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    Thread: How long to have 4 LD / Month

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      How long to have 4 LD / Month

      Guys how long of practice did it take you to have an average of 4 LD/ month (throughout a year)?

      I'm trying to practice LD since I was 20. Now Im 40. I have been on and off practice many times in my life and now it's been since 4 months ago that I started and covid quarantine helps. But still the last month I've had 0 LD and the previous one 4 LD.
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      I know it's been a month since you posted this but I thought I'd reply with something. I have had an active interest in lucid dreaming for about 10 years now myself.

      I've never reached such an average of lucid dreams, it would be interesting to see what others might have to say here if they have reached such an average or higher. If I averaged out my lucids, it would average at about one lucid per year, having had no lucids at all in a couple of years, though I'm not especially concerned with metrics.

      The thing is, I frequently stop to think about what I'm doing, to think about how I got to where I am, etc. A lot of reflection, to which I add reality checks too. On top of that, I keep myself actively interested in dreaming as a whole. But every time I have been lucid, RCs have been the confirmation, not what actually made me question reality to begin with.

      In my case, I feel I do all the right things but my active interests and processes just don't carry over into dreaming, though I think my naturally poor sleep and other physical problems play a part in my general inability to get into lucid dreaming properly. Recently however, I have felt that maybe I'm just not exactly ready for it yet too; my mind has been very pre-occupied with other interests and their own measures of success, which are taking more "ego space" but this doesn't demotivate it me, it just makes me think that I will be able to dream lucidly more, when I'm ready for it, simply put. Just to add, I dislike trying to measure success with lucid dreaming since I feel it affects expectations and so I dislike using "inability" or "lack of success" and so on but I can't think of more neutral terms.
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      I started in Sept 2012 with 6 LDs right away with a mixture of WILD, DEILD, and DILD. Then I quit for 6 months because it was hard.

      For the majority of my practice, I have depended on 2 things--dream journaling (with varying laziness) and reality checking (RCing) with a nose plug. It worked exceptionally well at some points. For the month of Sept 2013, I went ham on nose plug RCs (~50/day). I got 28 LDs that month. In the age of covid, I've switched my main reality check strategy to the Gravity RC, and the gist of it is this: I occasionally ping it by noticing the weight of my body parts, like my arm. In a dream, any deviation from the norm I intend to notice.

      It seems like the correlation between dream journal detail and net lucid dreams is weaker than I want it to be. Sometimes, my dream recall will be below average, but I will have 10+ LDs in a few weeks. At a few points, I had consistent and highly detailed journal entries with few lucid dreams to show for it.

      The fundamental thing I'm missing seems to be that I don't recognize obviously dreamy scenarios, including repeats that I've already recognized in the past. I think I need to develop the skill to recognize the 'dreamy feeling' as I call it. It is present in nearly all of my dreams, and I've become lucid from it once or twice.

      Quote Originally Posted by DarkestDarkness View Post
      In my case, I feel I do all the right things but my active interests and processes just don't carry over into dreaming
      This describes me well. I wish I had more brain RAM.

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      Another huge factor is going to bed early!! Make it pattern so that you give yourself 10-12 hours in bed each night, especially if you have to get up for work in the morning. Plus, it gives more time for a WBTB. It seems like every time I've gotten lucid lately, it's on a night I went to bed early.
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