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    Thread: Using mantras for DILD technique???

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      Question Using mantras for DILD technique???

      Hey guys!
      My name is Casper and I'm new on this forum, but I discovered the concept of lucid dreaming around 3 months ago. In this time I have tried a lot of techniques (3 months seem long but between trying diffrent techniques I was busy with school, so I told myself to take my time with lucid dreaming)O. But in this time I've found lots of info about lucid dreaming. I have never had a lucid dream and it has taken me a little while to figure out a good technique for myself, but when someone told me DILD was one of the best techniques out there, and when I checked it out I reallyu liked it I decided to go for this technique, the problem is: I don't know anything about mantras!

      I was surprised about how little I could find on the internet about mantras used in lucid dreaming. I want to try DILD and use mantras to wake up after a dream/when a dream is ending and when I wake up lay still and keep my eyes closed. But the problem is I don't know anything about mantras!

      I'll ask the questions while I'm explaining my technique:
      1. Say A mantra every evening to wake up after a dream (in the weekends I will set an alarm after around 5hours of sleep and go back to sleep so I'm more aware).
      2. If thats done a mantra to not move a muscle/my eyelids when I wake up. (A really important question. So when you use a mantra and it works after a few nights. So for example: I'll wake up after my dream. And then you move on to the next mantra for example: When I wake up I don't move a muscle. So the question is: When I move on to the next mantra do I need to repeat the first one too or will my brain remember to wake up after a dream? Because the mantra: I'll wake up after my dream and I won't move a muscle. Seems way too long)
      3. Remember my dream and think about how it would continue, then get back into it.

      Please correct anything thats wrong and tips are always welcome ofcourse. ANY information on this helps! (By the way if this technique isn't good at all just tell me )

      Thank you guys so much for reading and hopefully you can help!
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      When it comes to mantras, it's the intention behind it that makes it work rather than the words themselves. If you have enough intention upon waking up to stay still, you will. The mantra is just there to maintain your intention.

      You shouldn't need the first mantra; you already naturally wake up after dreams and you're already setting the same intention to notice your awakenings with your second mantra.

      If the mantra is short, it will be easier to repeat. For example, if I wanted to stay still upon waking up, my mantra would be, "Stay still when waking up".

      Good luck with your technique!
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      Like dolphin said its the intention and feeling behind that counts ~ keep them short and in the possitive too. I love mantras coz they help me stay focuse and remember what I am doing I.e they help me remember to remember my dream work - hope yours do too

      Makes sense what your doing - go with it and tweek it as you need to!
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      Love to be lucid

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      Thank you guys for the great awnsers! Already happy I joined the forum. I'll let you know if this technique works out for me!

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