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      Over-sleeping/day-time sleeping to induce hypnagogia?

      Well so I've been wearing myself out to the max and was a little unhealthy over the last few days, which resulted in me sleeping for 22 hours (only getting up to give my cat food and water, then going back for sleep), then getting up for a few hours today to shower and have something to eat, before heading back to sleep again.

      Anyway I had my first ~7 lucid dreams over a period of a couple of years before I realised there were techniques to induce them, then I began practising the Wake Back to Bed technique about found I had somewhere in the region of a 30-40% chance of having a lucid dream every time I did it - wonderful. I practised it for a while, though due to unending difficulties stabilising my dreams and them usually lasting less than 30 seconds, I began to stop doing it, since I felt doing it every day for 3 days just to get 30 seconds of lucidity wasn't worth it. At one point I tried WILDs and found that most of the time I couldn't even get to the hypnagogic stage, or I'd fall asleep, or I'd get to the hypnagogic stage but I'd be thrust there too quickly and it'd be scary and I'd stop, so I gave up with those for ages too.

      Over time I'd keep having lucid dreams though, just more like one every 2 weeks. Anyway back to today, when I went back to sleep I remembered I'd keep waking up a lot due to having slept so much before, and it being daytime, one of those times I was just laying there staring at the ceiling and I remember I kept staring and it seemed like nothing changed but then I realised that wasn't my ceiling, that was a wall, and I looked around and instantly I knew I was an LD. I began to explore with excitement, it'd been a few weeks since my last LD and this one was lovely and vivid.

      The dream lasted a few minutes then again I was awake, again I found myself stuck in a hypnagogic state where I'd look at my room and the objects would begin to change without me noticing them changing, until my entire room changed into a dream scene. I repeated this and managed a record of 8 lucid dreams today over roughly an hour period! That's my record (previous record being 6 times in a night, one). Another cool thing was after the first time I knew that staring would result in this happening and I knew as soon as I was dreaming and was instantly lucid, it was easy as pie.

      Anyway, it was very pleasant how I'd just wake into that hypnagogic state or be able to induce it at will throughout that time period but I'm wondering quite how it happened? Never had something like that before, and it was my first (albeit accidental) success with WILDs. (though I'd call it a WBTB + WILD combo)

      I was wondering if it was due to the excess amount of sleep I was getting and sleeping when I felt tired but really my body was well rested, resulting in me often finding myself in the limbo between wake and sleep? Or maybe not because of the excess but simply because I went to sleep only a few hours after waking up when my body was used to going out and doing things.

      Anyone have any thoughts? Today's experience was wonderful, I was a little down over the last few days and it perked me right up, very exciting and brought my LD count up to 100
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