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    Thread: Lucid Dreaming Story Idea

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      Post Lucid Dreaming Story Idea

      I just thought of this earlier this morning and wanted some input from my fellow lucid dreamers before I look into this too much.

      I was trying to think of a good story that could incorporate lucid dreaming in an interesting way. I was eventually hit with the idea that it could incorporate both lucid dreaming and waking life dilemmas into the story.
      I thought about the typical sort of model student as the protagonist. Perhaps the sort of sports star, straight-A, popular kind of kid or something, probably high school age. (I'm not even really decided on the gender of the protagonist.) Regardless, we see that they have a good life, plenty of money, lots of 'friends', good grades, etc. And the story would establish that they generally acquired these things by perhaps being a bit of a bully, and not always doing things the right way.
      But they begin to feel as though something is missing from their life, that something isn't right. They feel like they don't have real friends. If they have a boyfriend/girlfriend, they might feel like their relationship is not satisfying. One night, they have a spontaneous lucid dream where they meet a dream guide that is attempting to teach them how to fix what is wrong with his/her life through dreams, and help the protagonist discover what they really want out of life. Although the protagonist would initially be resistant to these teachings, slowly, the dream guide would teach him/her what they were missing in life.
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      Seems like a good idea for a story. I can't think of one that has incorporated a dream guide into helping the protagonist with waking life problems yet so I say go for it. : 3 The only dream related storys I've seen/read is a manga about a girl traveling to different worlds in her dreams and a anime dream related but the setting takes place more in the other world.

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      Sounds good to me. I'd love LD to be a new category of fiction!

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