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    Thread: Keep Waking After Becoming Lucid During Naps

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      Keep Waking After Becoming Lucid During Naps


      I am an amateur Lucid Dreamer who began seriously trying to learn to lucid dream several years ago, and after losing motivation about a year in, recently started getting back into it. Lately I have been having mild success attaining lucidity by taking a 2-3 hour nap in the day, setting my alarm to go off about a half hour after falling asleep, and then going right back to sleep after my alarm wakes me up, almost like a shortened WBTB. The problem I've been having, however, is that I find when I become lucid I feel as though I am so close to being awake, that the mere act of attempting to stabilize the dream causes me to wake up. For instance, in my latest attempt ending about an hour ago, after going back to sleep after waking to my alarm, I ended up having a false awakening. After using my RCs to validate the fact that I was indeed still asleep and dreaming, I could almost feel in my dream that I was very close to being awake, and simply attempting to leave my bed inside my dream was enough to actually wake me up, so I went back to sleep, only for the exact same thing to happen two more times. I'd have a false awakening, realize I was still dreaming, then have a real awakening when I attempted to actually leave my bed within the dream, each time feeling as though I was close to waking up. Has anybody else experienced this phenomena before, or have any advice on how I may be able to keep myself from waking in these scenarios? Could the fact that I am sleeping and waking up in such short intervals explain why I am unable to remain asleep after becoming lucid? Any help anybody could offer would be greatly appreciated!
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      Sometimes, that happens to me. I already see a dream forming, but I am still too awake to actually fall asleep and step into it. I'm trying my darnest to grab onto it, maybe even step inside, but can't hold on to it.

      So I would guess, similar is happening to you. You may not be asleep deep enough when the dream is ready for you.

      But yes, naps are excellent for lucids. I personally prefer a morning nap, about 1-2 hours after I wake up from night sleep.

      Btw what you are doing, is closer to a DEILD than a WBTB. For a WBTB, you actually have to get out of the bed and stay up for anywhere from few minutes to even an hour or longer. But then the lucid you will attempt is called a WILD.

      DEILD, what you are doing, is an attempt to go into another dream, just as you wake up from a previous dream. Hence the Dream Initiated LD. Although some people here describe that they can wake up from a dream, hit the alarm clock on the head and then go back to sleep and have a lucid. But I personally can only DEILD when I'm waking up, I realize it, and I manage to not wake up fully. Kinda be aware, but stay "submerged". I always see myself staying deep down inside myself, and not surfacing up to the waking world. That's when I can wait there for another dream to form and be lucid.

      Not sure If any of my ramblings here help, but hoping they will.

      Sweet dreams!

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