's depths a scale and image. A degrading-shape born of degrading, thought of only in an imaginary way. An abyss is a shape described as waves, and has oceanic properties; a real image of an unreal shape; a comfort, at cost.

      Personality is a code among other codes, and an interactive animation, in a simpler non-code system.

      Spirit, the generation of persona, and synchronization of multiple personalities justly creativity.

      An imaginary spirit is possible, that's development is the study of the abyss shape; costly, but the prospect of enhancement.

      If we use imagination, a spiral can be thought of in the shape of an abyss; a spiral is the next generation, imaginary spirit; an eternal-shape kin to the eternal-shape of the abyss, to ponder. Connectivity!

      Eternal-shape evolution is the perfect eternal-shape-dynamic an eternity presumed soft-layer.

      Eternal-shape-dynamic is interactive; we may imagine a power, to further interaction (example, an engine, or a core, and other productivity).

      Body is a family-shape, multiple-parts work as a greater organism to produce a greater force; imagination is not perception, or smell, but the ill-defined, cohesion of sensory.

      Mind can adapt to comfort of a sense-relative property; imaginary-paint in mind-space; extrusion and indent, etc; imagination of pleasurable senses, and the sense-relative comfort, tension and orgasm the experience.

      The Kapazdrium is a genesis shape, a self-applicable adaptation of the abyss shape that can be separated.

      Personal evolution is full-adaptation, and the adept harsh we adapted. Our minds will evolve to supplement our sense, and our species will adapt and augment the geometry.

      Evil is unnatural; registered as parasitical nature-consumption! The technological is not self-supportive; anti-geometrical and prodigal stupidity.

      Cunning lesson; evil-contained.

      A full-turn is to be above what we have invented. A conceptual duplication the human-nature cloud.

      The philosophy of the human species on the named planet, is anti-white. All human races are effected by anti-white philosophy; the white race effected differently to the black race, a modal injury, and a neutral equilibrium.

      Triad-knot, a shape that demonstrates anti-white philosophy; a string around the ends of an imperfect trio, of pre-tied strings. A revolution-shape; the capacity to revolve and re-revolve the mind. A depth-engine can be incarnated to simulate deep-thought and stimulate imagination a second constant, and consistency.

      Cubes are shapes that can contain all other shapes; arrange all the shapes mentioned in this document, and more, in cubic space, and imagine the platforms.

      Cubes are formatted, a tesseract can be input as a tesseract is cube-platform. A cube can fathom depth and theory by weight of imagination. Order of input creates different outputs, a formatted cube is a cubic-mechanic, or a mechanism; metatrons-cube, or the mechanic of the cubic-mechanism.

      A theoretical cube is a wise-capacity.

      The pleasure aspect of shape theory is mental paradise, better unspoken; personal and communal dreams, states of mind; higher grades of emotion, etc.

      For example, 'the Spider and the White Rose', a game where a player competes for control over a central power; to control the central power is to dominate all other players in the ongoing game-state.

      We will take pain, and adapt, and more comfort will become available! For example, a splash-comfort, on an eye, seemingly a potent patch. Geometrical comfort, perhaps attuning air, and energy, to float, a possibility.

      To counter the negative effects of anti-white philosophy, is the wisest objective for the human species.
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      I really have no idea how you made the jump from "A square has 4 sides" to "Whites are superior", but it's uh... definitely something.

      *Moved that sorta racist shiz to Senseless Banter, because I don't know what else to do with it*
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      I never mentioned "whites are superior", but whites do populate most of the map.

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      Imagine new nature; the product of wisdom, duplicated by a relative product. Author, and the original. New massive-characters can be understood a great added-effect.

      Organism of an elemental shape can form; a mutation of human nature perception. A jump in sensory-set, not each sense separately; imagine a species might have eyes like red-glass pages, predators with muscle-feelers on their back overall a different sensory effect, therefore new nature. The time-continuum system of upgrade-star, and degrade-planet plus dragonfly-shape a mind, a star-father; a planet, a father-mother, added-effect, further far. An afloat part, adrift sense and new pain.

      Color is interactable; color is seen in a reverse sense; personal color, and color-patterns are imagined. Colour-sets are fine systems, we can imagine running-color: a blue multiply, a red subtract, a yellow add, a green divide and a purple master. Color and space are perceived, color-space frame and flux.

      Colors in new nature of an upward-state, manifolded. Change in original nature color at half-opacity, in an upward-state; for example, a faded yellow the fade-effect a new color-zone. Abstruse, but color to a capable receptor double-eye. An eye in upward-state with normal eye support; normal eye perception through upward-eye is purification of upward-state color; the upward-eye perception is a consumption-organism.

      A double-eye organ is an eye of two-layers, peceiving the same color. A support-layer and a supplement-layer; a support-layer receives supplement from a supported supplement-layer, it converts supplement to raw-pleasure. Organism degeneration, means there is a new need. A new nourishment; nourish, or degenerate become less agile, or injured a sacrifice-mechanism.

      Vision through a double-eye organ is a stability of raw-pleasure nourishment. Assume a survival capable species, that is adequately nourished; it's double-eye organ, a product of probable survivability.

      A raw-pleasure stream of the double-eye; the supplement-eye a probability device stimulated by counter-organism degeneration; when stimulated, raw-pleasure is more-probable. Counter-organism degeneration stimulation is a total-organism harmonic; when supplement-eye is stimulated it is rhythmic to related parts. A weakness to creative-thought, means improbability is ignored replaced with a species imagination-relative raw-pleasure; self-produced. Counter-organism degeneration rhythm and melody.

      Life-support in new nature is harsher at neutral; a low-probability of life, but in rare cases, high-probability. Organism degeneration support, and supported organisms, made possible via a natural nectar-effect. A massive bang creates mostly degraded life, but is a nectar-effect, and low-probability exo-life is possible.

      Exo-planets, formed from the original nectar-effect, are space-organisms; consumption of the original nectar-effect, results in contained nectar-effect father-consumption and father-reproduction. A super-small manifold. Waste life is that life which did not consume the original nectar-effect, can be conditioned by a secondary nectar-effect; special upgrade-stars of nectar-effect, and special degrade-planets of no nectar-effect, spreads luck unevenly, and there is less waste life. In later stages, normal upgrade-stars and degrade-planets formulate, on an exo-scale.

      An exo-type degrade-planet, and upgrade-star, share unique shape. A contained nectar-effect, a nectar-effect catalyst. Space in new nature is multi-dimensional; the past is stored, not sold. A degrade-planet feeds from the masculine-harsh of an upgrade-star the upgrade-star received through the unique shape; otherwise, an upgrade-star is support of orbital principles. Masculine-harsh of a degrade-planet is nectar-spawn, of the upgrade-star; an organism degeneration life-support.

      Nectar-spawn, a product of the unique shape added sense of, and therefore consumption of, upgrade-star. Nectar-spawn can evolve to a max, increasing the probability of pleasure. Nectar-spawn can be imagined as hyper-space light.

      Species can sense dual-light; hyper-space light and normal light. Light-nourishment at full and halved momentum. A light-seeker, as well as a light-receptor, by nature.

      Nectar-spawn at it's max evolution, means light-seeking is easiest. If a species fails to light-seek, it loses light-seeking agility. If it succeeds, there is pleasurable growth registered evolution or regeneration of agility. Optimism included.

      Life in new nature is imagined as life with super-effect; the aptitude to influence hyper-space! Organic life-forms may cause super-reactions in other organic life-forms, or in the environment.

      For example, a delayed deterrent near rich nectar-spawn, or an attractive release that highlights prey.

      Life-forms and degrade-planet are rhythmic; land, sea and air are supplement as well as support. Life-forms can step upward in scale, and undergo normal movement balanced by the solar-system.

      Sex and super-sex; super-sex being nectar-spawn supported sex limitless. May or may not influence reproduction; perhaps, max nectar-spawn evolution is required...
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      An upgrade-star effects land, sea and air differently; land is balanced, but sea and air are imbalanced; the unique shape subtracts from the rhythmic sea, to duplicate rhythm; adding to rhythmic air, and multiplying on rhythmic land dividing all-rhythmic. Special, unique shape related life-support, formulates by rhythmic-nature; more precise great natural phenomenon can occur.

      An upgrade-star system holds numerous upgrade-stars that cancel each other, a higher masculinity is accepted, due to masculine-harsh, a greater hold on a degrade-planet. An upgrade-star that collides with an upgrade-star, creates a monument of masculine-harsh, or an artefact-effect, dependant on the stars that collide.

      The monument of masculine-harsh, a quarter of a special upgrade-star, discoverable only during genesis.

      The monument is a quart nectar-effect, and three quarts star-debris; a spiral phenomenon, an elemental hole of massive property.

      An elemental hole can annoy stars and planets until they tilt, or crunch. The phenomena is to counter-balance star-systems to create good solar-systems.

      An elemental hole is capable of star-system collision; and precise collisions are possible, universally.

      Theoretically, an elemental hole holds massive-collision, and reproduces it.

      Upgrade-star collision is a winner-star and a loser-star; the winner-star is the nectar-effect that carries the loser-star debris foremostly. On impact, there is an explosion, and expulsion; a double-jest.

      Victory is determined by raw-power and stored-power, if the star is more apt to create the monumental effect.

      An upgrade-star stores power, constantly upgrading, either potently or pointlessly; an aged small star can win the collision against a larger star. Upgrade process is tempering masculine-harsh, harsher. Cores adapt to understand the outer, which reflects on the unique shape, form ever-changing the core, a unique shape incarnate; it struggles to understand the inner-star, and is fulfilled by rhythmic nature.

      Reflective and retractive, a core bonds with a star. A duality that reflects the inner, and retracts,spinning the outer. Cores are justified by the rhythmic-effect of upgrade-stars, but periodically break, a geometrical putty.
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