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      New to sharing

      Hello everyone,
      Some back round on myself,
      I started having night terrors since a small child, to normal talking in my sleep. I never had control shouted out things, moved around doing actions never out of bed but sitting up telling my dad i was playing chess. People could talk to me tell me to go back to sleep and i would say aww but dad i want to play and i would put my stuff away and lay down and out i was again no longer talking. In 5 grade my night terrors got so bad it was effecting my awake state i was so tired. One day my teacher asked me what was wrong and i explained the night terrors. He told me to sit at the edge of my bed and tell my self over and over again i will not have bad dreams until i believed it. Next thing i new the night terrors were far few in between. Then i realized in the dream i would be running from someone terrified and yet i could tell myself stop running turn around look at it your dreaming this is not real do not be afraid. I would stop still terrified but i would face my fear and poof night mare ended. As i got older i realized i could think of what i wanted to and dream it. Now i am 29 years old and sometimes i dont remember a dream at all. Sometimes i float through them no control and i remember them still. Then there are the ones i can say nah i dont want to go sailing i want to shop and make it happen while dreaming. Sometimes i can wake up with my alarm and say wow i was having fun and go back to sleep and pick up where i left off. The strange thing in all of this is i did not realize what i was doing is this lucid dreaming until i came accross this forum after googling a very odd dream i have had as of recently. I also have started to actually get out of bed and start sleeping walking and doing things in my sleep but these actions i never recall when i awake i am only told by my significant other of them. Not having done my research yet which i plan on doing after typing this i wanted to share my most recent disturbing dream to see what and why it went the way it did as it is out of the ordinary for me.

      My Dream:

      It is a short simple clip I was standing in the ocean no one around not an animal not a human being just me and the waves. I remember being in a couple inches of water wanting to go deeper submerge myself and myself saying do not do it you will drown. However i told myself this is a dream you will be fine you will not drown. So i slowly walked out further into the water. As my body became submerged i said you ware to deep go back. And again i said to myself it is a dream your fine go further. Then i realized i could not get high enough to surface out of the water and looked blankly around knowing there was no way out and yet again i said you are fine you can not drown for real you are in a dream. Then the panic set in. I was drowning i couldn't breath i tried desperately to swim to the surface however it was like slow motion like i realized i was not trying to swim that hard all. Then i started to yell at myself wake up wake up you are drowning. I still gave it little effort and i kept yelling at myself until i was sitting right up in bed gasping for air. and i heard my significant other say im not even going to ask what that was about and i went back to sleep with out a single dream to remember but this one is vividly remembered.

      My question is to myself why out of all the lucid dreams did i continue onward not heading my own caution.

      I look forward to everyone's responses and learning more about what i have apparently stumbled apon for years with out knowing i was already doing it.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Gabbyr1987 View Post

      My question is to myself why out of all the lucid dreams did i continue onward not heading my own caution.
      I would turn it around and ask, why you didn't believe that you will be OK, since it's a dream. And it's YOUR dream, so you are controlling it. If you believe you can breathe under water, then you can. Or you don't even think about it, because you know it's your dream and you are safe no matter what.

      to DreamViews!

      Good luck and Happy dreams!

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