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      Need Help With WILD / My Experience

      Hey guys, so I haven't been trying to lucid dream for quite a while now. Last time I attempted any kind of lucid dreaming technique must have been at least half a year ago. I haven't been doing reality checks or writing in my dream journal. This was because of my complete lack of success.
      However, yesterday evening I got the feeling that I should give the WILD a try. I set an alarm to 5 hours after I fell asleep. I woke up, turned it off and tried to WILD. I lay down, not moving, focusing on remembering that Im in my bed and that I want to have a lucid dream. I stayed in that state and after a while, got the sensation of my body going numb. However, I didn't see any vivid hypnagogia or hear sounds at all. I stayed like that for another 10 minutes, but nothing was happening, and I gave up. I turned over to my other side and was just about to fall asleep when I thought that I should try again. So I did, but this time I remembered about sleep paralysis, and not wanting to see anything creepy if it happened, I came up with a mantra. I was laying there and repeating to myself "All Might will take me to my dream". (All Might is a superhero from the anime My Hero Academia). I basically repeated what I did the first time, just this time I was constantly saying the mantra in my head. Once again, after about 25/30 minutes nothing happened. I couldn't be bothered trying again so I decided to just go to sleep. I turned over, and was just about to fall asleep when the thought came into my head. "All Might will take me to my dream. BOOM!!! I felt like I tripped and fell on my stomach, though I wasn't standing. I lay on the ground with my arms outstretched forward, though I knew that in reality I was in bed. I looked up and there he was. Standing before me in all his magnificence was All Might himself. To me it looked like we were in a very long and dark tunnel. He told me to follow him and turned around. I felt everything start to shake as if I was teleporting and a moment later we were standing at the entrance to the the tunnel. I could see the infamous hero school, UA. There were trees, the sky was blue, the colours were beautiful. But everything was kind of blurry and I felt the dream ending. I rubbed my hands together, but that just made it end faster and I woke up.
      This was probably the closest I ever got to a lucid dream and my question is how do I stabilise it? Rubbing my hands didn't work and I don't think spinning around would have helped much either. I know the dream was quite fragile, but how do I make it less so?

      TLDR - Had a very short WILD, rubbing hands didn't stabilise it and it was ended. Need help.

      Thanks for reading, that was a long one.
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      Sounds like you did have a lucid. Many people, me included, have issues with stability. You just have to persevere. Now that you know how to get there, and what it feels like, you will be able to do it again. You just need to get used to it, engage with the dream, and relax.

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