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    A dream-themed ARG

    by AtlasJan on 10-17-2021 at 02:12 PM
    What started out as trying to find more about a VR Undertale/Deltarune plot eventually devolved into a meta-commentary about how my dreams tend to change a lot. Within the dream, there were a few figures that appeared to be changing the dream for their own benefit, and one of the figures .

    • Dr. Cor***** appeared to want to kick off the events that lead to me discovering that they were making my dreams' environments unstable, I remember his name having 3 syllables to it in total
    • The Eggsmith A mysterious figure that was obsessed with luxurious bathroom equipment and bathing. He's probably why I tend to see extensive bathrooms and comfortable equipment in my dreams. interestingly, a miniature trans pride flat was dangling from the big sink he created. I vaguely remember seeing him in another dream, in which he was represented by chicken eggs on legs. He was also a capricious and whimsical figure.
    • *Jim hall (approximate name) The creator of a lot of arcades and recreation in my dreams, as well as probably some cinemas, He warped the environment into his domain, a funhouse, and summoned me to come see him. Eventually another dreamwarper thought I knew too much and put me into a false awakening.
    • [b]Chara/b] (ya know, the kid from undertale) Disappeared and appeared randomly, was ambivalent to the politics of the dreamwarpers, and appeared in both male and female forms.

    Overall, I'm probably going to have the plot of this dream resolve in another night.

    Oh, I also remember this playing during some segments of the dream for some reason.

    false awakening , lucid

    Videogames, Fluffy Bunnies, and Elder Scrolls Lore

    by AtlasJan on 10-02-2021 at 01:53 PM
    After checking out an abandoned local mine, I checked out a yard next to it, and saw a bunch of deactivated, unmarked arcade cabinets. Apparently, someone had set up a video arcade in their home.

    After perusing the arcade for a bit, I started to watch a video about a man with a horde of fluffy animals, due to dream logic, I wound up meeting him, and eventually I settled into the sofa, where I was swarmed by cats and rabbits. One of the rabbits got grumpy when I stopped stroking him, and kicked off, grumbling and stomping.

    Eventually, the dream became about travelling to the distant past of the Elder Scrolls universe to correct the timeline into something more "hopeful".

    The bullet points of the premise were...

    • the King was ambitious, aiming for the whole of tamriel
    • the King had a son
    • eventually, during a hunting accident, the King's son suffered a stroke.
    • the son died, and the King was left in mourning.
    • the King died soon after.

    Eventually, it turned into an escort mission with me casting spells left and right trying to ward off threats and heal the king and his son.

    Fragment: a conspiracy and game level

    by AtlasJan on 09-16-2021 at 01:02 PM
    I dreamt about a multiple-perspective video game in which you controlled an anthropomorphic rat. The game had both top-down, first-person, and a 3rd person

    There was various levels, and a company conspiracy in the pet trade in which a wealthy family of rats owned both the Rats group (a bunch of corporations similar to virgin which all started with rats), and also secretly the Cats group, which was run shoddily in order to sabotage the reputation and wellbeing of the cats, there was a pet toy manufacturer who made dangerous toys as a way of harming them, as well as a barely functioning charity that was intentionally mired in bureaucracy.

    Interestingly enough, there was a unique level in the game called "The Red Forest", it was red/black monochrome, and highly pixelated compared to the rest of the game, sort of like Faith or Pylons. I vaguely remember some reference to me playing Yume Nikki at that point as well. The soundtrack for it was sort of similar to it's Hell level, but slower paced, higher pitched by about a semitone, and a slight tremelo effect on it, as if it was a spinning computer fan. It's color scheme was almost identical to this screenshot from Yume Nikki.

    Updated 09-16-2021 at 01:07 PM by AtlasJan

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    "The Themepark", and a study of reacurrring dream elements

    by AtlasJan on 04-04-2021 at 03:04 PM
    Today, I had a dream about visiting 'Legoland' (as well as some other places I recall less). Usually when I visit themeparks in my dreams, they're nothing like the places they are in the waking world. Like a lot of recurring public elements in ordinary dreams, (towns, cities, malls, parks, county shows), they are expansive, fluctuating, and labarynthine, being able to be openly drived through; in this case, as a life-scale model city of what appeared to me somewhere in denmark, possibly, as there was a lot of 'bauhaus'-style modernist architecture, which I think my brain associates with some form of danish city.
    There was also the "minecraft house", which was a scale minecraft location made out of giant, custom lego pieces. Eventually, after a misunderstanding with my mother accidentally picking me up (I realised it was a multi-day trip and asked to be put back).
    Eventually, there was a small market in a special event inside the themepark, and there was a reacurring DC in the form of the "Bodybuilder Baker", he was actually a strongman, and decided to go into backing polish/hungarian "Kolács" cakes, also known as "Kołak" cakes in Poland. These cakes were most similar to the Eccles Cake, with a fondant topping. The dream instantly ended when I tried to pass through a clone of me.

    Earlier in the dream, I remember being in some kind of future where magic is commonplace as a means to do things. I remember I had to find a specific grave in a cemetery, and there was a helper computer system that could be summoned at will. Eventually I found the grave, and released the world I was in was a Final Fantasy world, and this was a realm within it close to the afterlife, and I could contact different characters from all across that franchise that have been killed off.

    Fragment: "Thank you"

    by AtlasJan on 03-16-2021 at 04:34 PM
    I was walking past a table filled with various figures, and I saw Terry Pratchett amongst them.

    I called to him, had a brief conversation, and thanked him for his work.
    lucid , memorable