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    Thread: Problems with keeping lucidity

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      Problems with keeping lucidity

      Hey everyone,

      Last night I had a dream that I was typing on a keyboard. All of the text was nonsense, so I decided to do a rc. I pressed my finger into my palm and it looked very weird. It was my first time dat I became lucid this way. Everything went very clear for a sec. but after that everything went black and it was like losing conscious. I had a falling sensation and woke up. I wan't even excited or anything, but I still wake up. It was like gettting sucked into blacknes, very weird. I've had some sort of lucid dreams before, but nothing clear like this. The previous times was more like dreaming of being lucid.

      Now my question is, how could I prevent this?

      Thanks in advance to everyone trying to help me!

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      A couple of things could have happened. It's possible you just happened to be at the end of a REM cycle and you woke up because your body was internally scheduled to do so. I have had two lucid dreams where I didn't feel excited but quickly I found myself in a dark void and I then awoke.
      Maybe just keep trying to get lucid and your dream will last longer. Also, maybe reading about and working on some lucidity prolonging techniques could help too. Keeping the intent in mind to prolong the dream could be of use. There are techniques that work in steps to keep your lucidity about you. Things like first looking at your hands while holding them in front of your face while looking back and forth between your hands and the environment while attempting to have a keen sense of awareness. Then activating your kinesthetic sense by touching things like rubbing your hands together, bending down to feel the ground, feeling a wall, etc. And then keeping a goal or intent in mind and trying to perform that. And then repeatedly performing RCs or reminding yourself that your dreaming. Some LDers narrate the experience to themselves too and they say it helps.

      I know the feeling. I'm still working on prolonging my LDs.

      Good luck!
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      My first few lucid experiences were very short. I think that's pretty normal actually. But it helps you get used to the experience, and they will get longer as you go forward. So basically, to make your lucid dreams longer, just keep doing RCs and thinking/reading about it. You'll start having more, and they'll get longer and more frequent. When that happens you can start to use some techniques for stabilizing.

      Also, my first few lucids happened just before I woke up in the morning, just as I was starting to wake up in fact. I think that's because your mind is starting to wake up, the logic centers are going online so to speak. For just a moment that half-waking state overlaps with your dream, which is already beginning to fade. That's what I think happened anyway. So as Zelcrow said it happened at the end of the REM period (the last REM period of the night in fact, the ripest time for lucidity).

      But once you've actually experienced lucidity your mind knows it can happen, so it will start to happen more and more. That means you've taken the first step, and you're on the journey.
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      Allright thank you guys for helping me out, will keep those tips with me!
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