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    Thread: Why do I see people when I close my eyes?

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      I am not sure about third eyes, God or his neighbor and more importantly I do not care. I am not a hard core christian, atheist, or other, I am fully aware that I have no clue on any of it. Hard core christians and non-beleivers take it down a peg this has nothing to do with any of you. I have been seeing faces when I close my eyes for approx 10-15 yrs now. I am nowhere near sleep when it occurs as I have insomnia off and and on and know full well when I am going to sleep. At first I avoided as best I could but in the last 5-6 years I kinda just go with it. I am certain this is not a conglomeration of things I have seen throughout my day/week/year. Very strange I know, I would never say it is spiritual or not, all I am aware of is that it happens and I enjoy it now, the fear has left and Ihave learbedhow to just look and enjoy. Sometimes the faces are not pleasent but that being said I do not fear them. I will now reitterate, this is not a religious or non-religous thing in my books it just is what it is.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Orkel View Post
      Spirits? Third eye? Let's be more down to the ground here. Your experiences sound like just normal common hypnagogic imagery. Most people see stuff right before they fall asleep (not every night, but sometimes). I also often see faces and places. It's perfectly normal.
      I am inclined also to think this may be all down to HI which is all perfectly natural. When you actually 'observe' the (hypnagogic) imagery then you find yourself seeing faces, people, scenes, etc.

      Hypnopompic imagery is the term when you see the images on waking.
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      The bigger picture is that it is apart of a psychological condition called psychosis which you either start seeing 3d images or visions, they definitely have connection with the neurological condition of the body to the brain and the psychological condition of the brain.

      I had caught a deep lung infection, whilst dealing with stress at the time.
      This all caused me to get Encephalitis which is an attack on the brain.
      Which i thought i had about 20 days before going into hospital to find out my frontal lobe of my brain is swollen
      And i have a high white blood cell count due to lung infection.

      Then i started to experience difficulty in coping with stress more which lead to paranoia and and more stress.

      I started going to a psychologist to have a diagnosis which made things worse because they started there trials of medication for psychosis which only made me dopy as F . . . (Change of meds) more worse side effects where i had audio Hallucination (voices) another part of psychosis, the voices seemed to be annoyed about hearing my thoughts and prayers.

      This all lead me to start seeing the interactive video like imagery ( sounds like a tv package )

      the voices seemed to be shocked by it and thought i was evil for seeing so many random face like every split second, this only got worse as the voices got so scared that they thought i was evil they said they are coming round to kill me then decided to convince me to kill myself, which i have tried ( did not like it very much )

      Half of the story, but i'm fighting fit at the moment, chucked the aftercare meds in the bin and said hello to my natural faith and holland and barret herbs, never looked back! Psychologist done her assessment and said she does not need to use cbt on me because i've done all the work myself to get well. NLP and meditation does work which i use in my own way.
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      Quote Originally Posted by underhiswing View Post
      If you were Christian, I would say that God is bringing those people before you to pray for them, and it is not necessary to know who they are. You may have the gift of intercession.
      I am a christian, and i have always seen these pictures... Since i could never make any sense of them, i have always just ignored it as a part of my hyperactive imagination.But recently, the clarity and frequency of the images have increased and they come even when i pray.Sometimes somebody from the images even speaks to me though i don't get their meaning , it still spooks me as i feel its wierd.There is nothing scary about these images, mostly they are very beautiful and peaceful scenes,but the idea of seeing/hearing things, especially things that don't make sense is a little disturbing.I was looking for a way to get rid of them cos they were becoming a real distraction during my prayer time.. and for obvious reasons i found your comments about the gift of intercession interesting. Can you guide me to some material dealing with this from the perspective of intercession?

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      Quite interesting! I've seen places that I've never been, but never people.

      Although, at times, especially when meditating, or right before I fall asleep I see faces form on the back of my eyelids (maybe the same thing, but they aren't like a daydream, where I've visualizing a face, but they are figures/patterns that create a face on my eyelids). Kinda hard to explain... like when you focus on looking at your eyelids, you don't just see black... but sometimes patterns, or just a reddish pigment when you are in light.

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      I have seen faces when I close my eyes like a crowd walkin toward me and then one person steps out crowd infront of my and I see all detail the person sytarts to speak n then disapear for another to step forward. I have always had spiritual senses tho from 9yrs old . I was taunted by a women for 3yrs hearing her n seeing her in my mums house (old victorian cottage) i

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