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      LD Consistency & Sleep Cycles

      I had a LD yesterday. It was my first one in 5 years (only recently got back into it)

      I was doing a course to learn, but got sick of it after a couple of weeks and stopped putting effort in LD.

      Yesterday my sleep pattern was unusual though because I had to go to the doctors early in the morning. I woke up at 3/4am and recorded a dream (not much detail or content). Fell asleep again and this was when I go the vivid lucid dream around 6:30am. It included vivid scenes in morocco, floating into space, kaleidoscope moon visions etc

      Now I am keen to learn again! However, last night I did not have any results.. only the most basic recall too

      Do you think a specific sleep cycle helps with LD? Is this the reason I had such a vivid experience yesterday?

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      Congrats on the spontaneous LD!

      One reason you may have had success was because of your short wake up during the night. You basically did a WBTB, which can greatly improve your chances of having a lucid dream. You can set an alarm for it, or you can do it when you wake up naturally during the night like you did.
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