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      Everyman 2 Schedule + Questions!

      Hi there,

      Was thinking of trying to adapt to an Everyman 2 schedule at some point this year or possibly earlier this year, dependent on when i can get the time off work!

      Currently i get around a 7-7.5 hours of sleep per night, but with having to wake at 5am each morning and not getting back from swimming until 8.30/9 some evenings i don't like the idea of going to bed sooner, so I've got used to this amount of sleep, although sometimes i feel like i need more! So thought I'd give a variation of the Everyman a try.

      Initially i was thinking of getting a 5hour core, maybe 4.5hour and having 2 30minute naps during the day, and eventually reducing the core sleep to around 4hours, maybe less if i feel i can.

      Generally i finish work by 4pm most days, some days are sooner, but very rarely would this be later! Although i do have to get there for 6am

      With that in mind i was thinking the best schedule to suit me would be:

      00.00 - 05.00 - Core Sleep (5hours)
      16.30 - 17.00 - 1st nap (30mins)
      21.00 - 21.30 - 2nd nap (30mins)

      Hopefully that core sleep would eventually become 01.00 so there is a bit more of a gap after the 2nd nap. However is there too much time between the core sleep and the 1st nap? It's nearly 12hours and I know that people generally try and space the naps out evenly throughout the day.

      A few other questions about this type of sleep schedule though, is it pretty easy to change around nap times if you know you are going to be busy later on and may not be able to take the nap at the normal time, or do you feel really groggy, such as maybe having the 1st nap earlier if need be?

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      Gah, reread this and meant to put that I want to start either some point this year or earlier next**** year!

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