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      I can't find a way to be dedicated to keep a dream journal. When I wake up from dreams I just laugh and go back to bed. I reflect on the dreams and then let myself fall back asleep. I usually wake up at 12:40 am, 2:10 am, 4:50 am, etc, and then get up at 9. I've only got one lucid dream in the past few months and really want to develop discipline and a greater awareness. So, if I am more aware when I'm awake, the same extended consciousness will follow me to my sleep and in my dreams.

      Any ideas on how to keep a dream, run turn the lights on and write it down? Any ides on keeping enough of the dream to make it into a journal? Any tips besides WILD, DILD, etc? Do you think meditating before sleep will help? I want to learn from my dreams but also it is fun to explore my dreams so I used to slip back into dreams instead of getting up and writing it down. What balance can I find?

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      For me, I stopped using a dream journal.
      The thing with recall is, it's more like an on/off switch instead of an exp bar. You don't have to really, work hard for it to be amazingly good. All you have to do is really just analyze your dreams during the day when you reflect on them, much like a meditative state.

      Interpreting your dreams is a huge way to achieve both outcomes, not only you'll get longer and richer dreams, but you won't need a DJ at all
      All you have to do is set an intention to remember all your dreams for that night. Accept that reality and then go to sleep. You'll either wak
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      I'd suggest to use either tags or a voice recorder.
      Both methods aren't as annoying as writing in a dream journal and you can just write down all the details later.
      As for remembering more of the dream, its the usual. Don't move to much and don't turn the lights on. After waking up, immediatly try to remember your dreams. If you just remember a fraction, ask yourself questions like "What happened before" and "Where did I go next". You'll often find that those will help you to remember more of your dreams. And if you're using a voice recorder, or just your phone you don't even need to turn your light on.
      But your dedication is another problem. Whats most important here is that you set a goal, that motivates you to stick with it.

      And yeah I think that meditating helps, because it always does. Your dreams will be more vivid and you'll remember them better.
      If it's really that important for you, you can definitaly do it, but I for myself found just as Skipper did, that I don't really need a DJ. For me it's easier to just think about my dreams and I'll remember enough.
      And just google habit building or something similar, if you still have problems. There's lots of info about that out there.

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