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    Thread: Prospective Memory Training

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      Prospective Memory Training

      Hi everyone,

      So I'm just starting up again and began reading EWOLD once more.
      In regards to the part about prospective memory training as an exercise for MILD I have a question.

      Do you keep hitting the targets throughout the day or only at the first instance they occur?

      Here's an example from the book;
      So, if your target is, “The next time I hear a
      dog bark, “ when you hear this next, note it and do a state test. You are aiming to
      notice the target once – the next time it happens.

      The part were it says, the next time it happens confuses me a little. Do I notice it once during the day or do I perform a state check every time I notice it?

      I'm guessing the latter is most effective if I want these triggers to carry over in my dream but am still curious if I'm missing something or not understanding correctly.

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      well he does say your aiming to notice the target "once - the next time". So according to that I would understand it´s just one time, once. But I would conclude that you can just go ahead and set up another aim to notice a target "once - the next time". So one target per aim.
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