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      Body hurts when trying to astral?

      I'm still very new to astral projecting as I've never done it before, but I lucid dream at least once a week and sometimes more. The problem with astral I have is lying still; after a while, I feel the need to move because my body starts to ache. There have been times where the vibrations get strong and I get very uncomfortable so I have to move, but my body also starts to hurt after lying still for only two minutes sometimes. It's very hard to explain. It's like a dull ache in my whole body, and no it's not the vibrations. I just can't get comfortable, I guess. This only really happens when I'm on my back. Can I astral while lying on my side? Or is there a way I can fight through the discomfort? Thanks.

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      Its possible to astral project while lying on one's stomach. How hard it is that way compared to other ways I don't know. I don't sleep on my back because it causes me poor circulation.

      My opinion, which I don't have time to try to explain again this morning, is that for people who aren't unavoidably driven to it its best not to make a practice of intentional astral projection. It seems to me to be sort of unnatural, like trying to get a flower to open long before its fully developed, or dislocating your shoulder so that your arm moves more freely.

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      I also have that pain when relaxing for AP. I have read many times that you can't let yourself be distracted by the discomfort. Try to stay relaxed and don't give in to the thought of pain. Its usually when you are very close to projecting that you start getting really uncomfortable or feel vibration. Don't give up and good luck.

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      Try to make comfortable bed... I take a duvet and form from it second layer on bed. Then I shift it under my back in such a way that my back is comfortably supported. That way is OK to lie without moving more than 1 hour... sometimes 4-5 hours without movements...

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      You can astral project from any sleep position and you don't have to be absolutely still either. The timing of your intent is what's important. There is a small window of opportunity to project upon every awakening. In stead of falling back to sleep have the intent to separate from your body you can even make the physical movement of rolling out of your body, but the intent alone will more then likely lead you to vibrations then separation. Peace. A tip when doing this method is to fall asleep with out a blanket not really a requirement to ap but more a psychological tactic as a blanket promotes falling back to sleep after awakenings.
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