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    Thread: Can somebody sing this to a cheezy tune and post it on Youtube?

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      Can somebody sing this to a cheezy tune and post it on Youtube?

      I just wrote this.

      Yo, it all started out in the summer, just four short years ago.
      I walked outside to find that my town was filled with snow.

      I thought and I pondered what this could be?
      A strange time for snow, am I dreaming possibly?

      Then in a flash I was back, laying on my bed.
      But all these crazy thoughts were still swirling through my head.

      I turned on my computer and opened up the web.
      Looked up Ďdreamingí and this is what it said:

      You too can learn to lucid dream, The difficulty is low.
      Just open a dream journal, and take it nice and slow.

      Every night you will recall more and more dreams.
      And eventually you may start to notice some themes.

      These are your dream signs, they are the next step.
      Learn them and know them, itís important prep.

      Now comes the time where you learn to lucid dream.
      Itís really not as difficult as it might seem.

      Just think back an hour, or pinch up your nose,
      Look at a clock, or try counting your toes.

      These are whatís known as reality checks,
      Generally the strongest card in lucid dreamerís decks.

      So you find yourself lucid dreaming, now what do you do?
      Stabilize the Dream before your clarity falls through!

      Spin Ďround in a circle or rub your hands together.
      If you do this more often, youíll find your dreams are better.

      Now youíre lucid dreaming, you can do whatever you desire.
      Fly to outer space, or set people on fire!

      But before I go can I offer some advice?
      Go to bed early, it really makes dreams nice.

      Drink lots of water before you go to sleep.
      And lay off the screen time, instead try counting sheep.

      Thatís all there is to it, thereís really nothing more.
      Give it a try, itís really not a bore.
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      It's so magnificently cheesy!!
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