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      I WILDed in the evening (after all day in work) multiple times

      I appologize If someone posted something similar here In the first place... I didn't read all the threads...

      Sooo... I got something to share that happened to me few times recently... it is actually more of a sleeping disorder with WILD as a side effect (it happened unwillingly) but maybe It might help some of you as a technique, who knows?

      Maybe some of you know that moment when you start falling asleep and hypnagogic hallucinations starts to appear? In that moment you are still not completely unconsciousness... So let's say you spent all day watching some serial, then ofcourse first hypnagogic hallucinations upon falling asleep are about that serial... and somehow (unwillingly) I suggested myself that when I notice hallucinations about that serial I will wake myself up - and that also happened (this happens rarely fortunately) and boom - insomnia is born. always when hypnagogic hallucinations starts I am still not fully asleep so this repeats several times during night preventing me to fall asleep. Now the interesting part. When this happens I make suggestion to forcefully fall asleep (you know - tomorrow I wake up early to work) which causes those 2 suggestions to fight and eventually after few hours If I success to fall asleep, I sometimes (unwillingly) enter consciously rem atonia from which I can enter LD...
      By the way this is not just some empty philosophy... LD or at least rem atonia occured in like 50% cases when this happened and the LD lasted for 5-10+ minutes.

      What do you think about it?

      EDIT: no WBTB or any afternoon nap involved!
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