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    Thread: Two questions about W.I.L.D and dream.

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      Two questions about W.I.L.D and dream.

      I can easily go into W.I.L.D (or AP, depend from point of view)
      just wake up some time about 4 a.m
      keep focused mind, and i am in.
      But i am curious:

      1.Why i need help of sleep state for it?
      I can not do it in the day, it has to be night or i have to be tired.
      I want to do wild everywhere i want, in workplace, in day light, everywhere, why i need to wait until i am sleepy?
      What sleep state makes to me that i can attain wild?
      Is it only that i have relaxed body and focused mind?

      2.Sometimes at work when i have nothing to do i am trying to observe what is happening that my brain goes into sleep.
      So i focus and stop thinking, just observing thoughts.
      But this sneaky brain every time does something that before i realize i see that i break the sleep barrier.
      Its just like snap with fingers - i can only see that i was asleep for few seconds and missed this "something" again.
      And few seconds after this snap out from unconscious i remember that it was something like dream (but it cant be real dream cause no rem in few seconds is possible) and i remember that i was talking with someone, saw same images, peoples, things, but it was very short and unclear.
      So... How can i track exactly everything brain does when putting me to sleep?
      Its only force and will power and training?

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      I'd suggest you reading up this thread:
      It explains most of wild stuff

      1. You can't lucid dream without dreams, and for dreaming you need to be asleep aswell as in rem phase (Unless you will be lucky to get random dream in nrem phase which is rare?)
      2. I guess it could be called staying conscious when your body puts you in the sleep. You need to create perfect balance between awakeness and sleepness. Use some mental task like counting from 1 - 20 then starting again. If you fall asleep then you need to increase mental task's power and if your unable to fall asleep then decrease it.
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      I'm back! Again? Uhhh..

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      Yes, in the beginning when i was learning it i had wild in nrem, but i see it all as astral projection or obe. (just like described in this post http://www.dreamviews.com/beyond-dre...ml#post1803008)
      Still i believe that this is my mind projecting, not another astral world.
      I just wait of it, focus, hear the high pitched sound and exit from my body.
      Thanks for your answers.
      I want to learn to have obe all the time (as long as possible), and later create my own new world.
      (Dzięki, też jestem z Polski)
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