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    Thread: should i try techniques for a month?

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      should i try techniques for a month?

      before moving onto another one if not successful

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      IMO for techniques like Reality Checks , any type of awareness practice or MILD you should try for at least two months . while for WILD and its derivatives like FILD , its much better to count them in terms of attempts rather than months or days . I would say 10-15 attempts are enough to judge if a technique works for you

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      I would suggest not scheduling a stop date for your techniques, Enz. Period.

      I have seen people take months, even years to finally master the techniques (and, more important, the mindset) that induce DILDs and WILDs. I hope it won't take you that long, but if, say, you spend a month (or two) working on your WBTB and "hold still" techniques for WILD, and you are finally getting them down, but still haven't successfully WILD'ed, do you really think it wise to just stop trying because time ran out?

      Lucid dreaming is by its nature (being awake while you are asleep) a difficult thing to do consistently, and it may take you a while to develop your skills. Putting a stop date on that development probably wouldn't help.
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      I agree with Sageous. Most lucid dreaming guides give 1-2 months as a rough guide but I think thatís because they know in that time frame you probably will have succeeded at least once. All the techniques (done correctly) should in theory work eventually you just have to be patient and stay consistent.

      Perhaps the following is bad advice but go ahead and try every technique in 1 month! You probably wonít have much success but it will give you a taste of them all. I tried not to do this when starting out but I think itís inevitable. If somethings not working straight away we think there must be some better technique we havenít tried yet. So go ahead and try them all and then pick which you felt most comfortable with and stick with it. Itís also worth remembering one technique on its own may not be affective. It helps to be doing multiple and layer up your practice.

      What technique are you doing currently?
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