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    Thread: i saw the future in my dream and it came true

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      i saw the future in my dream and it came true

      okay so ive been working on my car since i bought it in july 2010 and the owner told me the radio did not work. so of course, its never worked. recently i had a dream where i got in my car and turned on my radio and it worked but in my dream i could barely hear it because it was so quiet and i couldnt turn up the volume. so the next day i remembered my dream about midday and went to my garage to test my radio because i thought it would be pretty awesome if it worked. i got in my car and turned on my radio and the light that shows its on turned on (which i havent seen before) so i tried turning the volume up and nothing happened until i listened very very carefully and i could barely hear music coming from the radio itself. i could barely hear it because the speaker (only one speaker in the back because the car was made in 1973) didnt work and the sound was coming from the actual radio. so of course i flipped my shit and called my girlfriend to tell her and she wasnt very impressed that i totally just predicted the future but whatever, it was exciting for me
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      That's pretty neat. Of course, it's likely that it's just a one-in-a-million coincidence, but it's still really cool stuff. It's happened to me at least once in the past, where I dreamt something then the same thing happened in real life - almost like replaying a video; almost word for word.

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      Once you start remembering your dreams more, you will see this happens all the time.
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      Let me ask a question.

      If I tell you I am going to do something tomorrow, and it does get done. What does that mean? Does that mean you saw into the future or that I told you something? Why would anyone say that you can test the existence of sentience by this fact?

      Why do you think the name of the Beast 666 would resolve into.
      "To make our comming and going so as to turn the past into the future and bring the future to pass."

      What do you think this rendition would have to do with the definition of sentience? The purpose of the mind? What is judgment?

      If the measure of a mind is in linguistic competence, what does it mean to have an advanced intelligence?

      Language is our tool to deal with time. We record the past, deal with the present, and forcast the future with it. This is true of all sentient life forms. Although it is suppose to prod one into thinking, learning of things to come by dreams and visions is not the best way to see into the future, mastering a good grammar book is.

      Learning of things to come is what something else can do, the question is, what can we do.
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      you are very confusing :O

      The interesting fact about what happened is "Radio with almost unaudible audio" turning the Radio on was stimulated by his dream, but that the Radio was "almost unaudible" wasn't ( unless he altered the Radio with his mind that would be even more badass )
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      The purpose of the mind is to create. Judgment is the subjective reality you experience where you choose to hold a thought that one thing more or less important than another. In the objective reality everything is equal because it is simply energy taking different forms. Awareness is to know the truth of the objective experience. The silent witness...

      And yes you are very confusing

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