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      Bad Experiences, Every time...

      I think i should share my experiences, It's a little hard to understand what i wrote but please take time and read it
      I found myself aware, not in a dream but In Sleep paralysis where I can't move. I was trying to awake but I was in sleep paralysis, Scare Blocked my mind and I thought I am dead. After hard trying, I finally got free but found my self in weird sleep position. I slept on my back, Straight and both hands on chest. But I never sleep like this, I always sleep on my right side! So I did that unconsciously...
      I Thought maybe it's just an accident and I should forget it.

      In my second experience, Few days after first one, Everything was same except the length of that state, I was completely sure that i'm dead so i stopped trying
      When I woke up, Before any REM, Again I found myself in that sleep position. I must note that I didn't tried to sleep in that position and these days I can't recall even a scene of my dreams, I just fall sleep and found myself awake without remember anything. So why I can get aware in sleep paralysis without trying?

      Third was tonight, I got aware and this time I knew im not dead so i tried to OBE, I didn't completely split, I have never done this before, I saw my room in real time, My room was ordinary but i saw a dark thing standing in front of my window. I was mentally prepared to encounter with these things but not in my room! So i got in my body and my vision from the room fade out.
      So, I was in my body and without any vision, Just being in sleep paralysis and waiting to enter a dream then i heard a sound, It was weird, Such as a tribe who yelling together, I felt something is pulling me with every yell, I thought it's the best time to break the sleep paralysis so i did, then i found myself in that sleep position, again.

      How is it possible? Is this ordinary? Why i got awareness when i'm in certain sleep position and when I rarely recall a dream!
      I don't know what is wrong with me, Even when I got awareness in a dream, the vision is horrible and I can't move easily.

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      When you in sleep paralysis, you are awake. You should be able to remember things from daytime. Such as it can't hurt you and how to either get out of it or use it to exit, or just to go back to sleep.

      Stop SP - start breathing differently then as you are at the moment. Try to wiggle the tips of your fingers and toes.
      Exit into LD/OBE - stand up or roll out of your body.

      I suspect, that when you woke up in different position, that you were not awake. Rather you were in a dream.

      It's quite normal to see/hear things when transitioning from awake to asleep and into a dream. Those are called Hypnagogic hallucinations - HH.

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      I think there isn't a clear line between 'asleep' and 'not asleep' in sleep paralysis. Part of your brain is asleep, or your body wouldn't be paralyzed. Different people have a different range of cognitive abilities in such circumstances.

      I also don't think there's a clear distinction to be made between trying to be aware in sleep paralysis and not trying. If you think "I want to have an out of body experience", that thought appears in your mind somehow. Did you do it or did it just happen to you? Or if the experience just happens without the thought, that doesn't seem very much different to me. Its the same movie but with the subtitles turned off.

      I'm not suggesting that a person doesn't have free will at all though. If you are interested or not interested in such experiences before you go to sleep, for instance, that makes a difference. And I think we have partial influence on what we are interested in, so to speak.

      By way of analogy, I don't go to strip clubs or to parties where people get drunk or stoned because I don't like those activities. Other people might interpret that as hiding from life, or even hiding from myself, if they assume these things are naturally desirable for everyone. They're not a natural part of life for me. They are a big part of life for a lot of other people though. On the other hand, I do spend a lot of time talking and posting on internet forums about experiences that other people find disturbing and would stay away from. One time I was talking with a coworker about astral projection, for instance, and another coworker overheard us and freaked out. It wasn't something she wanted in her reality. Different people have different kinds of experiences, and desire different kinds of things. When you say you don't know what's wrong with you, it seems like you must be comparing yourself to something you expect based on previous experiences, or what other people say their experiences are. I don't think there's anything wrong with you. You can't believe what you read in books on these subjects. People on this forum share their experiences, and that could be helpful, but nothing anyone is saying here would sell books. Just do what seems natural to you and find what works.

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