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    Thread: What are YOUR techniques?

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      What are YOUR techniques?

      Sure this site is great and the internet is pretty huge, but some of us will just keep feeling that every technique they find and try is just not doing it for them. This topic has a couple of purposes.

      1) Share your tecniques
      2) Learn from other people's techniques
      3) Maybe build up some confidence b/c of excitement of trying a new technique.

      I don't know if this will work but it's worth a try. There are a lot of people on this site who need some help achieving lucidity and with all the techniques that everybody knows of on this site of 6000+ members, there are bound to be ways of attaining lucidity that are just right for the people in a severe dry spell.
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      The technique that I have been successfully using recently is basically the hypnagogic imagery technique. I have experimented with several different methods over the years and have found that establishing that I am dreaming as soon as my eyes close helps me to maintain the mindset of lucidity throughout large parts of the dreams I have (I have yet to master lucidity throughout my entire sleepstate, but I have confidence I will).

      When it is time to sleep I simply close my eyes and watch the faint colors swirling in the blackness. I begin to remind myself that I am dreaming, and wait for the colors to start turning into snippets of images. As soon as recognizable images appear (and quickly change), I continue repeating "I am dreaming" or "This is a dream" over and over, and just watch the images change.

      I think that the expectation a person brings to a hynagogic technique is very important. My problem in the past is that I was so impatient for full blown scenes and images to appear that I made myself very frustrated and gave up quickly. Now my success stems, I believe, from the fact that I have developed my patience to the point where I know that first there will be blackness, then faint swirls of color, then sharp lines of light that converge into snippets of images, then full blown images, then the dream scene begins.

      The main thing is to be patient, let it happen, and consistently remind yourself that you are dreaming and that the images you see are dreams. Because as long as your body is ready for it, you WILL fall asleep. It happens every night, right?

      So start the journey from the moment you close your eyes, keep your will from destroying your mindset by avoiding impatience, and continually remind yourself that you are dreaming as soon as your head hits the pillow.

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      waking up 5:45hrs into sleep staying up for 70minutes and doing MILD rest of night
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      I tried the two above methods combined last night, and it got me another LD.
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      1) Wake up 5 hours into the night
      2) Set intention HARD by constant Reality checks , reading Lucid Dreaming related stuff and reading dreams and meditating
      3) Go to sleep after 40 minutes
      4) Do an RC in bed . Breathe deeply to relax myself and with each breath visualize being Lucid and say " I will Lucid Dream tonight "
      5) Focus on the sensation of ringing in my ears with the intention of falling asleep while maintaining a sliver of awareness
      6) Get Le ebic Lucid False Awakenings

      works for me 60% of the time if I do everything correctly .

      mfw I am replying to a 15 year old thread
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      Do you mean: "60% of the time it works, For you every time?"

      That may work for you but, also note that people they may not learn as you do. Every night is never the same, or at least for people who keep track of their sleep Cycle patterns.


      And Yes! This thread is over 15 years old, and none of the original posters are around anymore. Please do not resurrect old threads - this is called necroposting and is against forum rules. If you wish to add to the original topic, please start a new thread.

      Topic Is Now Locked.

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