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    Thread: dry period

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      dry period

      I used to have lucid dreams every night, or almost. I'd have five a night, many WBTB. Then I went to many psych wards who tried to strip me of my inner being, my secret self, my intuition and my psychic and telepathic powers. The psych pills I am on ruin my dreams. I haven't had a lucid in like three years, except for two, one that ended quickly but was vivid adn really real-like, another where I wasn't 100 percent lucid.

      Any ideas to get my dreaming more vivid, I don't even know my dream signs anymore. When I was on the bus home I thought I was dreaming, guessed really, but I wasn't. Opposite experience I guess. I really want to explore my psyche without things like shrooms, lsd, and dmt. What can I do?

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      Its possible that the pills changed it to where you wont automatically have lucids.

      Do you practice reality checks or try the different methods to induce lucid dreaming?

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