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      What just happened?

      First, I don't know what forum this should go in, but anyways

      I was going to get to bed, but I stayed up for an extra hour, just reading and watching stuff. After that I turned off the computer, I began to stand up and then I stretched, It felt very weird, I usually get this feeling when stretching while tired. Suddenly while stretching I could see a lot of things I had seen in my life just roll inside my head, I also tried to do a reality check, that was the first thing I wanted to do when I got that feeling. I could see the memory roll thing for just a second and then I can't remember anything, I woke up lying on the floor a few seconds (I think?) later, and my dad entered the room asking what I was doing, and I was completely lost and felt dizzy.

      Tl;dr I sat at my computer longer than usual, when I stood up I stretched then woke up lying on the floor dizzy.

      So did i just faint/pass out? Then it was the first time it happened to me.

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      If you have low blood sugar and stand suddenly that sort of thing can happen. It is very like the hyperventolation trick teens do to get a rush.
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