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    Thread: Tell me how to draw non-abstract art

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      Tell me how to draw non-abstract art

      Abstract art seems to be the only type of art I can draw. Sometimes the art has no meaning though (as abstract apparently has); I just draw unusual shapes and patterns that look good.

      But how to I draw... well.... things. Not objects I see though (copying what I see), drawing from scratch. For example, how to draw a human being from my imagination. I just can't seem to draw it.

      But don't go on 2000 word deep explanations on the proportion/ anatomy of the human body and whatnot, while although I want to be able to draw humans and dogs and real things, what I really want to know how to draw are fantasy landscapes and fantasy creatures.

      So yeah, pretty much I want to be a better drawer . Do y'all have any tips?
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      I once tried not too long ago because I like the idea of expressing what you see in your mind and share it so with others. But I got frustrated as my hand can't draw steady and accurate (my hand writing also looks like shit) and my shading fails immensly that it made it look like something childish and abstract, not even close resembling what it should've been.

      But perhaps I'm gonna give it another try, not sure. The frustration is just a bit too much for me to bear... Last time it didn't end very well

      Gotta love frustration
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      Whatever happens~

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      Practise :p I'm sure you knew that, but seriously. It is frustrating when something won't come out how you want no matter how much you try, but you can't get better otherwise. Start by drawing from reference pictures to get a feel for it. You might also want to try going on deviantart or somewhere like that and looking at anatomy tutorials (human or animal). It can help to break down the proportions of each part and how everything fits together. Once you understand anatomy etc. a bit more, it's much easier to create something from your imagination and have it look good.
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      Everything works out in the end, sometimes even badly.

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      Use this exercise: try to draw from a picture, only upside down. Follow the lines and don't think about the forms and what the lines are representing. You'll see that the drawing will look much better than it would if you saw the picture the right side down. This is because when we draw, the left side of the brain tends to take over, rather than the right. Is is the reason why many of us can imagine a complete and detailed human being,but when we try to draw it,cit just become child like and wierd.

      Source: Betty Edwards, Drawing on the right side of the brain
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