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      Intense WILD!! Help me!

      Intense WILD!!!! Help me!

      I started actually trying to lucid dream a few weeks ago. For me, it only happens on weekends. Usually, when I don't have school the next day, I go into a series of lucid dreams. I'll wake up, have a lucid dream, wake up again, and so on and so on. It's annoying because the dreams are short and not vivid.

      One day, I thought, "What should I do to make my dreams more vivid and detailed?". I planned that when I dream I'll enhance all my senses one by one, just by focusing on them.

      Well, it didn't work out accordingly. Instead, I had a WILD!!! When it happened, It was a normal boring cycle of dreams. Wake, dream, wake, dream. But, I remembered the "enhance the senses" thing, so I tried it.

      First, my sight. Wow, all the sudden I could see so clearly. 360 degrees. I was at my highschool bus stop.
      Then, hearing. This part was wierd. Usually, when I hear in dreams, its just thoughts. But this time, It was actual voices from other people!!! When I talked, I could feel it in my chest as though I was actually talking in my sleep.
      THen, touch. By this time I was excited. THings went wrong here. Or very right, I don't know.
      I looked at my hands and all of the sudden everything went black.

      I assumed I woke up in my bed. Then, I tried to open my eyes, and it didn't work. I got freaked out and tried again, with no success.

      I started to notice wind. Yes, wind. I couldn't see anyhting but it felt like a slight breeze. My body started vibrating. I tried to wake up again and it still didn't work!
      I remembered, oh! Maybe this is a WILD. Just like I saw on this website. Knowing it couldn't harm me, I let it happen. I was still scared and my heart was racing.

      The vibrating got intense. My hole body was numb and the wind turned into an intense gust of wind. I noticed strange colors behind my eyelids. When I focused on the image, It turned into a wierd pattern of colors in a white backround.

      Suddenly, the wind and vibrating stopped. I woke up and did a reality check to make sure I was awake and I was.

      The whole thing was scary and yet exciting. Someone explain to me what just happened!!!! Please!!

      What should I do if it haappens again?!! What was that!???

      I can't wait to tell my brother. That was the craziest thing that ever happened to me.

      I need help, though. I'm afraid to go back to sleep unless I have reassurance and understanding.

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      I think the enhansing your senses thing is a wondeful use of your time. Taste is difficult to master, and I am not aware that I have every been able to do much with my sense of smell.
      It sounds to me like you slipped into the state just between dreaming and waking. You were likely still under sleep paralisis, but aware enough for it to freak you out. I often feel vibrations or spinning type fellings when in this state. I also see colors and shapes when in that state.
      I can assure you that it is a good thing, and nothing to be worried about. You basically have 3 choices from that point. I use that state to get back into a LD I have slipped out of, without waking all the way up. Simply relax and picture that the dream is still going on. In your case you would just imagine that you were still at the bus stop looking at your hands. If you are lucky and relaxed, you will pop back to the dream you just left.
      Another option is what happened to you. If you try to engage your rational mind, by thinking any in debt thought about real life, you will wake up. Sometimes that is good. It probably seems hard to belive you get get tired of a LD, but if you have had a few, or 1 long one, you may decide to wake yourself easily from that state.
      The last option is that the state can be fun in itself. Stay relaxed and watch the colors and feel the strange feelings, you can actually easily have very low clarity LDs in this state, with lots of control, but pathetic debth and resolution. Just imagine basic things, like touching a girls body, and you can have a very minor LD experience.
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

      "Instruction in Dream Yoga"

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